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How do you pack liquids for moving?

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Packing your possessions in the process of moving your home is probably one of the trickiest tasks. Things get even more complicated if you are thinking about moving liquid items. Poorly protected liquid items can cause a real mess and potentially damage all other items that you are moving. In order to avoid this scenario, this article will offer some tips that you might find helpful. You will find some advice on how to pack liquids for moving. Proper packing will save your time and money, and of course your liquids.

Preparation for relocation

The process of relocation is a big exercise that contains a lot of different tasks to be done. For some of them, you might need a bit more time. But when it comes to relocating, nothing is more important than packing properly with all due attention to your belongings. Making a moving task list is the best way of planning and organizing your move. Apart from packing, the most important task on that list should be finding a reliable moving company.

Securing professional services is a guaranteed way to a stress-free moving. Money is always a deal-breaker, especially in cases when the amounts are substantial, such as costs of relocation and settling in. So, our advice is to pick one of the cheap movers NYC companies, but not necessarily only those with the lowest prices. Pick the one that can provide good services with reasonable and affordable prices. Some of them can also provide the services of packing too, so you will not have to worry about how to pack liquids for moving.

Important part of your moving process is hiring professional moving company
         Finding reliable moving company

Sorting out the liquids, what should and shouldn’t be moved

First and foremost – sort the liquids before packing them. There are probably many items in your household that you are not using anymore, such as e.g. cosmetics items. Some of them are not worth being packed and transported. As you can always simply buy them after moving and hence avoid paying additional transportation costs. Please also be aware of the fact that most of the moving companies have lists of items that are prohibited. Those are liquids such as explosives, flammable gases, corrosive materials, and toxic substances. Most of them you will need to carry with you privately so perhaps the most convenient would be to dispose of them and not move them at all. This list usually contains aerosol cans, ammonia, lighter fluid, bleach, cleaning solvents, propane tanks, weed killer, kerosene, pesticides etc.

When you pack liquids for moving, do not forget about the list of prohibited items
Almost every moving company has a list of prohibited items 

Getting rid of liquids, thinking green

Disposing of some of the liquid items will not only effectively decrease transportation costs. But will also provide for more safety of other items that will be relocated to your new home. Some of the unopened cosmetic items or personal care products you can donate to charities. For other hazardous items, you should watch out how you dispose of them. Thinking about our environment should be always an important part of everyday life. Do your best to have eco-friendly relocation, paying attention to what you can reuse, recycle or donate. In case you decide to throw away some of your items, be mindful of how to dispose of unwanted liquids properly. Those are usually chemicals, medications, cleaning products etc. Do not flush them, throw away or pour them down the drain. In order to find out how to dispose of them properly contact your local waste management department.

Tips on how to pack liquids for moving

All the other liquids that you’ve decided to take with you should be packed properly. Unlike with other items, for liquids, you will need different types of packing supplies, boxes, and containers. You should take into consideration moving companies where you can find good moving boxes Brooklyn. Not only for supplies and boxes but for packing all the items professionally. If you prefer to do that by yourself, in the part of this article below you can find tips for how to pack liquids for moving.

Gathering supplies

For packing liquids, you should gather all packing supplies such as plastic bags, wraps, tapes, and labels. Labels are very important for movers so that they can know how to pack your boxes in the moving truck. Put the sign ‘this side up’, and for easier unpacking put additional information, such us ‘drinks’ or ‘cleaning supplies’.

Collect your liquids and check if they are broken

Before starting to pack your liquid items, check if any bottles are broken or damaged. If so, discard them or replace the bottles.

Smaller items pack first

Smaller liquid bottles such as cosmetic liquids, nail polishes, perfume bottles etc. pack first in small boxes. Put all those smaller boxes in bigger ones to prevent them from squashing or damaging during the move. You can also put some bubble wrap in the free space between boxes.

Liquids such as perfumes pack in small boxes
Packing of cosmetic products and perfumes
  1. Use a plastic bin for transporting chemicals – If liquid content spills in a cardboard box during the move there is a high chance that it can make a bigger mess on other boxes that you are moving. You can line the bins with plastic bags of towels so that you ensure an extra protection from possible and unexpected leaking.
  2. Seal liquids with plastic wrap- great prevention when you pack liquids for moving- Wrap top part of the bottle with the plastic wrap before you screw on the cap. Afterward, put the bottle it a plastic bag.
  3. Placing buffers – Another tip that can help you not to worry about your liquids during transport is placing buffers. Put them between every bottle to prevent friction which could cause the damaging.
  4. Arrange the containers with liquids properly – Make sure that you pack all content with bottle caps up and is kept close together. You can use some spare paper or towels to fill in the free space between containers.

Do not mix chemicals with drinks

Try to separate liquids such as drinks or liquid ingredients for cooking from chemicals.

Packing and moving various types of liquids is certainly not the most amusing element of relocation. It can take a lot of your time and cause additional stress in thinking whether all the packed liquids are in the same state as before the move. We trust that this article will be helpful to all those that insist on packing and moving liquids anyway. We wish you a great new start.

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