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How to change address when moving?

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There are a lot of responsibilities when it comes to moving. You need to hire a good moving company, arrange the move and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Then, you have to pack, unpack, check your stuff and so on. Moving is a big responsibility. But there are also some things that you need to do after moving. One of the most important things is to change address when moving. It’s not only so you can receive mail and bills. There are so many things tied to your address. And changing it is really important.

Why do you need to change address when moving?

There are many reasons why you would want to change address when moving. For one, you won’t be receiving any mail until you do. Even though most of it moved online in the past two decades, regular mail is still important. A lot of people still like sending birthday cards. Your older relatives probably prefer written mail over email. And most government institutions need your new address in case they need to contact you. Your bank also needs your current address so they can send you your new card when the current one expires. So, changing your address is important and you should do it as soon as you move.

pile of wrapped boxes that need to reach you after you change address when moving
You do not want to miss out your birthday cards and gifts because you didn’t change your address

Make sure everything is ready when you arrive

Living in an apartment without electricity, heating or even internet is no fun at all. Even for a day. That’s why it’s important to make sure that everything is ready for you. You should have everything already transferred to your new home before you move in. From electricity to cable and internet. Your garbage remove company should know where to come and get your moving leftovers. If you are downsizing rent cheap storage Brooklyn to save some of your items for later. If your new home needs any repairs you can hire people to take care of that before your move-in date. You want everything to be perfect from day one. You need to be able to feel comfortable in your new home.

Forward your mail from the old address

The first place to start when you change address when moving is the post office. If you are moving from NYC to Chicago for example, you will want your mail routed to you. That’s the way it’s important to notify the post office of the address change. That way all of your mail that is supposed to come to your old address will be forwarded to your new place. You can easily do it by filling an online form. The best time to do it is about a week before you move.

a pile of letters
Don’t forget to forward all your mail when you move

Notify the tax agencies

Agencies like the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency need you to update the address. It’s important to notify them of the address change so you don’t get in trouble later on. The IRS allows you to fill an online form in order to notify them of your new address. When it comes to your state tax agency, you should visit their website. Most states allow you to do it online as well.

Don’t forget Social Security Administration

If you are receiving social security benefits you need to change address when moving with SSA. In order to be able to still receive them, you need to notify them of the address change. The procedure is similar like with the IRS. Just complete an online form in order to change the address. Or you can give them a call and do it over the phone. Whichever works best for you.

security written on a screen
Notify your social security about your move

Notify your home or renters’ insurance agency

Another important thing is to change address when moving with your home or renters’ insurance agency. That way they will know where to transfer your policy too. Some landlords might want proof of transfer before you move in. So make sure you take care of that early on. You will need to call your agency to change the address. At the same time, it might be good to ask if your policy covers your belongings during the move. Most domestic and international moving companies NYC offer their insurance. But if you are already covered by your policy, you can save some money on it. And changing your address when moving won’t seem like a pointless hassle.

Other insurance agencies

Don’t forget to update your address with other insurance providers. Agencies that provide health or dental insurance also need your up to date address. Same goes for car insurance and life insurance. If your healthcare is through the federal marketplace you can change the address on HealthCare.gov website.

Gas and electric companies

Unless you want to move in the dark you need to notify your electric company of an address change. Same goes with your gas company. You will want to do this as soon as you know your new address. It might take some time for them to activate the service at a new address. And you don’t want to risk being without electricity and heating. The best practice is to schedule shut off date a day after you move out. If you are moving further away, to Atlantic City, for example, even a few days after you move out. Just in case you need to go back and pick something up. And make sure you have gas and electricity even before you step into your new place.

gilr using a laptop on table with coffee
You need to notify the companies that you are moving earlier

Other utilities

So many things get tied to your address that the list seems to go on forever. But when it comes to utilities, after gas and electricity, phone and internet should be next. Call your phone, internet and cable companies and notify them of the address change. Make sure you give them at least a week to set everything up. If you are able to even more. Sometimes companies might not offer services in the area you are moving to. For example, if you are moving from Brooklyn to Long Island, your cable company might not have the infrastructure at both places.

So make sure you check that. It’s best to call them as soon as you know your moving date. That way you can ensure that you have everything you need when you move in. There are also many other utilities that you might want to notify. Here are some of them:

  • Water Department
  • Sewer utility company
  • Garbage removal or recycle company

Bank and other card companies

Make sure you notify your bank of an address change. Even though most things are done online, banks still need your current address. When your credit card expires, your card company will need to send you a new one. And they can only do it by regular mail. In case you are moving to another country, you should check if your bank has a branch there. You might be able to transfer everything there and avoid the hassle of doing it all again. Also, don’t forget any other loyalty programs and cards you might have with specific stores. Cancel what you don’t need and, update what you still use.

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