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In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


Guide to moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut

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It is time to relocate your family to a better place. You decided on moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut and as you already know, it won’t be easy at all. You must prepare a moving plan, organize packing, and find long-distance movers New York. Those tasks will take some time, energy, and money. Therefore, we decided on assembling a guide for you to endure this journey and reach the other side successfully.

Organize and create a moving checklist

Now, the journey begins with a moving checklist. You must list down all the tasks you must cover before the moving day. So, start with the home inspection and figure out how much stuff you have. Check all the furniture and other household belongings to realize how hard packing will be. Then you’ll know how many packing materials you need. Moreover, you’ll know if there are any environmental issues and obstacles that can hinder your progress and damage your cargo. And when you have everything listed down and the inventory checklist assembled, you can contact your movers and let them take it from there.

Create a checklist for moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut
Create a moving checklist and use it as a guide through the moving process.

Moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut can be easy if you have enough time on your hands and a good moving company hired. Also, if you have enough info about the whole project. And of course, the size of your move is important also. As well as all the special items and requests you might have. For example, if you are moving a business, you’ll need corporate movers NYC to help you out. If you are moving a piano, you’ll need a specialized team with all the tools and knowledge on how to do it safely. And so on. Therefore, gather enough info, note everything down, and provide it all to your movers so they can help you with the best moving solution.

Enlist professionals to help you with moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut

Ok, as you already know, you’ll need a reliable moving team to assist you on this journey. To find one, you should look on the internet and compare moving services Brooklyn until you find a match. Also, you must compare prices and find external and internal reviews and comments. You can find a lot on the social media groups so you better review a few to get an idea if your company is legit. Narrow your choice down and compare movers across the field and you’ll surely find a match with an hour or two. Once you do, give them a call and ask all you need to know. Provide all the previously gathered info and let your movers make an offer. And do not be afraid to ask anything and negotiate as much as possible.

Two people looking at each other
Find a professional and affordable moving company to relocate you safely.

Double-check your movers

We recommend taking a step forward and double-check the legitimacy of your moving company. Of course that they can sweet talk you into purchasing the service. But even if they do, you must know that they are the right company for the job. More importantly, a company capable of performing all moving tasks. So, confirm your movers have the following:

  • Permits and licenses
  • Official website, contact info, and a physical address
  • All the moving services you need
  • Moving insurance

Also, you want to know if they follow all rules and regulations tied to the moving industry. And that they have all the tools and equipment to relocate you and your family safe. Therefore, obtain answers to all of these questions, and rest assured your movers are legit.

Calculate costs and obtain a moving price

Now when you have your moving plan and a moving company, it is time to calculate costs and if possible reduce them. Firstly, you must obtain the right moving price for moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut. And the best way of doing it is to schedule a free onsite estimate. Movers will come over and inspect the whole environment. They will weigh your cargo, count all the furniture, and isolate all the hard-to-handle items. Basically, they will make an inventory list of their own for easier organization. This way they will know how many people to send over and how many hours to spend on the project. And of course, which size of moving vehicle is required and where to park it to load everything safely.

When the whole process is over, your movers will present you with the final moving cost. It is not set in stone yet. You can negotiate, add more service, or remove some. Evaluate the whole situation and realize what you can do yourself to reduce the moving price. And there is a lot. We can recommend you to pack yourself entirely, disassemble furniture, roll your carpets, get paintings and ornaments off of the wall, etc. There is a lot you can do. And we will explain further down the line.

Pack all your stuff like a pro

As we said, you can pack entirely by yourself. Just make sure to obtain all the necessary packing materials first. You’ll need around 30 cardboard moving boxes. Go ahead and purchase more if your relocation is bigger and you have a lot of stuff with you. Then, you’ll need packing tape, labels, and blister packs. Rest is simple. You should pack room by room and pack slowly and patiently. Put a cushion in each box, place your items inside, and apply tape. Ensure you wrap each fragile piece individually to give it more strength to endure the journey. And finally, label everything like a pro to know exactly where your belongings are. This will help you while unpacking as well.

Packing materials inside a cardboard box
Use higher-quality packing materials to be sure your belongings are secured.

Moreover, while inspecting your items and packing, you should declutter if possible. Set aside all those items you do not need anymore. Those are usually broken pieces of furniture, electronics, appliances, and a bunch of random miscellaneous items. Gather everything and donate to local charities. And finally, if you do not have time to pack yourself, let movers and packers Brooklyn do it instead. It is an affordable way to get packed, relocated, and unpacked professionally. Keep this thought for later in case you might need it.

Are you ready for moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut?

There are a few tasks you must complete in advance. You should cover all your legalities and personal documents. Check your IDs, licenses, medical records, credit cards, cellphone provider, and internet provider. And of course, you must set up a PO box at some point. Therefore, ensure everything is up to date and adequately transferred to your new address on time. Update all parties involved. And as for the night before the move, you must review your moving documents to be sure everything is in order. Check the services you purchased, run the numbers again, and confirm the price is right. Read your moving contract several times and pay attention to the sneaky small print on the bottom of each legal document.

Now you are ready for moving from Brooklyn to Connecticut. As you can see, if you assemble a personal guide you won’t forget a thing and you’ll always stay on schedule. Also, if you find a reliable moving crew, your relocation will run smoothly and safely. Ensure you find one and enjoy your moving endeavor. Good luck.

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