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• Guarantee transparent communication with our employees - they will self-quarantine if even the slightest indications of flu-like symptoms appear.
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Guide to moving from Flatbush to Astoria

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Choosing between two New York neighborhoods must be real trouble. That is why we have named you a few reasons why you should think about moving from Flatbush to Astoria and how to prepare for that. But the first thing you must do is prepare yourself that no matter how well you are organized and how well you think you are ready for a move, there will be some disruptions and obstacles you will have to come across. But you can downsize them to a minimum when you hire one of the best moving companies in this area, such as U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn.

How to choose a reliable moving company for moving from Flatbush to Astoria?

There is some basic information that you need to find about the company that you are willing to hire. We will list all three of them and it is up to you to research whether your chosen company has them or not. We have to mention that once the company has all three of these things, you are in good chances that you will avoid getting fraud. 

  1. License. Once the moving company has a license, you are in good hands. Do not believe any other companies that promise to give you or show you the license on a moving day. Or the company that is in a process of getting the license. It is most certainly that they will never get it.
  2. Insurance. A reliable moving company must have and give you insurance. Be careful and do not sign any blank pages. And be careful when you read the contract. Read even the smallest letters on the pages. This was you are avoiding fraudulent companies.
  3. References and reviews. Most of the fraudulent moving companies do not have a website. And even if they do, they do not have enough comments and reviews. A little more help that we can give you. Even if the company has some comments, make sure that they are not from the same person. It is just one more way to fraud people.

If you search carefully and read all of this, you will find out that long-distance moving companies in New York have all of these listed above.

woman looking at the papers for reasons for moving from Flatbush to Astoria
Hiring a reliable moving company is a great start.

Why are people choosing Astoria over Flatbush?

One of the main reasons people are moving from Flatbush to Astoria is because of the job opportunities. Astoria, nowadays, can offer and has to offer so much more when it comes to business. It does not matter if you are starting your own or you are willing to expand. With so many young people coming here, Astoria has become more and more popular. And you will find some kind of job opportunity here. If you want to expand your business or just relocate your office here, you can always hire commercial movers NYC, with some of the best reviews and references.

The other reason people are choosing Astoria over Flatbush is the high rates of the public educational system. This means basically that in the last 5 years, the schools have been rated better in Astoria than in Flatbush. Maybe this is the reason young people choose to live here or just the standards have changed. But whichever the reasons for that are, if you choose to move to Astoria with your kids, you will be giving them some of the best education possible.

How to prepare for moving from Flatbush to Astoria?

Preparing for a relocation is pretty much the same wherever you are moving to. But what happens when you have to prepare for the move and still have some other obligations full-time like a job or a baby? Trust us when we say that the key is a good organization. If you plan your move from the day you decide to move until the moving day, you will be just fine. There are some tricks on how to involve everyone in moving, and those are next:

  1. Everyone in the family must be included in preparations for a move.
  2. Making a list for everyone is crucial.
  3. Placing that list in a visible place is also very important. Everyone will see what else needs to be done. Plus, they can choose the tasks they can do and make the list shorter. Everyone can call and hire local movers in Brooklyn.
  4. Get some help. It does not have to be professional help, like cleaning services. Your friends and other family member can be a huge help too. Whether it is taking care of the baby or just cleaning the packed rooms.
woman packing
Make sure you label boxes that contain something fragile.

Few tips on how to pack

Moving from Flatbush to Astoria might seem like a short-distance relocation, but do not let it fool you. You need to pack your items like they will be transported overseas. That is why there are some tips that you can take and pack properly.

The number one you must do is pack room by room. This way you are not mixing your items and you are giving yourself a chance for easier unpacking. This is also a great way to avoid making a mess in a house before moving day.

The second tip is that every box that contains something fragile or breakable must be labeled. This way you avoid getting items damaged.

And the last tip is that you must have an essentials box. In this box, you will place everything necessary for you all the time, lie glasses, diapers for a baby, a bottle of water, toilet paper, etc.

family packing
Involve everyone when you are preparing for moving from Flatbush to Astoria

Moving from Flatbush to Astoria does not have to be stressful. As you can see, as long as you are organized and relaxed, relocation here will go smoothly. Have your needs and priorities in the first place. This way you are giving yourself a chance to go easy through this relocation. Hire a reliable moving company, involve everyone in preparations and get ready to start some of the best days of your life in your new home in Astoria.


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