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Hiring Movers vs DIY Move


When people decide to move there is a huge process in front of them. And while many things depend on the type of relocation, there are some general rules to follow.  Your personal choices can change the flow of your relocation at any given time, so it is essential that you prepare for it properly. The biggest question everyone comes across is should you do it on your own? Let’s break down the hiring movers vs DIY move dilemma!

Making a strategic plan

All big things start with a good plan so this relocation should as well. Before you decide how exactly will you carry this out, you should set your priorities. Many movers and packers Brooklyn advise that the real answer always lies in your household. It is very often that people dive into the relocation on their own thinking that no one can deal with their inventory better. Unfortunately, a lot of these relocations end up with more questions raised and issues than they expected. 

movers carrying a sofa as an example
When choosing hiring movers vs DIY move, always consider your inventory first!

There is an incredible amount of factors leading to this problem. The most common factor in this decision is the question: How big of a budget do you have? Other factors may include the distance toward the new home, will you need storage in Brooklyn, the complexity of the move, and last but not least – the way you see things. Two different people – two different opinions. Your case will be no different. We’re not here to tell you which choice is better. We are here to give the cons and pros of each choice and help you in making your decision!

The clash between hiring movers vs DIY move has numerous debates about it. Unless you are an experienced mover, which most of us aren’t, your belongings are better left handled by professionals.

moving costs NYC

Hiring Movers vs DIY Move – Moving Yourself

A DIY move is a bold one. Not only you will have to organize and pack everything, but you will also have to transport your entire household. Although this may seem easy at first, the entire process can become extremely difficult. On the other hand, for much smaller apartments this idea may actually work. You will find many successful moving reviews that claim relocations are tricky especially for those that don’t have enough experience. To make things much easier for you, here are some pros and cons of DIY relocation!

DIY Move – Pros

  • One of the largest advantages of doing a move yourself is the fact that you have total control over your move. You do it in your own time, whenever you want in however many takes you like. Also, you chose the truck and the moving supplies, and you carry the boxes with as much care as you want. Furthermore, you decide when the move starts and then it ends. Lastly, you get to decide in which order the truck is being loaded, so that you avoid dumping boxes in rooms they don’t belong in.
  • Packing is entirely up to you. This means that, just like in the previous section, you have absolute control. Movers will want everything boxed up, sealed, and ready to go. When you do this yourself, you don’t necessarily have to pack every oddly shaped thing in a box. You can pack as little as you want or as much as you want. It is entirely up to you.
  • The last pro is that you may end up saving cash. If you’re moving on a tight budget, maybe you won’t have much of a choice. Regardless of the magnitude of the move, you should always think of your budget first! This is why renting a moving truck and doing everything else yourself could save you thousands of dollars. You could get the U-Haul’s moving truck that can pack up to five bedrooms for 40 bucks.
man writing down the inventory
If this is not your first relocation than you surely have more experience in doing it on your own!

Hiring Movers – Pros

  • The best part about this is that you will be leaving all the heavy-duty lifting to professionals. Paying for this service will result in better and faster progress of your entire relocation.  If you were able to find a legit moving company, you really don’t have to worry about picking up any heavy couches or carrying boxes down flights of stairs. No muscles will be strained. And no friends will be begged to help out with lifting stuff. You can just focus on keeping your kids or pets safe. Or you could just kick back and relax.
  • If you hired a legitimate, experienced Brooklyn moving company to do your move for you rest assured that they will be twice as effective as you would be on your own. You would take your time and use logic, however, they will try to finish as fast as they could being as effective as they can. They will have all the appropriate supplies and equipment on spot, and they will know how to use it best.
  • Most importantly, hiring professional services will result in minimizing stress. You will be there, coordinating them and answering some questions but other than that you can relax and have them do their magic. The first best benefit is the amount of time that will be saved. Also, you won’t have to maneuver a huge moving truck down a highway. They are not all that easy to drive.

