Furniture maintenance tips for beginners

Moving can be a stressful event. You need to relocate and change your whole life. And above all that – you need to pack all of your belongings and safely relocate them. It is always a better option to hire residential movers Brooklyn since they will know how to handle all sorts of belongings. From fragile one to large one. And one of the common questions we get is how to maintain the furniture? People are often afraid that relocation might damage their furniture, and we got some furniture maintenance tips for you!

One of the basic furniture maintenance tips – cleaning

Although there are a lot of options on the market today, you can use a damp washcloth and mild dish soap. They are usually more than enough to clean your furniture without causing it any damage. After cleaning, you can rinse with a clean damp cloth. And in the end, dry the surface with a new and clean washcloth. This is especially important if you plan to store your furniture because you need to make sure that you maintain furniture before you put it in a storage unit.

washcloth for Furniture maintenance tips
You can use a washcloth and mild detergent to clean furniture

Make sure to polish your furniture

One of the most useful furniture maintenance tips is that you need to polish it. Simply put, every time when you decide to clean your furniture – some fo the polish will come off. This way, you can make sure that your furniture is still shiny and protected. Make sure that you are not using furniture polish with high levels of alcohol. If you are not sure what to use, you can always check it online!

Dusting your furniture is one of the important furniture maintenance tips’

So, we know that not a lot of people like dusting. Ideally, we would remove dust once a week. That way – we would protect our furniture, and make sure that everything is clean. But the reality is that often- people don’t have time for that. Especially if you need to move and pack your home in a hurry. So, before movers pack all of your furniture – make sure to dust it with a clean cotton cloth. That way – you will ensure that your furniture is clean, and it will last longer.

Dusting will make your furniture last longer

Use coasters!

So, one thing that people disregard is the fact that they need to use coasters! This is one of the most important furniture maintenance tips, and we strongly advise you to follow it. Today, you can find so many different coasters, in so many different colors and shapes. Surely, you can find something that you like!

If you are moving, and you have delicate and heavy items – hire professionals

If you have some heavy pieces of furniture or fragile ones – make sure to hire professionals. Although it might seem that you can do it on your own it is much safer to hire professionals. Especially if you have a piano, pool table, and similar things. it will be much cheaper to hire piano movers Brooklyn then to pay for the repair. So, when you are moving and making a decision should you hire movers – this is the moment when you should choose yes!


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