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Guidelines for storing winter clothes


Having a wardrobe full of cute winter outfits is amazing until you need to move. Then panic slowly arises. You need helpful guidelines for storing winter clothes. There are probably a million questions running around your mind right now. What can you do with all of your winter clothes? Will you have enough space in your new apartment? Do you need to get rid of something? Surely we want to avoid that! Our team of professional movers Brooklyn is quite aware of this struggle. And we are here to help. Some of us take fashion seriously and we understand the need to look cute even when it’s below zero. By using these guidelines you ensure your best winter outfits of the day stay in crisp condition for the next season.

How to prepare winter clothes for storage?

Preparing winter clothes for storage isn’t an effortless task. It’s especially difficult if you are an avid fashion lover. Now you are probably worrying about what to do with all your clothes? Where to start? Well, the best way is to start with a proper plan. First, you must figure out what is the best way to store clothes. Look for storage facilities Brooklyn that are suitable for storing clothes. Certainly, you want your clothes to stay damage-free. That is why you should research what facilities are the best. Try to avoid packing your winter clothes in basic cardboard boxes. Avoid storing those boxes in your damp basement. This is crucial if you have valuable clothing items from famous designers.

Your next step is making an inventory list. Having an inventory list is absolutely necessary. It will help you keep track of everything you currently have in your closet. Take out all of your winter clothing. Place it on your bed. Then you should sort it by item. So create a pile for jackets; coats, pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, and blouses. It’s advisable you continue to sort it by material. So separate wool clothing items from cotton and other materials. Once you finish sorting, start writing your inventory list. Continue to group things together. It’s best to pack similar items together. So try your best not to mix different materials. Finally, remember to label every box clearly. This will help you when the next winter comes. You will find your favorite outfits in a heartbeat.

Woman storing her winter clothes
Use these simple tips for storing winter clothes and your clothes will stay in perfect condition.

How to clean winter clothes?

Sure your clothes might not seem dirty, but it’s best you wash them before storing them away. Even a bit of leftover perfume or lotion can cause your clothing to stain. Additionally, unwashed clothing items might attract pests. We are sure you want to avoid both scenarios. Therefore, gather all your winter clothes and turn on the washing machine. Don’t remember that you should dry-clean items made from wool, silk, and cashmere. Last, use deodorizers to stop your clothing from getting musty. Once your clothes are all clean, check out what is the best storage NYC. Storing away your winter clothes in a good-quality storage unit will ensure your items stay in perfect condition for a long time!

Woman washing winter clothes before storing them away
Wash your winter clothes before storing them away.

What is the best place to store winter clothing items?

If you want to avoid ruining your favorite winter outfits, don’t store them in a basement or attic. You should always store winter clothes in a dark, dry, and cool place. Without a doubt, your clothes will stay in perfect condition if you place them in a climate-controlled unit. Whether you are choosing a temporary or a long-term storage solution, this is the best option! Once your clothes are in a climate-controlled unit, you don’t have to worry. Seriously, you won’t have to think about pests, moisture, or light. These three factors you can easily find in an attic or a basement. Sure you might have to invest a bit more, but your future self will be thankful. Just think about the next winter and how cute you will be in some of those winter outfits.

Now that we have that all figured out, let’s see what packing equipment is the best option. There are a couple on the market, but not everything is suitable for storing clothes.

  • Plastic bin containers – If you are thinking about long-term storage then plastic bin containers are for you. In storing winter clothes, you want to do your best to avoid too much moisture. That’s why plastic bins with little holes are the best for storing clothes. You can easily stack one on top of another. In addition, you can label them which can help you find the things you need before the next winter starts.
  • Vacuum bags – Now this is a great option if you want to create more space in your storage unit. But be careful, because they can damage clothes by creating wrinkles.
  • Plastic bags – This is by far a cheaper option, but it’s not a good one. Plastic bags aren’t that good at keeping moisture out. They are good for short-term storage.
  • Cardboard boxes – These types of boxes you can easily find. They are quite cheap. But again, just like with plastic bags, they can easily let moisture it.
Woman packing
Use the right type of equipment to store your winter clothes.

Tips for storing winter clothes

There are still a couple of tips left up the sleeve. You don’t have to use every single tip mentioned in this article, but it will surely help you out.

  • No need to use the iron. This might come as a surprise, but there is no need to iron clothes before storing them away. Actually, ironing can weaken textile fibers, Thus your clothes will be prone to damage.
  • Stay away from wood. Since wood contains an acid that can damage textiles, it’s best to store winter clothes away from wooden furniture.
  • Use acid-free packing paper. If you have any delicate, special, or white items pack them with acid-free paper to protect them from any damage.

By now you have it all figured out. We hope our guidelines for storing winter clothes help you out. Find the best way to store all of your winter outfits to ensure your clothes stay in the best condition. This way you will be stylish every winter!

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