A lot of people choose professional movers for a reason

In the last couple of years, a lot of relocations depend on moving services. This is because our lifestyle is changing each day and time is always at stake. Since it plays such a huge role, people usually decide not to waste it. Movers will arrive on time and follow the schedule as it goes. This will give you plenty of time to focus on other tasks in your household that movers won’t be able to do for you. Before you make a final decision it is good to know what other tasks will be waiting for you:

couple packing and thinking about hiring movers vs diy move
Make sure to pack one room at a time so that the entire process is faster!
  • Gathering the paperwork: This includes your medical records, insurance, and other personal documents. If you decide to carry out this relocation yourself, make sure to have enough time for this part.
  • Getting your new place ready: Keep in mind that you will need to focus on your new place as well. The last thing you need is arriving and having even more work than before getting there. This is why choosing the residential movers Brooklyn is the safer option!
  • Having to balance your work and relocation: The main reason that hiring movers vs DIY move will result in hiring a moving company is your job. Not many companies will give you enough time to relocate especially if you agree to work remotely.

On the other hand, if you are moving your company, commercial movers Brooklyn are simply essential. Your business will have to keep on running even during the relocation, and the best way to avoid income damage is to leave relocation to them. 

The usual outcome of a DIY move

DIY relocations are not at all rare. Actually, you can come across many people who tried and accomplished it. But as soon as you look into the details you will realize that this relocation requires a lot of nerves. Hiring movers vs a DIY move does not only depend on transporting your items, although that is one of the most essential things. When people decide to carry out relocation themselves, they usually focus on transportation first. And while preparing transportation vehicles on time is always good, other tasks usually stay in the shade if it. Following the example of local movers Brooklyn, the most important thing is to balance the entire relocation at once.

How to deal with DIY move issues

If you look at some of the experiences of people who did their relocation without the moving company, you can’t help but notice flaws. Remember that these flaws will usually happen not because people can’t do it, but because our lifestyle is so fast. Even those who have huge amounts of time on their hands will decide to skip the hard work and simply leave it to the moving company. In case you decide to do it on your own, here is what you should do if things start to get too complicated:

  • Make short breaks: If you continue to pursue results under stress you may end up making even more mistakes.
  • Ask friends or family members to help you: Additional help will do you good especially if your household is big. This will also be a great opportunity to spend more time with people dear to you
  • Don’t move everything at once: This may take too much of your time so make sure you pack one room at a time. As soon as you prepare your boxes leave them aside so they don’t take up extra space.
  • Avoid DIY projects you never tried before: Relocation is not a time for experimenting so make sure to avoid things you have never done before.
  • Ask movers for help: Even if you decide to start the relocation don’t hesitate to ask movers for help if things get too complicated. For example, they can help you calculate the moving costs NYC relocations usually entail. This will prevent even more risks and you will have a successful relocation after all.
happy family
You should always set your priorities first and follow the plan!

Of course, if you had a chance to move before, DIY can be a better option for you. After we go through the relocation process once, things get much easier. Remember to learn from your previous mistakes and avoid repeating the same patterns. If your first relocation was super stressful then don’t go with another one. This may change your mood for the worse and you will be stressing out the entire time. Just give your movers all the details and let them do all the work. 

Don’t rush with choosing between hiring movers vs DIY moving

One of the largest cons of doing a move yourself is the heavy lifting you have to do. This is why the pro for hiring professional services is the fact that they will do all the heavy lifting for you. But the largest con of doing a move yourself, and a deal-breaker is the fact that you might end up ruining all of your furniture. In most cases, people are not professional movers and as such, they might make some mistakes that professionals wouldn’t. The last thing you need is damaging your couch down the stairs or losing an important piece of heirloom. In situations like these, any price becomes affordable. You can always make a stable and strategic financial plan that will support your relocation from the very start. Plus, if you’re low on cash you can always find cheap movers in Brooklyn.

man packing his items since packing is something you will have to do in both cases of hiring movers vs DIY move
In the ” hiring movers vs DIY move ” battle, packing will still be one of the most important parts of your relocation!

In conclusion

So to sum it up, hiring movers vs DIY move is a victory for the professionals. Save time, don’t stress out, and play it safe. Brooklyn NYC is a place where things happen super fast and even the smallest mistakes can lead to big problems. Now that you know that those problems can be avoided, don’t put important things at stake. Always give yourself enough time to plan things and ask your movers for additional guidance. Together, you will make this relocation fast and successful and you will be at your new place in no time. Focus on the things that matter and prepare for this new chapter in your life that this relocation will bring! 

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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