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How long does it take to pack a house by yourself


Every relocation is divided into certain tasks and processes. For that reason, it’s important to take a good look at all of them. One of the more important parts of moving will be the packing process. Of course, with the help of our expert Brooklyn movers you will have a much easier and smoother task. However, when you pack a house by yourself there are some other details you need to think about.

Elements that affect the packing speed

No home relocation is the same just as there aren’t two identical homes. How much time it will take to pack your house depends on several factors. Here are some of the questions that you want to consider asking yourself when it’s time to start packing:

  • Can you rely on assistance from your friends and family?
  • How many rooms your home has?
  • Do you have any packing experience?
  • Is your home cluttered or tidy?
  • Are you packing specialty or heavy items?
  • Do you already have sufficient quality packing supplies?
  • Do you plan to use professional packing services?

Are you going to pack a house by yourself or with the assistance of your friends and family?

Taking a home on your own can be a task that requires some energy. However, a DIY packing process doesn’t mean you can’t get the help of others. For that reason, getting in touch with some of your friends and family won’t be a bad idea. They might not replace the residential movers in Brooklyn with their skills. However, every additional pair of hands can be more than helpful in the packing process.

Two girls throwing a moving box between them
Do you plan to pack a house by yourself? Better have at least some help.

A job that would require hours or days can be done in half or even a fraction of the time. That’s why when doing a packing process on your own and without experts, having additional assistance can be crucial. And having the people you love around will make packing your home quicker and more entertaining.

How big or small is the home that you’re packing?

Of course, getting your home ready for moving will come with a lot of work. And you can’t imagine doing it without some packing. For that reason, a huge factor in how long the whole process will take you will be how large your home really is. There’s a big difference if you’re packing a room for storage in Brooklyn or a five-bedroom home for a complete relocation. For experts, a small apartment can take hours to pack while it can take you a day or two. That’s why it’s best to plan and organize as much as you can. The bigger the home you’re packing the more time is necessary to approach the whole task.

Have you or the people who are helping you ever packed a home before?

Experience is what makes movers stand out from the rest of us. When you’re hiring a company the amount of work they have behind them can have a huge impact. Arguably, for people that are not movers, that experience can have a bigger impact. If someone from your friend group already packed a couple of homes, they can help you make the whole task quicker to do. Having that person that has some basics already working for them will make even the toughest of challenges easier. The more people you have like that helping you out the smaller the gap between you and the expert packers.

A moving box on a bed
Make sure to declutter and downsize before you start packing.

Clutter can make or break a packing process

Like for any move and part of the moving process, having too many items around your home can be a big problem. It can greatly slow down any process that comes with moving, especially packing. For that reason, before you pack a house by yourself, you want to make everything as tidy and clean as possible. Get your hands on some moving boxes Brooklyn offers for sale and get all the necessary items in them. There’s nothing worse than having items you don’t use and having to pack them up. That will waste a lot of your time and energy or something you will probably throw away or sell months down the road.

If you have special items it can take a lot of time to pack

Every item can be unique in its own way when it comes to packing and moving it. That’s why before you start packing you want to specify them in order to get as ready as possible. This will greatly help you out and keep the whole process smoother. If you end up requesting moving quotes in Brooklyn such specialty items can have a big impact on the overall moving and packing price. That’s because even experts will require special attention to detail. So make sure that you know how to sort out such items well in advance. Especially as they can add hours to even days to the moving process.

Stocking up on moving supplies can speed up the packing process

In order to pack your home perfectly, it’s best that you use the best packing supplies. By doing so you will make the process quicker and simpler. However, make sure that you stock up on it and even get a couple of moving boxes and other materials that you actually need. Remember, you’re not a professional. And even they will take some surplus moving materials with them in their truck. Overall, it will always be a good idea to prepare moving supplies in advance as it will save you time later, and ensure you don’t stress about the packing process.

A mover packing a box is better than to pack a house by yourself.
Consider using professionals to help you pack.

Why not opt for the help of professional packers?

Of course, you can always pack your home on your own. Especially if you’re moving on a budget. However, there are many time and cost benefits of hiring expert assistance when it comes to packing with professionals. That’s why we always recommend checking out the Better Business Bureau and finding a moving company that can offer you quality packing help. This can make a task that can take days into a job that will be completed in a matter of hours.

Efficient packing is a step toward successful relocation!

Every job is easier to do when you have the right approach to it. And for packing, you want to make it as simple and efficient. Especially when you pack a house by yourself you need to be on your toes as it can be a very difficult task that will require a lot of your energy and time. But with our advice, we’re sure that it can become smoother. From calling your friends and family for help to using the right equipment and materials, there’s a lot to take into consideration. Choose what can help you speed up your packing the most and then set to work.

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