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Heated storage solutions – when do you need them?

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What do you do with the possessions you want to keep but have no space for? That is a seemingly relentless question that pops its head every now and then to complicate your plans! There is just so much stuff that we want to keep but we are simply out of space. What do you do then? Well, you can always downsize, sure, but that offers some clear disadvantages. Namely, you are left without the item! Sure, you have space, but you are just throwing or selling away something that you can still happily use! So, you should turn to the next best thing – storing! Don’t get less stuff, get more space! Since storages come in all shapes and sizes there is a lot to choose from. Here, we will be mainly covering the heated storage solutions and why you need them!

A quick summary of types of storages out there

So, before we embark on explaining why you should consider heated storage solutions for the possesions you will store after the office relocation by the corporate relocation services NYC, for example, we must first talk about storages in general and what they have to offer!

All in all, storages are a simple concept, coming down to the trade-off we mentioned in the introduction. When it comes to deciding if you are going to have less stuff, or more space, the second option entails a storage room. However, as not all articles that can be stored are the same, and obviously can have different needs in terms of maintenance, there are different types of storage on offer from which you can pick!

heated storage solutions - open storage doors
An example of an outdoor storage

For example, you can see the outdoor storage. These are basically storage units spread out on a parking lot. There is a lot to be said about the practicality of these storage units! They offer easy access by vehicle. So, if you are going to be moving a lot of articles often, this is a pretty good solution. However, there are also some downsides. The more obvious one would be that you are exposed to the elements when trying to get the stuff. Furthermore, these storages are almost exclusively not heated/climate-controlled meaning they offer little protection to the articles inside. This is opposite to inside storage, which are storage units provided from inside a building.

They offer heated solutions much more often. Finally, (if we don’t include climate-controlled storages as their own category), there is the addition of special storages, that would be the storages that are made for specific purposes, like wine storing.

What makes heated storage solutions the best ones?

There are a lot of New York storage facilities, and as we established there are also a lot of different types of storage. Which begs the question –  why would you choose heated storage solutions? Here is the honest answer – safety. And no, of course, we are not talking about burglars trying to steal anything. that kind of danger is rather rare. The much more common variety is a slow and insidious foe – mold. With heated storage, you are helping yourself protect things that are workable from moisture and mold. Here is more info on that.

The foes of every storage

Mold is something that can grow pretty much everywhere, being a kind of fungi that it is. However, they mostly grow in warm and moist areas, be it indoor or outdoor. They are, unfortunately, very likely to grow inside storages that are not climate controlled.

mold on the wall
How to handle mold?

You should also be afraid of ice if you are somewhere where temperatures go too low. Heated storages provided by U.Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn, for example, can protect you from any that by making sure the temperature in the storage unit is always just right. There is also the issue of pest, though that is not directly connected to heated storage solutions. It is simply a matter of finding a reputable storage company.

Many of these issues are a danger to your health, in addition to the well being of your possessions. Losing paper and cloth to pest, losing electronics to cold and moisture, and losing pretty much everything else to mold is a great loss indeed, and one that can be avoided by simply opting for good, heated storages.


So, should you take insurance for your heated storage? Well, should you take insurance for any private or public storage New York? Insurance is always the same kind of a conundrum. You either pay now more so that in an eventually of loss you are covered, or you pay less but can only really be hoping for the best… The dilemma is the same when it comes to heated storages, though we can make some assumptions that should help you out.

calculator on paper
Should you take insurance?

By know you have figured out that when people turn to heated storage solutions they are trying to protect some items for long-term storage. That means that the chances of you wanting to protect the items for a long time are pretty high, and we definitely recommend insurance in that case. However, if you are only going for a short stay, you might want to opt-out…

And finally – take inventory

This has been all that you need to know about heated storage solutions. As we have hopefully proven to you, there is very much a necessity, though not always. In order to truly know what kind of storage you need and should desire, we encourage you to do a thorough inventory list before opting for any storage. That way you will know exactly what you need to store. Furthermore, you can keep track of information such as its state, weight, duration of storage, etc. All in all, the most important thing about heated storage solutions is to know if you need them and to be prepared to get them if that is the case. To do that, take a pen and paper and organize your items before storing them. That is the most important takeaway!

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