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Guide to moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers

Not enough moving guides talk about moving from, rather than moving to, Brooklyn. Sure NYC offers great opportunities, but it also offers rents that are as high as its skyscrapers, and there is a noticeable oversaturation of some professions. Therefore, it is only normal that one would seek to move to somewhere nearby. Still close enough to NYC for business, sure, but also somewhere more livable. To someplace that might even offer employment unto its own, so it must not be too small. If you find yourself looking for just such a spot on the map, you will love moving to the city of Seven Hills – Yonkers. Therefore, we made this guide on moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers to help anyone seeking to go this way. Let us begin!

All you need to know about Yonkers

So, before we get to logistical details about moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers, we might as well cover all the things you should know about Yonkers. It is the fourth largest city in the state of New York, without a population of around 200 000 people. That means it is no small town, but you will still feel that you are in a smaller place after moving from the multi-million metropolis that is New York City.

What to expect in Yonkers?

The city is also known as the central city, the city of gracious living, and the city of vision. It also enjoys the nickname of the sixth borough, which indicates just how close it is to NYC.

Here are some of the most important characteristics you should know before moving to, pretty much anywhere really.

  • Education– All the public schools are operated by Yonkers Public Schools. There is also The Sarah Lawrence College and Westchester Community College.
  • TransportationMoving from Brooklyn to Yonkers is quite easy as Yonkers has access to interstate 87.
  • Local economy – Using commercial movers NYC to move from Yonkers is not a big move in many ways. Not only are you moving a short distance away, but you are also not having to move far away from NYC business. That being said, Yonkers has a lot of small businesses and non-profits of its own.

How to find good movers for moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers

Finding good movers is all about knowing what to look for withing local and long-distance moving companies New York. However, if you never moved before, or if you simply lack experience in independent relocations, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices and fail to get the right one. And there is, definitely, the right one. Not the right one for tens of thousands of people moving in and out of NYC each year, but the right one for you. What we mean by this is that you will, no doubt, have different circumstances of a relocation than someone else. Actually, than anyone else.

moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers - a review
In finding a good mover, reviews are essential!

Each relocation is unique as variables of your move compared to someone else varies. However, we are not only talking about distance, but the amount and weight of the possessions also moved, the time needed, etc. That can be calculated. What we are referring to are truly unique circumstances. For example your exact budget, the time-table of your move, any additional service you might require, circumstances of your rent, change of utilities and address, etc.

Therefore, it is you that have to make the selection based on your circumstances. Here are some of the general things to look out for. First, make sure that you are working with a reliable moving company for when you are moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers. It truly is a big market out there and, among the good movers, you will also find some scammers that are ready to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Be sure you are working with licensed companies.

Also, read the reviews. That way you can see what were the experiences of other people. Sure, they have different circumstances than you, but you will be able to find specific similarities that matter this way.

Finally, always read their website and acquire knowledge on their logistical capability and affordability, so you know you are getting your money’s worth.

Make sure you plan on time

When moving anywhere, even a short distance away, you must stay on top of things with good planning. Planning is more than finding good movers such as U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn. It is also about preparing for packing, Organizing help, and the timetable, downsizing, utilities, paperwork, etc. All of those things are far easier to address the sooner you start. Having to deal with a number of relatively small issues on a moving day is not a good feeling.

Finding a good storage

A good way to move is having moving and storage NYC in support. Storages allow you to temporarily, (or on longer bases) find spare space for your stuff. That will allow you to move with ease. There are numerous types of storage available all around Yonkers and NYC, many of which are provided by the movers themselves.


How will leave Brooklyn to feel like?

Finally, what is difficult to say is exactly what will move from Brooklyn to Yonkers feel like, but we sure can try. Yonkers is not a small city, that is for sure, but it also pales in comparison when it is compared with the giant that is NYC, one of the biggest cities in the US.

Brooklyn bridge
You are leaving NYC behind

Moving there will definitely be a change you will feel. You will most likely feel that you truly have moved to a smaller place. Yet you are still very much in the urban setting that you are used to, only a little more relaxed. Moving from Brooklyn to Yonkers can be smooth as long as you start on time. It is important that you get the right movers for the job and that you are ready to face all the challenges of relocation!


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