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Guide to moving from NYC to NJ


Living in a big city can be adventurous. But sometimes, it gets overwhelming, and the crowd can be too much. And at that moment, you need to make a change. For instance, moving from NYC to NJ would be a perfect thing to do. You will still be close to New York but live in a quieter area. Which, in this case, is a relief. With U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn, you can relocate your whole life there in no time. Proper movers are the principal key to every successful relocation. But it’s not the only thing that matters. Yes, you must prepare well for this change, but it will be worth it. Moving away from NYC doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad idea. Better start making plans because you are about to change your life!

When You Are Moving from NYC to NJ, the First Thing You Need Is a Reason

Before you move on to finding long-distance moving companies New York can offer you, it’s important to have a good reason for the relocation. Moving somewhere is not an idea that just comes overnight and happens the next day. Maybe sometimes that can happen, but it’s a very rare situation. Usually, before you decide to move, you need a reason for that. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to living in NJ.

Tourist binocular with a view of New York City.
Living in the big city might seem perfect, but have you tried moving from NYC to NJ?
  • It has easy access to big cities such as NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and many others.
  • The job market is expanding each year even more.
  • Ocean beaches and mountains will surround you.
  • The climate is diverse, and you will experience all four seasons properly.
  • Because of a reciprocal tax agreement with PA, the state is offering you the possibility to pay taxes where you live, not where you work.
  • If you are moving with kids or planning to become a parent, the education here is excellent.

What Else Do You Need to Consider Before You Move?

Having a good reason for the move is not enough. You need to figure out every important thing about living there and then decide if that is for you. There are plenty of factors that are affecting someone’s relocation. You need to be aware of the full situation of life in New Jersey before you decide that you want to live there. Moving from NYC to NJ is easy if you are sure about it. Things such as:

  • Job market
  • Healthcare system
  • Educational system
  • Costs of living
  • Lifestyle
  • People
  • Climate

These things are important to consider when considering moving from NYC to NJ. Without knowing everything, your move is risky. After that, finding cheap movers NYC has will be easy. But there is no need to look for them if you are not even sure you want this kind of life.

woman thinking about moving from NYC to NJ
Before moving from NYC to NJ, you need to consider many important things

Job Market Comparison

When considering moving from New York City to New Jersey, it’s vital to understand the differences in job markets. New York City, known for its vibrant economy, contrasts with various major cities in New Jersey. According to office movers in NYC, Atlantic City shows positive job growth and lower unemployment than NYC. Similarly, Newark has a positive job growth trend and slightly less unemployment than New York. However, New Brunswick and Jersey City exhibit mixed trends, with New Brunswick having more unemployment but positive job growth and Jersey City showing lower unemployment rates but negative recent job growth​​​​​​​​.

Detailed Comparison and Statistics

Moving from NYC to NJ involves a careful assessment of the job market. Each city in New Jersey presents unique opportunities and challenges. Atlantic City and Newark show positive trends in job growth despite higher unemployment rates compared to NYC. New Brunswick offers stable job growth while having higher unemployment than NYC. With lower unemployment but recent negative job growth, Jersey City presents a nuanced choice. These insights are crucial for anyone moving from New York, offering a comprehensive view of potential employment landscapes.

Atlantic City, NJ vs. New York, NY

  • Unemployment Rate: NYC – 11.2%, Atlantic City – 13.6%.
  • Future Job Growth: NYC – 30.7%, Atlantic City – 16.5%.
  • 10-Year Job Growth: NYC – (-4.7%), Atlantic City – 19.6%.
Atlantic City
Atlantic City is one of the most popular destinations in NJ

New Brunswick, NJ vs. New York, NY

  • Unemployment Rate: NYC – 11.2%, New Brunswick – 6.6%.
  • Future Job Growth: NYC – 30.7%, New Brunswick – 27.8%.
  • 10-Year Job Growth: NYC – (-4.7%), New Brunswick – 3.5%.

Newark, NJ vs. New York, NY

  • Unemployment Rate: NYC – 11.2%, Newark – 13.0%.
  • Future Job Growth: NYC – 30.7%, Newark – 18.1%.
  • 10-Year Job Growth: NYC – (-4.7%), Newark – 3.3%.

Jersey City, NJ vs. New York, NY

  • Unemployment Rate: NYC – 11.2%, Jersey City – 8.3%.
  • Future Job Growth: NYC – 30.7%, Jersey City – 24.0%.
  • Recent Job Growth: NYC – 0.5%, Jersey City – (-0.5%)​​​​​​​​​.

Moving a Business From NYC to NJ?

