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Guide to packing IT equipment for transport

Almost everyone today possesses a piece of electronics. These small devices make our everyday life much easier. However, when the day of the move arrives, they are the ones that make it particularly difficult. By far most important element of moving this sensitive equipment is preparation. Correct packing and storage are crucial. Professional commercial movers Park Slope know everything about the job. And for those eager to learn, read this guide to packing IT equipment for transport.

The quality supplies that you need to obtain for packing the IT equipment

Aside from the appropriate packing technique, you need to have the best packing supplies. IT equipment is quite expensive and often very fragile. Therefore, you should not compromise on the package quality.

packing IT equipment for transport in quality boxes
You should invest in quality supplies when moving IT equipment

Here are the top 3 packing supplies that one should include in every IT equipment transport :

1. Protective boxes

The best kind of protective box is the original box with all the additional protective materials in it. But if you had disposed of those a long time ago as most people had, the various alternative solutions exist. In most cases, high-quality protective boxes, cases, or crates can provide the needed protection. You can order any of those online or check with long-distance moving companies New York which of these moving materials they have available.

2. Wrapping material

This is a fun part for people who like to wrap stuff. Go to your favorite wrapping material store and ask for their suggestion, depending on your need. You can play, mix and match. The more you wrap, the safer the transfer. Alternatively, many online shops sell numerous kinds of wrappers and protective materials. Check their catalogs and decide according to the product description. Some of the best protectors for screens and gadgets are:

  • moving blankets
  • bubble-wrap
  • foam
  • packing peanuts
  • shredded paper can also be used for protection when packing IT equipment for transport

3. Labeling markers and packing tapes

Correct labeling can save your day. While most people concentrate on finishing the packing as soon as possible, they tend to oversee the unpacking. Precisely labeled boxes will make your unpacking much easier and faster. Besides, the chances of losing something, if prominently marked, are much smaller. So once you have chosen the appropriate boxes and the protective material to wrap around the equipment, make sure that they are securely taped and correctly labeled. U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn will take over from there.

The step by step process of packing IT equipment for transportation

When packing the IT equipment, you can either follow your feeling, or you can follow one of the step-by-step procedures. Unless it is your first time, you might be able to complete the task without much planning. But most likely, you will end up forgetting something. Following a step-by-step procedure is always a better idea. Particularly in a situation where one has a lot of complex apparatus and no previous experience.

1. Start by unplugging everything

Before packing you should unplug your devices and let them cool off for a while. Moreover, if you are unsure of how to do this exactly, hire professionals to do it for you. Just make sure you don’t mix up the cables after the unplugging. You can leave them next to their sockets for the time being. Alternatively, mark all the cables and plugs.

plugins of different colors
Make sure you don’t mix the cables up while unplugging them

2. Make a list of all the components before packing IT equipment for transport

Whether you are moving the whole office or just a few devices, it is impossible to remember all the components. So, before you start packing, make a full list of all the items you possess. And if you are planning to disassemble any of them, make the list of the individual parts. Or even better, take photos of everything.

3. Look for the packing and unpacking instructions

Most of the modern equipment comes with lengthy instructions. If you have preserved those, by any chance, refer to them for all the detailed and precise instructions you need. But don’t panic if you are not able to find them in your house or office. Most likely you will be able to find similar or same instructions on the internet.

4. Now you are ready to disassemble

One of the best strategies of moving is to reduce the size of the load by disassembling it. As mentioned before, just follow the instructions. After that, separate and label all the parts neatly. You can use boxes of different materials for different parts. Put the smallest pieces into petit boxes that you can store carefully. Use different colors as well for easier identification later on.

5. Careful wrapping is imperative when packing IT equipment for transport

Once done with all the previous steps, you are ready to wrap the IT equipment. Give yourself enough time to complete this step flawlessly. Successful transportation depends greatly on layered wrapping. Choose the wrapping material according to the sensitivity of the equipment.

a women wrapping equipment in bubble wrap and paper
Use as many layers as you need when packing IT equipment for transport

6. Packing and storing

Packing and storing is the final step before the IT equipment transportation. If you have got all the necessary packing supplies and have done all the preparation, packing should not be a problem. Start with smaller items since they are easier to lose. Next are the cables. Make sure that you don’t mix them up and tangle them. You can tie the ends together or label each cable individually. Finally, protect your monitors and system units with multiple layers in order not to scratch or damage them. Last but not least, find the appropriate storage for your packages. Many moving companies offer this service.

To summarize, packing IT equipment for transport is difficult but not impossible to manage. With a little bit of organization and some professional help, it can turn out very successful. And one more thing, for additional security you can get moving insurance. At least that way, if something gets damaged or lost you can easily get refunded. In short, when moving your IT equipment it is all about the safe transportation of your devices.


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