Five tips for packing your kitchen when moving apartments

The hardest room to pack is definitely your kitchen. It is full of small drawers, items that go in sets, drawers and cupboards that all all angling to take as much of your time as possible. It can be overwhelming. Here in U. Santini moving and storage we devised a short list of tips that will help you get everything sorted, packed and moved in the most efficient manner.

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Packing is a Family affair…
  • Packing a kitchen essential box – You will want to pack an essential kitchen items box. You will need these items during the last days of your stay in your current place and the first days of stay in your new one. Try to have the following available:
    •    Plastic or paper plates and bowls
    •    Plastic silverware
    •    Plastic cups
    •    A frying pan
    •    Coffee cups or mugs
    •    Coffee pot or electric kettle
    •    Cooking utensils
    •    Dish soap and wash rag
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Essential Kitchen items















  • Sort, select and get rid of stuff – Before you move, select those items you’re taking with you and remove the items you’re leaving behind. Make three piles of items. One marked “New home” the second should be marked “Donate’ and the third should be marked “junk”. Go through every drawer and shelf and mark where every item should go. Pack up everything that is marked “New home”. Arrange to donate the “Donate” pile to a local shelter, food pantry or another local non profit organization. Throw the “Junk” pile in the garbage.
  • Order packing materials – The kitchen contains some of the most valuable and breakable items you own. Starting from antique china to actual silverware, electric or electronic kitchen gadgets. Do not skimp on packing materials! Broken dishes can be hard to replace and damaged kitchen items such as toaster overs or microwave ovens are too expensive to risk packing in flimsy card boxes that were never meant to protect valuable items. You can save and get supermarket boxes for clothes, books etc. These will probably not be damaged by non-professional packing materials. Make sure the kitchen is packed in professional moving boxes. Call your mover ahead of time and arrange a shipment of chine boxes and other boxes you will need in order to pack your kitchen.
  • Pack wine bottles and other containers with liquids in them carefully – Use a wine packing box for your wine or liquor collection. You can get these at your local liquor store for free and you can also order them from your moving company if you end up missing a box. Pack glass or plastic bottles containing liquids in the same type of box. Pack these items early in the process, as you will want them out of the way for the most part in the last days before the move.
  • Mark all you boxes clearly – Make sure that you mark all of you boxes with the word “Kitchen” written with a non erase marker. You can also put color coded stickers on your boxes and designate a cretin color for your kitchen. This will help the movers unpack quickly and efficiently in your new home.

Professional moving companies such as U.Santini moving and storage have done this before many times and will be able to help you move your kitchen safely. Saving you time, money and making sure that your move is efficient and cost effective. If you are looking for an NYC mover, a Brooklyn mover that with an A+ rating with the BBB, than don’t hesitate and call U.Santini Moving and storage. U.Santini moving and storage is a trusted moving and storage company, that is considered one of the best movers in Brooklyn. Don’t hesitate to call today! 718-768-6778.

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