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Brooklyn fine art storage guide

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You’ve decided that it’s time to invest in the local artists and bought a piece or two from the gallery to brighten up your walls. But, the time for home renovation has arrived and you’re scared that your fine arts will get damaged. Well, there is a way to keep your artwork safe during renovations or anything else that might damage it. You can start by contacting U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn. There is no place safer for art than Brooklyn fine art storage. So, here’s a guide to finding, renting, and using affordable storage units in Brooklyn for your valuables. There is no need to worry about your items, including such valuable pieces as your art pieces.  

Are your items considered Brooklyn fine arts by movers?

If you’re moving to Brooklyn or leaving it, you will likely want to keep your belongings safe. And, in most cases, with extremely fragile items, it’s best to keep them in fine art storage in Brooklyn for this. So, homeowners usually end up looking at their items and wondering: is this considered fine arts? Well, storage facilities Brooklyn offer the following:

  • Paintings that you own are considered fine arts as movers and storage facilities. So, if you need any of them kept safe, you will be able to rent a unit. Most Brooklyn warehousing facilities will have specialized spaces that can keep your fine arts protected.
  • Sculptures are also on the short list of fine arts. Storing them in Brooklyn’s fine art storage during a move or renovation is always a good idea.
  • Antiques that you need to store or relocate are also on the list. If you show them to your moving company representative, they can tell you more about how to keep them safe in storage.
  • Mirrors also fall under the category of Brooklyn fine arts. When placing them into storage, be sure to mark them as fragile, too.
  • Framed photographs are the final item on the list of fine arts. Often, homeowners will pack them with their regular belongings. However, if you’re renting fine art storage keep their category in mind. You may need to leave them in a unit, after all.
three pictures on the wall
It is extremely important to store your paintings properly

How do you find reliable and affordable Brooklyn fine arts storage?

Wondering what the best way to find quality and cheap storage in New York is? After all, you should find a good storage facility that offers quality units. Art pieces are often quite expensive and fragile. If not stored properly, they would easily get damaged. This is not something you need or want for your precious items. In addition to this, there are many storage facilities around Brooklyn and beyond. It can be quite challenging to find the one that fits all the requirements. Sometimes, people might not have the time or energy to keep on searching for the storage unit, especially if you already have people coming to renovate your home. For this reason, you should give yourself enough time to find a unit, move all the items there, and prepare your house for whatever plan you have for it.

First, you should ask for recommendations

Your friends and family will likely be able to give you a few. It doesn’t matter if they’re not using Brooklyn fine arts storage, but regular units. A warehousing facility that has good reviews is usually reliable. If you can’t get any names this way, try going to the local art galleries in Brooklyn. As they deal in different fine arts they surely have a storage unit available. They should be able to give you a name or two of good Brooklyn fine arts storage companies. Finally, if you’re moving house and need storage for your canvases and antiques, ask your movers. A relocation company will often offer both moving services and storage options. And, in most cases, these will be affordable deals.

two people talking about Brooklyn fine art storage
You should ask your friends about Brooklyn fine art storage recommendations

Then, extend your search to online Brooklyn fine art storage facilities

People live in a day and age where you can find almost anything online. And, if you have one or two companies in mind through friend recommendations, it’s not time to stop yet. Usually, three to five possible Brooklyn art storage facilities are the best starting point. So, head online and find a few names and jot them down. Then, it’s time to do some detective work. This means starting by reading reviews of storage NYC. If you have no one to recommend a storage facility, you have to see what other people wrote about the storage facilities you chose. For this reason, check out a couple of reviews to see if people generally liked the place or not. You should also look for people storing artwork and their comments.  

When you have a list of possible warehousing facilities in Brooklyn, investigate them further

Unfortunately, your job isn’t done with a couple of names, addresses, and prices. If you’re looking to store your items in a good Brooklyn fine arts warehousing facility, you’re going to need to be thorough. So, start by looking up the license and insurance of the storage company. This is the best way to check if a storage facility is reliable or not. If one storage facility does not have the license or they are refusing to show it, do not rent a unit there. There are plenty of public storage New York to choose from. As mentioned, look at different online reviews. Experiences of previous customers, especially those using Brooklyn fine art storage, should give you insight into the company. Finally, it’s time to pay them a visit in person.

pink storage units
You should personally go and see the storage unit you plan to rent

What to pay attention to when visiting storage facilities

Go to the warehousing facility and remember to ask plenty of questions. We advise checking out the difference between office hours and access hours. While the latter allows you to get into your unit, the previous will give you help from the company in case of a problem. Then, you should also be on the lookout for any kinks in the security system. Check for sprinkles, smoke detectors, and cameras. Also, ask about the personnel that patrols the grounds. Finally, there should be a secure fence around the Brooklyn fine art storage facility. If you feel comfortable with the safety measures and reviews, you may have just found the right depository.

Ask all the right questions

When you visit a storage facility that you like the most, you should also ask all the important questions. Since you are storing your extremely valuable and precious items, you should make sure they will receive the necessary protection. It is not enough for there to walk her around the facility and check everything mentioned above. You also have to ask questions about whether your art pieces are going to be safe or not. In addition to this, when you’re asking these questions to employees, you can check the level of their professionalism. If they give satisfying answers, then, you can be sure your art pieces are going to be safe. On the other hand, if employees cannot give you good answers, look for another storage facility. 

two women talking
Make sure to ask all the important questions before signing a contract

When you are signing a contract

The last thing to pay attention to would be your contract. Why is this important? First of all, your contract is a legal document that you can use if something goes wrong. Then, your contract should have all the necessary information about the storage unit you are renting. In addition to this, it should also list all the services that you used for your storage unit. The most important one would be the insurance. In case something happens to your art pieces, you should know who will be held liable for their safety. For this reason, it is extremely important that you read your contract at least two times. Pay attention to every single detail and make sure that everything is written down. 

Finally, it’s time to place your items into Brooklyn fine art storage

You’ve found the right warehousing facility and you’re looking at different units now. So, it’s time to decide how big of a space you need. It will help you determine the size of the unit you need. After all, when you finish storing every box in the unit you will want to be able to access each and every one of them easily. If you estimate the volume of your belongings, you could end up choosing the wrong Brooklyn fine art storage unit. So, clean your fine arts and then place them securely into their packaging. If you’re not sure which to use, consider buying Brooklyn moving boxes from a relocation company. Even if you’re just storing your fine arts, moving containers is a good idea. They are safe, secure, and specially made for fine arts. In storage, they are sure to keep your valuables safe.

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