Relocating a business from NYC to NJ can be a strategic move, given New Jersey’s often lower operational costs and favorable tax incentives. The current economic climate, with remote work trends and evolving business needs, makes such a shift increasingly viable. While the decision depends on specific business goals and industry, New Jersey’s proximity to NYC offers access to the same vast market and talent pool with potentially reduced overheads. Hiring commercial movers in NYC can ensure a smooth transition, leveraging their expertise in handling business relocations efficiently and minimizing operational disruptions. This approach can maximize the benefits of the move.

moving office from NYC to NJ
Many people these days move their offices from NYC to NJ

Healthcare Systems

Comparing their healthcare systems is vital when considering moving from New York to New Jersey. New York City, renowned for its comprehensive and specialized healthcare facilities, contrasts with New Jersey’s more community-focused healthcare approach. While NYC’s healthcare system is characterized by a higher concentration of specialized and research-oriented medical centers, New Jersey offers a network of hospitals providing more localized care. This comparison is key for individuals and families currently browsing NYC moving costs and considering moving to NJ.

Detailed Analysis

  • Healthcare Facilities: NYC boasts numerous renowned hospitals and specialty centers, whereas NJ offers a mix of community hospitals and specialized facilities.
  • Insurance Coverage: Both states have different healthcare insurance landscapes, impacting costs and access.
  • Specialized Services: NYC is a hub for advanced medical research and specialty treatments, attracting patients globally.
  • Community Health: NJ’s healthcare system is more focused on community health needs, with an emphasis on local care.
  • Accessibility: In terms of accessibility, NYC’s dense urban environment can present challenges, while NJ’s system might offer easier access in suburban areas.

Educational Systems

When moving from NYC to NJ, it’s important to consider the differences in educational systems. New York City’s educational landscape is marked by a wide range of public and private options, known for its diverse programs and emphasis on specialized learning. In contrast, New Jersey’s educational system, while also diverse, tends to focus more on community engagement and boasts higher spending per student in many cities. This contrast is essential for families and individuals considering the move, especially when utilizing full packing service NYC movers provide, ensuring a smooth transition.

kids in class
NYC is renowned for quality education, but you can also find it in major NJ cities

Detailed Analysis: NYC vs. NJ Education Systems

Moving from NYC to NJ involves considering these educational differences. Each city offers unique strengths, from NYC’s diverse educational offerings to NJ’s emphasis on community and higher spending per student. These factors are crucial for families prioritizing education in their relocation decision.

  • Spending Per Student: NYC spends less per student than Jersey City, Newark, and Hoboken. For instance,
  • Hoboken spends 28.1% more per student than NYC.
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: NYC generally has a lower student-teacher ratio than NJ cities, indicating potentially smaller class sizes.
  • Educational Attainment: Higher percentages of high school graduates are noted in NJ cities like Hoboken and Jersey City compared to NYC.
  • Higher Education Levels: Cities like Hoboken show a significantly higher percentage of residents with 4-year college and advanced degrees than NYC.
  • Educational Resources: The availability of educational resources like librarians and counselors varies significantly, with NYC having a higher student-to-librarian ratio but a lower student-to-counselor ratio than NJ cities.

Key Numbers at a Glance

  • Expenditure Per Student: NYC – $18,855, Hoboken – $24,150, Newark – $26,449.
  • Pupil/Teacher Ratio: NYC – 12.75, Hoboken – 13.27, Newark – 13.64.
  • High School Graduation Rates: NYC – 83.2%, Hoboken – 95.7%, Newark – 77.0%.
  • 4-Year College Graduation Rates: NYC – 39.6%, Hoboken – 80.3%, Newark – 16.0%.

Cost of Living Comparison

When planning a move from NYC to NJ, assessing the cost of living is vital, excluding housing expenses. New York City is known for its high cost of living, but how does it compare to NJ cities like Jersey City, Newark, and Hoboken? Understanding these differences is crucial, especially for those employing local movers NYC for a smooth transition.

woman buying after moving from NYC to NJ
Expect a lower cost of living after moving from NYC to NJ

Detailed Analysis

Moving from NYC to NJ can significantly reduce the overall cost of living, excluding housing costs. This information is crucial for those considering a move, providing a clearer financial picture.

  • Jersey City vs. NYC: Jersey City’s overall cost of living is lower than Manhattan’s. Key areas where costs differ include food, healthcare, and utilities. For instance, healthcare costs in Jersey City are lower than in NYC.
  • Newark vs. NYC: Newark’s overall living cost is significantly lower than New York City’s. This includes aspects like transportation and day-to-day expenses.
  • Hoboken vs. NYC: Similarly, Hoboken’s cost of living is lower than NYC’s. Areas like food & groceries, utilities, and transportation contribute to this difference.

Key Numbers Summary

  • Food & Groceries: Manhattan – 120.4, Jersey City – 107.9, Hoboken – 111.1 (Index: 100 is the national average).
  • Healthcare Costs: Manhattan – 125.1, Jersey City – 99.6, Hoboken – 99.6.
  • Utilities: Manhattan – 150.3, Jersey City – 111.9, Hoboken – 110.7.
  • Transportation: Manhattan – 161.0, Jersey City – 153.7, Hoboken – 157.6.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Manhattan – 171.0, Jersey City – 112.9, Hoboken – 112.8.

