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Guidelines for executing a flawless office relocation

Are you wondering if executing a flawless office relocation is even possible? An office move always means work and organization, even if you hire a moving company for it. Even more so if you are moving with the office, for example, because you need to focus on more than one task at the same time. But, whether you’re moving with or without personal property, there are a few things you should keep in mind before, during, and after the move so you can execute a flawless office relocation. U.Santini Moving & Storage we’ll tell you how office relocation planning works.

Executing a flawless office relocation

The time has come: the move to the new building is imminent. Now is the time to make the logistics of the big day run as smoothly as possible. First and foremost, designate a responsible person who is familiar with all the planning. Think of the move like a high-dollar, large-scale project: all colleagues and management representatives need a designated contact person to keep them informed of progress and to continue their daily routines. It is regularly seen that simply knowing about new office desks, office chairs and even the color of the partition walls already leads to a sense of control among colleagues and helps them to cope better with the move.

Executing a flawless office relocation
It is important that colleagues know as far in advance as possible what office equipment awaits them in the future.

The first tasks around the relocation

Planning for the company relocation should begin as early as one year before the planned change of location. Managers and owners should clarify which says the move will take place and which tasks they will assign to specific employees. Who feels responsible for decluttering the old files that no longer need to be kept?  Find out who will take care of listing the inventory so that all office furniture and business documents arrive at the new location? Who will solicit and compare quotes from moving companies? Of course, you should also find a storage units Brooklyn. These and many more tasks you need to address. This is followed by the preparation of a schedule.

Planning of executing a flawless office relocation

Planning is critical for any move, and it is also critical for an office move. It is a good idea to form a small group called a relocation committee with specific roles and responsibilities related to the move. Consider the consequences of the move, such as the impact on day-to-day operations and employees, your reasons for moving, and the budget. If you do it right, you will be able to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Also,  create a timeline if necessary. Depending on the size of your business, the time to start planning will vary. For larger moves, 6 to 8 months should be the minimum because the earlier you plan, the better your move will be. Try to plan your move during a period of low business activity to minimize disruption.

Create a complete inventory

As with any step, creating a complete inventory of your items is extremely useful. As well take note of any new items you purchase. You can also make an inventory list in excel. This will come in handy after moving day, as you can easily check if any furniture or other items are missing. An inventory list also makes the packing process easier and ensures that you don’t forget anything. If you notice anything missing after you move in, you can check with your moving company and show proof of your inventory list.

Person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook
If you want to execute a flawless office relocation take note of the items that will be moved to the new office.

Consider the needs and wishes of colleagues

Some companies choose to keep colleagues out of the movement altogether. However, this is exactly what often causes the most stress. This often results in a bad mood and a feeling of not belonging. To prevent this from happening, involve all colleagues in the process and design as early as possible. During a meeting, ask all colleagues about their needs and wishes. Share the created master plan with all colleagues – this way everyone involved can easily keep track of the internal processes and the changed circumstances.

Hire a moving company to execute a flawless office relocation

When looking for the right moving company, get at least 3 quotes and compare them. This way, you will make the right decision based on the price and scope of services. Early involvement of the moving company is important to ensure that the planning is done carefully and properly. The professionals will assist you with your moving plan to ensure everything goes smoothly. Your commercial movers Park Slope will determine how to move your office furniture. Arrange for special handling of equipment, and may offer a variety of employee programs to make the move easier. Also, get enough boxes early. Because they are slightly smaller than regular moving boxes, but their contents will be heavier than other office supplies, book boxes are easier for movers to carry than regular moving boxes.

The final tasks of executing a flawless office relocation

To protect against unjustified claims for damages, it is important to take photographs. Make a photo of the premises of the old and the new office. If damage occurs on the day of the move, the insurance company should be notified.  In addition, the meter readings for electricity, gas, and water as well as the premises must be checked for damage. Once this is done, the result is recorded in a handover protocol. The same is done in reverse in the new office. After that, the office furniture and computers can be reassembled at the new location.

Workspace with modern convenient computers in daytime
A quick check can be made to ensure that all equipment is functioning and ready for the first day of work in the new office.

Now that you know how to execute a flawless office relocation you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you need any help to relocate your office just call affordable movers Brooklyn. They know how you can achieve this thas flawlessly and without big effort on your part.


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