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How to avoid cluttering your apartment

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Moving somewhere can be a stressful process if you are not organized well. Even then, some unexpected mistakes might happen. And there you are, stressing out again. It is a big possibility that your new apartment will be a mess when you move in! You should try to avoid cluttering your apartment as much as possible. U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn is for sure the best option for your relocation. You can find storage after the move and place all the things there until you rearrange everything. It is better if you start with a tidy and clean apartment. Everything will be organized from the beginning and you will be able to enjoy it and focus on your new life.

How to get rid of unnecessary things?

Many people struggle with the same problem when moving away. Too many things to bring, too many new things to buy. You can easily avoid that. In addition, to avoid cluttering your apartment, you will have to relocate as few things as possible. Don’t worry. You do not have to throw them away. There is not even the need of selling them and gifting them. You can easily have self storage Brooklyn movers are offering and store them. This is perfect, for instance, if you are attached to your belongings, but you don’t really need them. Having them being around, but outside of the apartment is the perfect option for you.

Woman sitting on the floor at the coffee table working on a laptop.
Avoid cluttering your apartment in addition to function normally!

When to start arranging to avoid cluttering your apartment?

When you finally finish moving to Brooklyn and come into your new apartment, it is time. Movers will bring your things packed in boxes that you previously labeled. The labeling thing will help you a lot to avoid unnecessary mess. You will know where your things are immediate. Of course, you will probably be exhausted the first day. So, take one day off and try to rest. Just take the necessary things from your essential box and enjoy your first night in your new apartment. You can even leave the rest of your belongings in the storage, so cleaning is easier. 

When you get rested, it is time to work. You should start as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the messier it will get. You definitely want to avoid clutter in your apartment from the fair beginning. If you do so, then it will be easier to follow the routine for the future. You might avoid it for good.

Vacuum cleaner inside an empty apartment.
Prepare yourself for a lot of cleaning!

How to actually avoid cluttering your apartment?

In addition, to avoid cluttering, there are a few steps that cannot be missed. For instance, cleaning. You will want to start with that one. But it is not only that, so get prepared. Moving costs for Brooklyn will probably be high enough, so try not to hire someone for this. It is a tiring process, but it is worth it. However, you will be the one enjoying yourself in your apartment as a result. Therefore, it is time to start.

  • If it’s possible to store all the belongings at least temporarily it would be perfect. You will want to clean the whole apartment completely when you move in, while it is still empty.
  • Check if you need some maintenance around the apartment before arranging it.
  • Start room by room when adding things. Do it carefully and make a plan beforehand in addition to avoid mess.
  • One of the main things that are perfect to avoid cluttering is to start recycling. Don’t use one trash can or trash bag for all your litter. Instead, you can take one full drawer, for instance, and make multiple cans for different purposes. You can make one for biowaste, one for plastic, glass, paper. This way not only you are avoiding clutter, but you are helping to save the planet too!
  • Avoid putting too much stuff in one place. Instead, make a place for everything. It will be easier to function as well.
  • Pay attention when you are arranging that you store all the belongings exactly around the place where you will use them. If you do otherwise, there is a big chance you leaving stuff around the apartment to avoid walking here and there. And that is leading to a mess.
  • Pay attention when adding things to the fridge.

Tips that can help you in the future

It needs only a few seconds to go from a perfect, tidy, and clean apartment to a messy and dirty one. It won’t be enough to pay attention to this only when you just enter your apartment and prepare it for living. You will have to worry about it all the time. But, with a few tips, you can prevent the mess.

  • Clean every day. Remove dust from shelves, vacuum clean and wipe the floors.
  • At least once a week do the full and complete cleaning.
  • Take the trash out regularly.
  • Don’t leave the stuff around the apartment. Take them back to their place after the use.
  • Setting up a landing strip in front of the door is a lifesaver to avoid cluttering!
  • Avoid using paper as much as possible.
  • Try to stop buying unnecessary things. It will prevent cluttering and also it is a money saver. There are better things to spend money on.
  • A small thing that can help a lot is staying on top of your mail. 
Tidy and clean kitchen and dining room with a vase with flowers on the table.
It is easier to work and function in a nice and clean apartment.

Keep your apartment tidy

Keeping your apartment tidy and clean is really important. Living in a mess is exhausting and can lead a life to bigger imperfections. First, it is your apartment, then you are becoming more unorganized in other things. Your job, for instance. That is why maintaining your apartment and cleaning it is important. The best secret for an organized home is a landing strip, so find ideas for decoration. Having a clean home will allow you to invite your friends over and feel good about it!

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