Housing Costs in NYC vs. NJ Cities

Understanding the differences in housing costs between New York City and New Jersey cities is essential before you decide to move from NYC to NJ. NYC is renowned for its high housing costs, a significant factor for many considering relocation with the help of local movers Brooklyn. In contrast, New Jersey offers diverse housing options that can be more budget-friendly, though prices vary across cities.

Newark panorama
Many people leave NYC because of high housing costs

Housing Costs in NYC and NJ

For those moving from NYC to NJ, the choice of city in New Jersey can significantly impact housing expenses. The variation in housing costs highlights the importance of thorough research and consideration of individual needs and budgets

  • New York City: Known for its expensive real estate, NYC has a median home cost significantly higher than the national average. This high cost extends to both purchasing and renting properties.
  • Jersey City, NJ: While more affordable than NYC, Jersey City’s housing market is still above the national average. It offers a blend of urban and suburban living experiences.
  • Newark, NJ: Newark presents more affordable housing options compared to NYC. Its proximity to the city makes it a viable option for those seeking lower housing costs while maintaining access to NYC.
  • Hoboken, NJ: Hoboken, while offering a small-town feel, has housing costs that can rival or even exceed those in NYC, particularly in desirable areas close to transit hubs.

Median Home Cost

  • NYC: $677,200
  • Jersey City: $553,300
  • Newark: $385,700
  • Hoboken: $770,400

Lifestyle Differences

Relocating from NYC to NJ involves weighing distinct lifestyle contrasts. NYC, known for its fast-paced, diverse, and culturally rich environment, offers a unique living experience. Compared, New Jersey’s cities provide a more suburban, community-focused lifestyle. These differences are key for individuals and families planning their relocation with long distance movers Brooklyn, especially when prioritizing aspects like community vibes, pace of life, and cultural offerings.

Lifestyle in NYC vs. NJ

Moving from NYC to NJ can mean transitioning to a more family-oriented, relaxed environment, yet still within proximity to the metropolitan buzz of New York City.

  • Pace of Life: NYC is famed for its fast-paced, always-on lifestyle, appealing to those seeking dynamic urban living. NJ cities, in contrast, tend to offer a slower, more relaxed pace.
  • Cultural and Entertainment Options: NYC’s cultural scene is unmatched, with endless options for entertainment, dining, and arts. NJ cities offer their unique charm with local arts, festivals, and community events, but on a smaller scale.
  • Outdoor Activities: NJ provides more spacious parks and recreational areas, ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts. While offering famous parks like Central Park, NYC has more limited green spaces.
  • Community and Neighborhood Feel: NJ cities generally offer a stronger sense of community and neighborhood connectedness, in contrast to NYC’s more individualistic vibe.
  • Educational and Family-Friendly Opportunities: For families, NJ’s suburban areas often provide a more traditional, family-oriented environment, with access to quality education and child-friendly activities, compared to NYC’s more diverse but also more competitive educational landscape.
Two movers and their van for moving.
First, find your movers so you can move successfully.

Finding Perfect Movers

The first step of this relocation would be to find proper movers. You must hire the best movers on the market. This way, your move will be smooth, and your belongings will be safe. And that is exactly what you are looking for. When looking for a moving company, you need to know your budget. Decide how much money you are willing to put aside just for this, and after that, start listing your options.

Once you start with that, you must remove companies with negative feedback. You must read all the reviews and try to imagine how they provide their services. Leave only the residential movers Brooklyn customers recommend. After that, decide what services you will use and check if they offer them. Calling a company right away and scheduling a meeting is a must. You want to meet them in person before you agree on anything. It will also be easier to determine whether they are scams. Don’t sign anything until you are completely sure.

What Supplies Will You Need, and How to Pack Properly?

After you finally find your perfect movers, it’s time to pack. This is the longest process; you should start it soon. Even while looking for your movers, you can pack a few boxes with some items you don’t use every day. To be able to pack, you will need proper moving or packing supplies.

  • Cardboard box or plastic reusable box
  • Wrapping paper – preferably bubble wrap
  • Duck tape
  • Scissors
  • Zip ties
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Marker

When you find all the supplies, you are ready to pack. It’s quite easy. First, you need to wrap the item you are about to pack, and after that, you place it inside the box. Fill in the air around with Styrofoam balls for extra protection. Duck tape the box and, with the marker, label it. Remember that you should not overfill the boxes—and layer items inside from the heaviest to lighter ones. Use zip ties to secure some bags with liquid and to keep cables detangled. Labeling is important because it will be easier to unpack first. Movers will also know exactly what they are dealing with and if they need to be extra careful if something fragile is inside, for instance.

Mother and daughter packing for the move.
Better start packing on time; it’s the longest part of a relocation!

Remember that if you don’t want to deal with the packing, you can check if the movers you hired have a service for it. They can pack your whole life in less than a day. You decide to make. Do you prefer having more free time or spending less money?

Learn How to Adapt

Living in New Jersey will be a new adventure for you. But coming from a huge city that never sleeps to some quiet place is not easy for everyone. You need to learn how to adapt. But after all that noise and sleepless nights on workdays, moving from NYC to NJ will be like heaven!

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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