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Guide to moving from Brooklyn to Maine

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Maine is not that far of, and it has a lot to give to someone that has lived in Brooklyn. Therefore, a lot of people are choosing to move there. If you are also considering moving from Brooklyn to Maine, we are here to help you out. Not only will we tell you what you can expect in Maine,  but also how to prepare, what type of a relocation it is, how to find movers, to pack and to downsize if necessary. In other ways, this is a comprehensive guide on moving from NYC to Maine. Reading it will leave you with the whole set of information that you will need for your Maine relocation. Therefore, we will first address what you will find in the state of Maine, before turning to the technicalities of the relocation.

What to expect in Maine

As you know, Maine, or as it is known, The Pine Tree State, is the most northeastern state of the United States, and most northern overall, if we are to exclude Alaska. Like Alaska, it borders Canada, or more precisely in Maines case,  provinces of New Brunswic and Quebec. It is located in New England and therefore borders New Hampshire and the Atlantic to the south. It Is a fairly small state by all possible measurements. The state of Maine is 12th smallest by area, 9th by population, and 13th by density. The capital of the state, Augusta, is not its largest city. Portland takes that spot with 66 000 people living inside it, with a further half a million in the wider metro area.

Moving from Brooklyn to Maine - maine
What to expect in Maine?

If you are employing residential or corporate movers NYC you can expect a lot slower lifestyle than in New York. There are no huge urban centers here, with even Portland being smaller than 100 000 people. Therefore, you will find that moving from Brooklyn to Maine is quite of a change in pace.

Climate is a little bit chillier up there, but not by a lot, since you are still in the continental climate. As for the economy, the total gross state product of Maine for a decade ago was 52 billion dollars. As for personal income, it was around $34 000. The economy of the state is mainly focused on food production and commercial fishing, as it lies on the coast of the Atlantic

Moving from Brooklyn to Maine – the type of relocation

Ok, so let’s now talk to technicalities. There are, generally speaking, two kinds of relocations. You can either move locally or long distance. The latter can further be divided into cross country and international, but we don’t have to go into details. Simply said, if your relocation takes more than 4 hours of driving, you will need long-distance movers New York. And, seeing that you will need at least 5 hours by I-95s or I-84 or more than 300 miles, it is safe to say that long-distance relocation is what you are in for. Luckily, it is still not that far. You are not moving to Oregon, so no cross-continental voyage.

However, you might want to know exactly what kind o fa difference is there? Isn’t the price just higher for the long-distance one? Well, yes, it sure is, but in a different way than you might suspect. Let us explain. You have three main components to the moving quote, or cost, that you put into a formula. However, the value of each component changes based not the type of move you are in a need for. These components are the distance of the move, which we discuss and it determines the type and the fuel that they will spend. Then, you have the weight of the items, and the hour’s workers will put in. If you are moving locally, the latter will be the more costly one, while if you are moving from NYC to Portland, for example, you are more likely to have your price mostly set by the weight of the items you intend to move.

Choosing the right movers

In order to have a successful relocation, you need to be good at picking the movers and packers Brooklyn for the job. After all, when you are moving long-distance, you want reliable movers that can pull it off. We know that finding a good mover among the sea of competition can be hard, so here are our simple instructions.

packing material
How to handle packing material
  • Price – Every moving company these days offer free moving estimates. While non-binding, they are good references!
  • License – You want the company that will be moving from Brooklyn to Maine to be a legal one, and not a scam. The best way to make sure that is the case is to find a licensed one.
  • Experience – Finally, read the reviews! They will tell you just how good the company really is!


When it comes to packing, most people usually leave them to additional services of residential and commercial movers NYC. However, if you are going for DIY packing, here are some tips…

Find free packing materials at your local shops or online. It is out there, trusts us. Then, be sure to disassemble furniture and electronics before packing, and that the boxes you are using are both big and sturdy enough. Use scrunched paper and other cushioning material to protect the item, and never stack the heavier box atop the lighter one.


As we mentioned earlier, the more you load onto that truck once you are moving to Maine, the more you are going to be paying for the relocation. Therefore, one of the ways to lower the cost of a relocation is to downsize before moving.

You might want to rent storage!

There are pretty much three things you can do with your items if you wish not to move them. Firstly, you can simply recycle them or scrap them. It can even earn you a small amount of money! Secondly, you can sell them, either in person or online through platforms like Craiglist. That way you can also earn a little on the side while also lowering the cost of a movie. Finally, you can also donate to charity. They are in constant need of toys, clothes, furniture, and more.

In summary

This has been our guide for moving from Brooklyn to Maine with ease. We hope you found it informative and that your relocation to the very north of New England goes smoothly!

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