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Hiring movers in winter


No matter what time of year you decide or need to move, there are always many things to do. If you already have experience with relocating, you still cannot rely on that practical knowledge. Instead, you should remember how much time it took you to plan and prepare for moving. True, that experience can help you get done with some things easier, and faster. But for those of you faced with this task for the first time, especially if you’re relocating during these cold months then reading our article about hiring movers in winter will be of great help!

What are things to pay attention to when hiring movers in winter?

Bing a tricky period of a year, you want to make sure that things will go according to a plan. Winter brings many challenges, and having a confident group of people is one of the essential aspects when moving. The same goes for residential and Brooklyn commercial movers. Roads may be busier than usual and bad weather can make the entire relocation much harder than it usually is. This being said, take a look at the following list of what we have selected.

mover standing in front of his van
Hiring movers in winter will prevent unexpected situations that may occur!

Benefits Of Hiring Movers In Winter

As winters in Brooklyn can be pretty cold, your relocation will instantly become much harder than usual. Think of all the time you would have to leave your warm home and then come back again after everything is ready. Your mood may also change from time to time, and make you rush things. As a result, you may forget something really important and then make a double trip, which will cost you both time and money. On the other hand, movers are trained to work in harsh conditions and will finish every task fast. Before you know it, your items will be ready for transportation and you can prepare for spending some quality time in your new home.

If you have enough time to make a budget plan, you will see that the moving cost Brooklyn is much more affordable than doing it on your own. Just think of the gas money, and additional stops you would have to make to reach your new destination. Hiring movers in winter will be a great option for your budget as well. 

Hire only licensed moving company

There are not many words to stress enough the importance of signing a contract with such a company. If you need to relocate to some part of New York, there is a great number of moving companies. Luckily, there are many ways how to check good and reliable Brooklyn movers. For starters, you can ask the company representatives to show you the necessary documentation which proves the validity of the firm. The moving trucks should also be licensed and the staff should all be professionals, with relevant experience.

You can check out the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Web site in order to get the information if the company possesses a motor carrier license.

Go through the reviews to double-check

Then, you can ask around for recommendations from your friends or family. Or, you can read the reviews of the previous customers who had previously used moving services of a certain moving company you’re considering hiring. These types of information are always welcomed as they can give you a real insight into the politics of someone’s business. And you can see the experience of other people so that you can know what to pay attention to. While going through reviews you will probably come across countless pieces of advice on how to make your relocation perfect! 

photo of a city covered in snow
Winter in Brooklyn is beautiful so give yourself some time to enjoy it as well!

Protecting your belongings

This is likely one of the most important parts of your moving process, especially during winter time; If you leave the card boxes or pieces of furniture unprotected, they might get damaged. One of the things why hiring professional movers proves to be beneficial is that they will offer you protective materials as well as supplies that are suitable for weather conditions such as heavy rain, or snow. Make sure to protect your furniture, especially the wooden ones with water-proof packages, or with some plastic wrapping. If you’re thinking about using something like a blanket, towels, etc. just forget about it. These are simply not appropriate during harsh weather conditions. Also, don’t forget to seal the plastic. Bear in mind that your electronics also need special attention during this period. Wet weather doesn’t fit your electronic devices.

In case you still wonder why we put so much accent on this step, think about all the fragile and precious items you possess that you cannot compensate for easily. One of the things moving companies are in charge of is securing those items, and later unwrapping them. If you realize that packing is simply not your thing, you can choose packing services Brooklyn and everything you own will be in safe hands. By hiring movers in winter you are avoiding all potential risks surrounding your relocation. 

Regularly get an update on changes in weather conditions

The first thing to consider when hiring movers in winter is to begin the moving process during the early hours of the morning. As you know, the daylight doesn’t last for long at this time of the year. Also, it is always easier and safer to drive during the day. Actually, there are many Brooklyn moving tips you can implement, which can make this process a lot easier. What you can do is dress appropriately for the weather condition on that day.

plants covered in snow
During winter weather may change any minute so make sure you have everything ready on time!

Get yourself some warm clothes, especially if you need help with long distance moving since the journey can last longer. A good tip would be to consider having a backup date for moving in case the weather becomes too harsh. You don’t want to risk anything on such a day. Rescheduling might be the best and safest move.

Protect the doorway, stairs, and floors

Again, when hiring movers in winter you have to expect a lot of mess. As the moving professionals go in and out of the house, loading the packages into the moving truck, they’ll bring snow, and mud from the inside. Eventually, you’ll notice how much dirty your house has become. Also, the salt and snow can damage the floors. Well, to prevent this from happening you can place a plastic film roll or dismantled card box across the floor surfaces. Moreover, you can shovel the snow from the sidewalks and driveways. Do the same when you arrive at the new location. This way, you will have incomparably fewer problems with getting into the new home and it will be less slippery.

Prepare hot beverages and food

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee or hot tea, especially during cold winter days? If you’re moving during this season, it would be more than welcome to prepare enough amount of coffee and tea, and why not hot chocolate, during the moving process. Also, a warm meal is something nobody turns down. By providing these, you will make relocating so much easier to handle for everyone involved.

If this is your first relocation look up how to pack lunch boxes for you and your family. If you do it right, you will have fresh food, snacks, and drinks during the entire trip or while you wait for movers to finish their job. 

Get The Storage Unit

Since the weather in winter can be pretty harsh, there is a chance you may need some extra space for your items. In case of some unexpected situations or last-minute changes, you should always have a backup plan. Storage units Brooklyn are pretty safe and will provide extra space for any type of item. Hiring movers in winter will be much more pleasant once you know that they can provide a safe place for all of the excess. Depending on what items you will store, make sure to pack them properly. Although storage units are safe it is important that everything you bring is already prepared. Once you settle in, you can come and pick them up anytime you want.

hot chocolate in a mug
Treat yourself with hot beverages to make your relocation easier and more fun!

Bottom Line

Once you organize everything, stick to a plan, and have a backup solution in case something unpredictable happens, you’ll handle the move with fewer complications. Winter has its own beauties and you should enjoy them in your old household before you leave.  Make sure you say goodbye to your friends and neighbors on time and share a cup of hot chocolate before you go. Keep in mind that hiring movers in winter will definitely provide you with all the necessary help. Stay close though as they may have some questions about relocation or some of the items for you along the way. In this way, you can stay calm and be stress-free. 

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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