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How to burglar-proof your NYC home

One of the biggest fears we have is an intruder in your home. This is scary when you are home, and this is scary when you are not. Either way, it is an unwanted scenario. So, how does one go about preventing it? The only way to achieve this is if you burglar-proof your NYC home. But what does it meant to burglar-proof something? This is not an easy task, especially if you know nothing about this field.

It is not like you are going to go and find moving boxes Brooklyn. This would be easy. If you want to burglar-proof your NYC home you need to be systematic and you will need to invest some money. This article will hopefully at least give you an idea as to which way you should take this project. However, none of these investments should come as a challenge to you. Quite the contrary, it is your duty to make your home safe for you and your family. This is why there is no investment big enough to outweigh the benefits.

burglar-proof your NYC home with a reinforced door
A big strong door can stop almost any threat.

Burglar-proof your NYC home – first steps

Before anything else, you need to estimate the risk level you are facing. Are you in a bad neighborhood with a high number of break-ins, or are you someplace peaceful? This will dictate the level of security you wish to get. There is no need to invest thousands of dollars into something that could potentially be an overkill. So, before you go into taking these steps assess the situation. Potentially you will be able to skip some of the steps. We will cover a scenario where the risk is high, and hence if your neighborhood risk is lower – adjust accordingly.

Reinforce the door

The first step in this project would be to make sure all the entrance points are safe. This is the best way to burglar-proof your NYC home, and this one goes for all risk levels. Doors and windows are your entry points – and if these are tight and secure everything else can be skipped. Take this step as the most serious one, which is why we are placing it at the forefront of everything. This is best considered for the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn, as they are the biggest target.

Basically, if you do this step and ignore all others – you will be very safe. This becomes even easier if you are living in an apartment. The reason for this is the fact that you have only one door, and the windows are way above the ground making them inaccessible (unless you have a fire escape staircase right next to them). Houses become a bit more difficult given that they have, usually, two doors and a bunch of windows. However, regardless of the number of entry points, the procedure is the same. It is just a matter of how many times you will do it.

Doors and windows

Double glass windows are a thing, and they have proven to be extremely safe and durable. They are not only good as safety measures but also make sure that the temperature within the house stays longer. Meaning that you will keep heat in the winter, and coolness in the summer. This is a good investment on two fronts. It will take some money, and contractors to make this possible for you, but it is a lasting investment. And it is an investment that has multiple benefits.

house keys
Don’t lose the keys!

These contractors will have to break your walls in order to install these reinforced windows. After that, they will cement around them to make it all flawless. Just like a moving company would give you moving quotes Brooklyn, a contractor company will offer the same on their website (if you are wondering how much these things cost). They are not cheap, but they are not astronomical either.

The next thing is the door. The best door you can look for is the reinforced door that has metal bars across its surface (on the inside). It will have a single lock with a coded key that will move a dozen metal bars securing the door. This means that the door can never be kicked in due to the metal cage that hides inside of the wooden door. The door will be built into your home, and it will provide the highest protection you can hope for. The only problem is that if you lose the keys to your house – the procedure of replacing them is severe. So, make sure to keep them safe!

Install an alarm

The alarm is a good security measure, but not as much for its effects as much for its level of prevention. The thing is, the alarm has prevented more burglaries than it has stopped. The reason for this is the fact that when a burglar sees that the apartment is protected by an alarm – he will decide against getting in. Otherwise, the alarm can be extremely loud and can be programmed to contact the police immediately. This is brilliant for when you are out of town and you need the alarm taking care of everything for you.

A good alarm and a well-placed surveillance camera… Top of the line.

The alarm can inform the police but inform you as well. This could be a very effective way to burglar-proof your NYC home. In addition to this, you could install cameras (or even hidden cameras) that you can track from your smartphone. This is great to combine with the alarm system. Get a few hard-drives and you can have the images from the camera saved for a full year even! Cameras today come with night-vision, so you won’t be beaten by lack of light. Plus, the entire system has its own generators, so cutting the power will not prevent it from operating.


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