finding affordable studio apartment in NYC

Guide for finding affordable studio apartment in NYC

Are you coming to try your luck in New York? You probably are, because you are here. We will try and help you with that. Finding affordable studio apartment in NYC is the mission now, and that is where we jump in to help. This is not an easy task since New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. People do not say for anything that if you make it in NYC you will make it anywhere. A lot of people from all over the world are coming to NYC for employment, a better future,  or to find their significant other. Whatever your reason is, finding affordable studio apartment in NYC is definitely your first task, if you are single of course, because looking for a studio apartment for families is mission impossible.

Finding affordable studio apartment in NYC-where to look

When you look for an affordable apartment in New York, you won’t go to Manhattan. Well, at least not at first. New York is a big city with five boroughs:

These five boroughs are what New York is made of. You have to choose smart when you are in the process of finding affordable studio apartment in NYC. As we said Manhattan is not a place to look for such an apartment, since it is pretty expensive.

What borough to check?

Since we have ruled out Manhattan from the start, because it is a way too expensive, let’s check out other more affordable boroughs. One of those boroughs that should be first on your list when finding affordable studio apartment in NYC is definitely Brooklyn. That borough is Brooklyn. It is possible to find a great rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn, a very cool borough. Of course, there are neighborhoods in Brooklyn that are not cheap, but there are affordable ones as well.

Whilst in Manhattan there are only expensive ones and not a lot of options for cheap ones. It is all about investigation, you need to have time to look for the right apartment. This borough once had a bad reputation, but now all of that has changed. People are running to Brooklyn and it is definitely one of the most popular boroughs to live in. By moving to Brooklyn you can have it all.

There are many affordable studio apartments in the Bronx

Bronx is another great borough where finding affordable studio apartment in NYC becomes a real possibility. It is definitely worthy to check out. Do not believe its bad reputation because similar as with Brooklyn this has changed, and crime rates are getting lower by the year. It is very much possible to find a decent apartment for reasonable rent in the Bronx. So, definitely look into it.

Defiantly check what the Bronx has to offer

Staten Island is a good choice for finding affordable studio apartment in NYC

If you have decided to move to New York and you are on a budget, finding an affordable studio apartment is something that you need to find. How to find it? Well, as we already said, check every borough and compare prices. It will definitely be easier if you exclude Manhattan from the start. Yes, you can find a studio apartment but it will look, let’s say not good. That is why Staten Island can be the right choice. Do not worry, if you work in Manhattan, the ferry is there for you every half an hour or so to give you a lift to the borough you need. Also, it is affordable and there are very nice studio apartments and condos.

NYC ferry
The ferry is a great choice for going to Manhattan

Finding affordable studio apartment in Queens

Queens is another great New York borough and also the biggest one. In this borough, you can definitely find what you are looking for. Options are big and the prices are good. Another borough worth of checking. By using a subway, you can arrive in Manhattan in a matter of half an hour.

What is wrong with Manhattan?

There is nothing wrong with Manhattan. As a matter of fact, this borough is very popular, especially among young people that are chasing their careers. Also, it is the most popular borough for tourists. They say that once you go there, you want to stay forever because it is so awesome. One of the best places in the world. However, life in Manhattan is very fast and the traffic is really slow.

streets of Manhattan
Rents are extremely high in Manhattan

When it comes to rents, they are extremely high. So much so that finding a studio apartment for a standard rent is impossible. There are apartments for rent of course, but if you are on a budget you can only rent some awful, rat-infested place. Why would you do that, when you don’t have to?

Our choice- Brooklyn

When moving to NYC, Brooklyn can definitely be the best choice. This borough is booming as we speak and day by day it is becoming more popular. Moving to this area can also provide you with cheap storage Brooklyn, a place where you can safely store all the things, that simply cannot fit in a studio apartment. So, think about all the pros and cons and make an informed decision. New York is a city of opportunities and a lot of people on a yearly basis are coming to this city to try their luck. This city is exciting and can give you a lot of chances to succeed. It also has great neighborhoods if you are moving with your family, that is good to know. Wait no longer and start looking. Have a great New York life!


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