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Guide to moving from Brooklyn to Madrid

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Moving to a completely new country can be exhilarating, but terrifying at the same time. That’s why you should make sure that you’re adequately prepared! Moving from Brooklyn to Madrid will be a big change, but a welcome one. Madrid will offer you a completely new perspective, a fresh start. The warm climate and cheerful, friendly people will amaze you and change your life forever. That’s why our Brooklyn movers and storage have prepared a nice and simple guide to moving from Brooklyn to Madrid.

Prepare before moving to Madrid

Uprooting your life and moving everything to a new country is a big bite to swallow. So, accordingly, you will need to organize extensive preparations before you just move and get it done. It is advisable to start preparing quite a while in advance. Even a year in advance would be adequate. The first step, however, is to make a moving checklist. With a moving checklist, you’ll always have insight into what needs to be done and what is the next step in your journey.

A building in Madrid
When moving from Brooklyn to Madrid, there are a few things you should know.


One thing to think about before moving to a new country is budgeting and finance. You need to know everything about your future costs.

  • Get to know the cost of living
  • Prepare a budget for a year of life if you can
  • Get to know local currencies

Even if you can’t prepare everything we’ve mentioned, you don’t have to worry. Only the moving process to another country is expensive enough, so budgeting is really your friend in the upcoming move. So that you can prepare enough financial resources, you need to start at least a year in advance. The best thing you can do for future you is ensure you have enough to get by if finding a job is something that will take a bit of time. Otherwise, look into jobs before moving so you can start your life. Another thing to help you out is enlisting international movers New York to help you out with all the moving nuances.


Another thing to always keep in mind is your documentation. You’re moving to a different country, you need to have all of your documents with you. And you mustn’t forget any! We’re sure you already know exactly what you need, but in order to make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a list regardless. Now, let’s see.

  • Passport and visas you need
  • Flight tickets
  • Birth certificate, all medical records
  • Marriage certificate, adoption papers if needed, anything concerning your personal life
  • Driving license, green card 
  • ID cards, social security cards, insurances
  • School records, diplomas, etc.
  • Financial records, tax and financial statements for a business you own
  • Notarized personal documents, for example, your will
Be sure to take all of the needed documents with you!

Sit down and think about it carefully. You need to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything back in Brooklyn.

Sort out your living situation before moving from Brooklyn to Madrid

Sorting out your living situation is an obvious step. But it really depends on what kind of accommodation Brooklyn offered you. If you own your apartment, selling it is a viable option. Especially if you’re planning on purchasing real estate in Madrid. There are many storage facilities NYC to choose from for your belongings, and they tend to be cheap as well, so don’t fret over that. But, if you’re not completely sure that your new life in Madrid will hold and be successful, a good option is renting your apartment. This will provide you with monthly rates that can help out with the bills in Madrid. On the other hand, if you’re renting, just make a deal with your landlord months in advance. They will appreciate your honesty.

Now, you need to find accommodation in Madrid! It might seem a bit scary to choose your new home without visiting it. We do recommend if your finances allow it, to go and see all of the apartments you’re interested in. Create a list of online listings you like, and on your trip to Madrid, look at all of them and make a reservation. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to do this, so you can just choose from the online listings. You can always move again, and a lot of online listings are very transparent. So, no need to worry!

Packing time!

If you’re considering cheap movers NYC, we would urge you to just investigate their credibility and services. You don’t want anyone messing up your big move, but sparing some cash always sounds great! When it comes to packing time, the first thing you need to do is downsize. There are bound to be things you don’t even actually need. So, it’s time to bid them farewell.

Start packing in advance, and if you’re moving your car, or moving with your pet, be sure to prepare for everything that entails. You need to book a shipping service for your car. And your pet will just need a little bit of extra love to get through the move.

Friends packing together
Enlisting your friends and family for help can be a really fun bonding experience!

Now for the packing itself, you need to start on time and have some extra time if anything unexpected happens. Two months is a good timeframe. You will have the time to pack everything carefully and double-check if everything is packed for Madrid. You can start packing by room, it’s a general rule of thumb. Begin with rooms that are rarely used and you won’t miss during your stay at your old location. Guest bedrooms, storage spaces, things like that.

Say goodbye to Brooklyn!

The final step to your move should be saying goodbye to your beloved Brooklyn. Treat yourself to a fun day of your favorite activities. Even though moving from Brooklyn to Madrid is your goal and you’re excited, that doesn’t mean you don’t still love Brooklyn. Visit your favorite places, cafes, restaurants and enjoy the wonder of Brooklyn one last time.

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