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Guide for moving from Dublin to Brooklyn

It is time to turn the page and start a new chapter in your life. You decided on moving from Dublin to Brooklyn but before you can reap the rewards and seize the opportunities this move brings, you must relocate safely. Be sure to cover moving logistics, pack like a pro, and find one of the best international moving companies NYC. And today we will help you with the whole moving preparation process. Let us ensure your relocation is safe, cheap, and successful. Let’s go!

Moving from Dublin to Brooklyn and the plan behind it

Moving from Dublin to Brooklyn is a big deal. If you want to have a pleasant moving experience without too much stress, you must organize it properly. This means that a thorough home inspection is in order. You should inspect the environment, furniture, and your belongings. Note everything down on your moving checklist and the inventory list. Once you have all the information on paper, you can start calculating the moving budget and figure out how many packing supplies are required.

moving from Dublin to Brooklyn can be exhausting
It won’t be so hard if you assemble a moving checklist and guide yourself through the process.

After you have your rough estimate, you can contact your moving company and let them help you further. Using the info you gathered, they will assemble the moving plan accordingly. Movers have all the tools, experience, and knowledge to undertake this journey with you. Do not worry, your relocation is safe as long as you find a good moving company. More importantly, the one you can trust. Now, let’s find one together.

Enlist moving professionals

Finding a trustworthy and affordable moving company can be extremely easy or a huge headache. Depending on the approach and the previous knowledge you possess about the moving industry. Firstly, you must search for your moving and storage NYC companies online. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find yourself swimming in the endless sea of moving companies. Narrow your search down by comparing feedbacks, prices, and services. Once you find a match, you can give them a call to obtain all the necessary details. The very first thing you should ask is if they provide onsite estimates and if they are free on your moving date. Hopefully, you will be able to match your date with the movers’ schedule and ensure you can move comfortably.

Are your movers ready for moving from Dublin to Brooklyn?

Now, you must know that there is a plethora of moving services for you to choose from. And prices vary also from the time of the year. Moreover, some moving companies offer great deals and special offers for premium users or if you are moving in non-peak season. But be careful when it comes to the cheap service. Like in any business, you can find scammers and cheating companies. You do not want this to happen when moving from Dublin to Brooklyn. It is the last thing you need because it can hurt your budget and prevent you from completing your relocation. Therefore, you must inspect your movers adequately. Give them a call and browse online until you confirm the following:

  • Movers must have an official website, company logo, address, and contact info.
  • Your moving company must possess licenses and permits to work.
  • They must bring all the tools, equipment, manpower, and a sizeable moving vehicle.
  • Read moving reviews and feedbacks to figure out the previous customer’s experience.
A man using a dolly to move boxes
Your movers must bring all the tools and equipment required.

This should be enough to confirm the legitimacy of the moving company you are about to enlist.

Moving quote

The best way to figure out the complexity of your relocation project is to utilize free onsite estimates. Among all other moving services Brooklyn, this is something all serious moving companies offer. So, once you give them a call, ask for this service and schedule a visit. Your moving representatives will come over and evaluate everything. They will note down the number of hallways, floors, stairs, doors, and other obstacles on the way. The goal is to create a safe moving environment for everyone involved. Also, they will weigh your cargo and calculate how many workers and working hours they must invest. Upon evaluation is over, they will present you with the final moving cost. Then you can figure out what would be the best way for you to invest your moving budget. Or where to save a bit if possible.

Pack for the occasion

Now when you have your moving plan, a moving company, and your moving budget, it is time to start packing. It won’t be hard at all if you have all the necessary packing supplies. Yes, it will take a bit of your time but again, you will enjoy it if you have everything you need upfront. Hence, run to the nearest store and obtain carton moving boxes, labels, packing paper, packing tape, and bubble wrap. It is all you need to ensure you are packed safely. You can also order everything online or purchase from your movers. Whatever is easier and more convenient.

A girl inside a cardboard box
You will need around 30 cardboard boxes. Ensure you purchase a higher-quality one.

Packing cardboard boxes is a repeatable process and it goes like this. Take one box, add bubble wrap on the bottom to create a cushion, or use blankets and old clothing. You will achieve the same effect. Then, place your items inside, fill the gaps with more cushion, and once full, close it down. Tape your box tight and apply labels with a detailed description of the items inside. Remember, fragile items should be wrapped individually and packed separately. Now just repeat the process until you have around 30 boxes or more. Additionally, if you have more items or furniture that you can bring, consider renting cheap storage Brooklyn and leave your items there until you figure it out. It is a smart investment to obtain additional space. A great short-term solution.

Moving day is upon you. Are you ready?

A day before the move you must go through your moving checklist to be sure you covered everything. Inspect your inventory list and check your labeling system. Once you realize everything is fine, you must move forward and double-check all your moving documents and personal documents. Read your moving contract and estimates several times to be sure everything is in order. Also, check your IDs, licenses, medical records, credit cards, school papers, etc. All relevant documents should be up to date and ready to be used in your new home. Lastly, you must inform all relevant parties about the change of address. And you should transfer your internet and cellphone services adequately. Do not forget to set up a PO box and reroute your mail in time.

Now you are more than ready for moving from Dublin to Brooklyn. As long as you create your personalized moving guide and find a reliable moving crew, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Hopefully, you’ll have a stretching moving budget to cover everything nicely and enjoy your relocation to the fullest. Good luck and have a safe journey.


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