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How to clean up your home after the move


From hiring U.Santini Moving & Storage to packing your belongings, there are many details you need to coordinate and do when you are relocating. So, it’s not easy to think about other moving-related tasks. However, one of the biggest tasks you need to do when you are moving is to make sure that your past and future homes are cleaned and ready for your relocation. You can’t leave a dirty house or apartment behind you. Cleaning a home before relocation doesn’t have any sense. Floors will get dirty from constantly going in and out of your home when loading a moving truck. Additionally, if it rains during your moving date, your floors will get dirty and wet. For this reason, you should clean up your home after the move.

Why do you need to clean up your home after the move? 

Cleaning is the first thing you need to do before the movers arrive and the last you need to do after moving companies NYC leave. You will create a mess during the packing process that is for sure. To minimize the cleaning time after your relocation, you can clean your home before your professional movers arrive. As said before, you shouldn’t clean floors before professional movers finish their job. Instead, you can clean the dust, wash windows, do the laundry, etc. Also, you need to clean some of your items before you pack them. You certainly don’t want to pack items with dust all over them. There will be enough dust in your new home anyway, so you don’t need to bring even more. Here is what you need to do before you move out:

  • Defrost the freezer 
  • Clean the oven and stove  
  • Scrub the kitchen 
  • Clean the bathroom 
an empty apartment with packed items
You will create a mess after packing your items

Cleaning before moving out 

If you are renting an apartment, make sure to clean your place if you want to return your security deposit. When you have a lot of items, think about selling or donating things you no longer need. But, if you want to keep them but you don’t have enough space, think about renting storage NYC. After you secure your items somewhere safe, you should start cleaning your home. If you cannot do it alone, consider hiring a cleaning service to come in. It all depends on how much time and money you have. If you are in a hurry and have a big home, you should then hire professional cleaning services. However, if you don’t want to or simply are not able to spend more money, you can ask your family and friends to help you out.

Where should you start when cleaning up your home after the move? 

 You should start your cleaning process by removing everything you no longer need. So, the first step is to remove the trash from your home. It can take some time to gather everything you don’t need. So, start doing it on time, don’t wait until the last minute. During the packing process, you will remove 90% of all the trash. If you don’t throTw trash while packing with international moving companies NYC, you will have a lot of work to do later. In case you hire professional cleaners, if you want them to throw away the garbage, you’ll pay them more. The main reason is that they are charging per hour, and removing the trash takes time. After, you should vacuum the house and clean the dust from every surface. Of course, you should first clean the dust and then vacuum.  

a blue picture with white man
Your first step when you want to clean up your home after the move is to gather all the trash

Vacuuming is half of the job when cleaning up your home after the move

You will not have to do much when you clean your home after the move if you vacuum and clean the floors and other surfaces now. The first portion of the cleaning task involves vacuuming the carpets and floors. The flooring and other surfaces do require a lot of time and work to be vacuumed. Therefore, you should think about hiring a cleaning service. You’ll not only save time and effort but the work will be done flawlessly. However, if this does not fit your budget currently, you can always do it by yourself. It may be a little bit tiring considering you have just moved, but it is not impossible. Unless you have a lot of carpets around, you may finish faster than expected.

How to clean and defrost your freezer? 

You probably didn’t think that you will have to defrost a fridge freezer during your relocation. However, you will have to do if you are going to move it or leave it in your current home. If you have never defrosted a fridge before, you should first get a large bowl, some old towels or cloths, and a clean cloth. The first step would be to unplug your fridge. Next is to take out everything from your fridge and then let the ice melt. Take out all the drawers and shelves and wash them in the sink. As the ice starts to melt, there will be water in the fridge that could spill out on the floor. For this reason, you should put a large bowl beneath the freezer and arrange an old towel around and inside the fridge to collect water.

Cleaning your bathroom

Even if the bathroom seems clean, you should not skip it after your relocation. You cannot be sure whether the people that lived here before you maintained an acceptable level of hygiene. For this reason, when you first move in, start from the bathroom. Give it a good scrub before you use it. You do not have to clean everything, but the toilet, sink, and shower are a must. These are the things you will use quite often, especially after the relocation. There is nothing better than relaxing and taking a shower after a long day of traveling. However, make sure to do it in the clean shower in order to prevent any pleasantries.

Keep your cleaning supplies at hand   

 If you want cleaning to be easy and fast you need to have appropriate moving cleaning supplies. Also, prepare and clean the items you will take with you as soon as possible. When you wipe and clean before the move, you will have an easier job after the move. So, you can just unpack and arrange your things in your new space. That’s why you should empty and clean all the furniture pieces and household appliances, so you can properly pack them and send them to your new home. Everything should be cleaned before your movers arrive. There are cleaning supplies you should have for your cleaning process. You need: glass cleaners, cleaning cloths, dusting cloths, soft scrubbers, disinfecting cleaners, different kinds of brushes, furniture polish, fabric protectors, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, a broom, a sponge, a bucket, rubber gloves, etc.  

you must have cleaning supplies to clean up your home after the move
You will have to get cleaning supplies

Cleaning your garage 

If you have a garage or some space where you are storing some things, clean it and throw away the garbage. Remove all the hazardous materials and sweep and clean the floor. Also, you can consider having a garage sale to get rid of anything you won’t use anymore. In this way, you will also increase your moving budget. You can organize this if you have enough time and energy. It is a good way to get rid of all the things you currently don’t need or use. However, you should only sell things that are in good condition but for a much cheaper price. Remember, this is not a time to earn the money, but rather, declutter your items and save money by not moving them.

Removing trash when you clean up your home after the move

It may take some time to begin collecting and discarding anything you don’t need. You should be aware of what to keep and what to throw away. Therefore, start right away and don’t wait until the last minute. Do not leave garbage removal until after you have finished cleaning your house. Ninety percent of the trash should be taken out during packing. This way, you will have less work for later if you toss trash away while packing. Even after moving in, you will still have to throw away all the packing and cleaning supplies. If your packing supply is in good condition, you can contact your moving company, donate, or simply reuse them. It is always better to recycle as opposed to simply throwing it away. On the other hand, you can only throw away all the used cleaning supplies.

Cleaning is something you will have to do 

When your last possessions have been loaded into the moving truck, make sure to clean one more time and the last time. When your home is empty it is much easier to clean surfaces and wipe them quickly and efficiently enough. Also, remember to clean task-by-task, not room-by-room. This method is much faster and more efficient. So, when you need to clean up your home after the move, follow these instructions and tips if you want to do it easier, faster, and more efficiently. 

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