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Two women hugging in Brooklyn

Guide for moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn

Moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn may not seem like much of a change to some people. At the same time, this kind of relocation is unimaginable to others. Relocation preferences are very often a matter of perspective. And relocation distances are relative to everyone. What some perceive as strange lands, others see as just another neighborhood. International moving companies NYC, for example, are so used to this concept of move that to them every move is easily grasped. In this guide, we will try to bring the move from Jersey City to Brooklyn closer to you.  

The familiar grounds

Let’s face it- you are not moving to another continent. You are just crossing a bridge and basically staying on the same grounds. New York and New Jersey may be two different countries, but they are very closely knit. Besides some minor differences that we will talk about later, there is nothing strange to anticipate. Most likely, your move will go more smoothly than you expect. Especially if you hire some of the most helpful moving and storage NYC companies.

George Washington Bridge at night
Moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn only takes crossing George Washington Bridge


As expected, the climate is almost identical in these two cities. That is an enormous benefit since you don’t have to change your closet contents or outdoor habits much. Climate plays a significant role in one’s everyday activities and can affect mood changes to a great extent. Staying within the same climate zone means staying true to one’s lifestyle.


Food is another segment of your new life that won’t change much. If you are ready to replace your hoagies and pork rolls with regular Brooklyn burgers and fried calamari, you are all set. Besides that, there is really not much difference. And whatever food you were used to in Jersey City, you will have no problem finding in Brooklyn, especially since Brooklyn is larger and more intercultural.

Economy and demographics

Brooklyn is a vast and well-developed borough of New York. Still, don’t let this intimidate you. The unemployment rate is still slightly higher, and median income lower in Brooklyn compared to Jersey City. However, Brooklyn, as big as it is, offers a greater variety of jobs and entertainment centers. The median age of citizens is alike, below average for the US. The demographic structure is nearly the same too. And the average number of family members per household is within the State’s average in both cities. All this sums up to an, overall, very similar comfort index of living in both cities.

The biggest differences between Jersey City and Brooklyn

Even if you don’t experience any kind of cultural shock when moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn, you will still be able to notice a couple of significant differences. Some of these are:

Size and population

The first thing to realize once in Brooklyn is how large this part of New York actually is. The population of Brooklyn is approximately 10 times the population of Jersey City. So if you are moving your business, Brooklyn is an excellent milestone. More people means more customers and business partners. Contact business movers NYC at first chance and use Brooklyn’s population to your advantage.

moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn- architecture
Brooklyn as a part of New York has a much bigger population and much more significant architecture

Crime rate differences between Jersey City to Brooklyn

Unfortunately, crime rates in Brooklyn are still higher than those in Jersey City. However, this is improving a lot lately. For a city as big as Brooklyn, it is normal that some parts are a little less safe than the others. Neighborhoods like Brooklin Heights, for instance, are rated as very safe. And the overall situation in the borough is advancing a lot lately as Brooklyn is getting more organized. As long as you choose your new neighborhood wisely and you don’t go into any extremes, you can be perfectly safe in Brooklyn.

Commute time

Since you are moving to Brooklyn, you are probably ready for larger crowds and longer commute time. This is a usual price to be paid to any city of such opportunities. But don’t worry, usually, people stop noticing it after some time. Besides, there are always alternative solutions like taking public transportation or riding a bike. And if you are so lucky to live and work in the same neighborhood, all this won’t matter to you anyway. As for the relocation day itself, consider booking a moving company, or renting an adequate storage Brooklyn, much in advance.

Education and cultural life

Importantly, your kids will have much better schooling opportunities coming to Brooklyn. Brooklyn has over 800 school institutions, among which 7 are Universities. The best University of Brooklyn is SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Numerous museums, theatres, and artistic events provide for the rich Brooklyn cultural life. And of course, to get to the center of all the action, stop by Manhattan, which is just around the corner.

ballerinas in Brooklyn theatre
Brooklyn has a much richer cultural life than Jersey City

Best ways to prepare for the move from Jersey City to Brooklyn

As you can see, Jersey City and Brooklyn have a lot in common. Besides getting mentally prepared for the more crowded environment and more happenings, there is not much to it. The best advice would be to try not to overthink and just dive into your new life. Of course, if you want to get thoroughly prepared for the change, start on time. Some additional moving tips are:

  • Invest some time in finding a good neighborhood for living in Brooklyn.
  • Find a trustable moving company when moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn.
  • Prepare the whole family for the change by visiting Brooklyn frequently. It is not so far after all.
  • Do not exaggerate with packing. You can find nearly anything to buy in Brooklyn.
  • Research Brooklyn events as soon as you settle. It will be a great start.

By the end of the day, your relocation is what you make of it. Moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn is no different. If you start planning your move on time and you don’t compromise on your new home features and the reliability of your movers, your move ought to be successful. Besides, Brooklyn is an amazing place to live in, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy all its benefits.


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