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How to Deal with Homesickness After Moving


Moving is a long and difficult process. It’s easy to predict how it will affect you physically: you will be exhausted and sore. But moving also stirs up plenty of emotions. You will be excited, curious, happy, but also stressed, anxious, nostalgic. No matter how eager you are to start your life somewhere new, at some point you will miss your old home. This is perfectly normal and expected. So you should be prepared to deal with homesickness after moving. Knowing how to combat homesickness will make it easier to move on from your old life and build a happy new one.

What is homesickness?

Homesickness is defined as a feeling of longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it. We associate home with familiarity and stability. Moving on the other hands brings with it a lot of new things and a lot of change. So it’s no surprise that we feel homesick when we move especially when we are becoming home-owners for the very first time.

We all experience homesickness differently. For some, it can be debilitating. For others, it’s just fleeting. The way we deal with homesickness after moving is therefore also very personal and individual.

Woman on bad with her face hidden in her arms.
Dealing with homesickness is a part of moving.

Symptoms of homesickness

Homesickness includes a wide variety of symptoms such as:

  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • loneliness and social withdrawal
  • feeling different, alienated and alone
  • missing things, people and places associated with home
  • a general feeling of otherness and not belonging
  • a negative outlook on life
  • a decrease in motivation, especially to try new things
  • thinking about your old home excessively

You may experience all of these symptoms or you may experience only a few. They may be constant or they may come in waves or they may be triggered by specific events. It’s all perfectly normal.

Why do we feel homesick?

We feel homesick before, during and after major changes in our lives. These changes trigger nostalgia for what we are used to and familiar with. While moving is a major cause of homesickness, the feeling can be caused by other things like changing schools, jobs or roommates. The bigger the change, the more likely you are to feel homesick. An international move, for example, is certain to give you some serious anxiety. But don’t worry – international moving companies NYC are there to help you through this process too!

When do we feel homesick?

Homesickness is usually associated with the period immediately after moving home somewhere new. But you may first experience it much sooner than that. Anxiety can start as early as when you hire your chosen movers in Brooklyn. And it can last much longer than a few weeks. So don’t be surprised by random bursts of nostalgia in the weeks leading up to the move or even years following it.

How to deal with homesickness after moving: a two-front battle

There are two ways to approach how you deal with homesickness after moving. One of them is to stay in touch with the place you are missing. The other is to dedicate yourself to creating and building a new life you can be excited about.

Don’t forget your old place

No matter how many wonderful new places you discover in your new home, you will always feel a connection to the one you left behind. There’s no use fighting this so don’t even try to cut all ties immediately. Instead, accept that you miss your old home and try to stay in touch with it in little ways.

Keepsakes from your old life

Keeping things that remind you of your old house can make your new place feel like home faster. Take your favorite artwork or throw pillows, hang the same curtains you had in your old bedroom or frame a family photo from your old house. Focus especially on things of sentimental value like photographs and souvenirs. It’s an easy way to decorate and will make you feel more anchored in a new home while keeping you connected to the old one.

Photo album with two old photos.
Bring sentimental items from your old home to help you deal with homesickness after moving.

Stay in touch with old friends

Moving on from a place doesn’t have to mean moving on from the people you met there. So stay in touch with the friends and family you left behind. Follow their social media, text them, send emails and give them a call every once in a while. This will remind you of the love and support you still have, regardless of where you live.

Start your life anew

A big part of moving house is starting over. Your first month somewhere new can be hard while you get your bearings. You’ll have a new home, new job, new routine, and new friends. While this may seem daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Throw yourself into your new life – the more you embrace it, the sooner you’ll feel at home in it!

Meet new people

You need a support system wherever you go. So get on building a new network of people in your new home. Go out whenever you can and don’t say no to invitations from acquaintances or colleagues. And when you get tired from the partying, you can always use social media to make new connections. The possibilities are endless and having friends will help you deal with homesickness after moving.

Three people at a cocktail party.
Meeting new people is good for you.

Meet the new place

When you’re missing your old home, you sometimes forget that you moved for a reason. So go out and discovered the beautiful and exciting things your new home has to offer. Falling in love with the place will help you miss the old one less.

Let yourself feel homesick, but don’t let it consume you

Finally, remember that having to deal with homesickness after moving is perfectly normal because homesickness is perfectly normal. So let yourself feel homesick. There’s nothing wrong with missing a place you once called home and a routine that was your life. Cut yourself some slack and be sad, be angry, stay in to wallow in your misery for one night. Just don’t let the sadness take over. Acknowledge it, feel it and then let it go.

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