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How to disinfect your living space


An important and necessary part of a healthy life is a clean home. This means that every once in a while you should completely disinfect your living space. We will be explaining everything you should know when dealing with such extra cleaning.

Why you should disinfect your living space?

Disinfecting is just regular cleaning but it is a process that requires chemicals and kills all bacteria and germs. This is not something you should do all of the time, just once in a while. Why is disinfecting important? Let’s take the moving process as an example. When you move, the first thing you do is pack your things and find a moving truck Brooklyn to transfer your boxes. Once the transfer has been completed or even before the boxes arrive, you clean your new living space. We recommend after the transfer has been completed because moving boxes and belongings is a filthy and dusty job.

Toilet-disinfect your living space
You don’t know how many people have used the toilet in your new home. That is the number one reason for you to disinfect your living space.

Now, why is it so important that you don’t just clean but disinfect your new home?

  1. You don’t know how long has it been since the last cleaning of the apartment. If it is new, it has never been cleaned.
  2. If someone lived in this home before you, they could have been neglecting the apartment or house. The longer someone doesn’t clean the living space, the more germs and bacteria spread.
  3. Moving requires a lot of people and that means that many will be entering your home with filthy boxes and shoes.
  4. Bugs and rats are a common thing in the city, especially in spaces where people aren’t present and that is reason enough to disinfect your living space. This is a common situation if you are taking back some stuff that you had in storage. Rats often end up inside of boxes. If you hire good storage companies NYC, this will not be a problem.
  5. In current times, the world is battling a virus that spreads quickly. This is one more reason for disinfection.

Protection during disinfection, yes or no?

We have mentioned that good disinfection requires chemicals and you know that can harm the environment let alone your skin. Not to mention that water can dry your skin so this is a double problem. If you have sensitive skin then you must be even more cautious. Breathing in chemicals can cause serious problems and if nothing else, your head can start to hurt or you could even get ill if you are very sensitive by nature. Therefore, protection during disinfection, yes or no? Definitely a yes!

Gloves are essential, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Protection, yes! But – how?

The first and most important thing is to wear gloves while working with such harmful substances. This way, your skin is protected and is not in direct contact with the chemicals. The best gloves are those that are elbow high and made out of thick rubber. To avoid breathing in any chemicals, you must wear a mask. Of course, you cannot avoid the chemicals completely, but you can lower the damage to a minimum. Another recommendation is to be as quick as possible. A disinfection process takes time and effort but you should try to make it fast so you spend less time hanging out with chemicals and more time hanging out in your disinfected living space. Also, one more good advice is to use a lot of water. When the disinfection kills the bacteria, you can wash the excess chemicals with it. Let’s summarise and add:

  1. Wear gloves and a mask
  2. Be as fast as possible
  3. Use water if said so on the bottle
  4. Open all windows so you can have fresh air at all times and not let the chemicals linger in the air.
  5. Drink water, a lot of water!

How to properly disinfect your living space

There is a certain way to disinfect your living space, it is not just spraying and wiping. If not done properly, you can do more damage. Here is a step by step guide on what to keep in mind and do:

  • First, protect yourself in ways previously mentioned.
  • Choose the least harmful chemicals.
  • Also, choose chemicals according to surfaces. You cannot use the same substances for wooden floors and bathroom tiles.
  • Read the instructions on the bottles. There are cleaning substances that are to be used in a certain way and no other. Some should be washed with cold water, some with hot. Some do not even require water but should be wiped with a cloth.
  • If the cleaning chemicals are in spray bottles, avoid getting them everywhere.
  • Make sure that you are alone so the process can be fast, without any obstacles, and successful.
  • Once you are done, take a shower to wash away any chemicals that have stuck to your skin and throw your clothes in the dirty laundry.
  • Do not try to disinfect furniture such as armchairs and couches, there are companies with professional tools for such disinfection.

Why is this the proper way?

Following the step by step instructions on how to disinfect and how to protect yourself will certainly help you. Know that this is just cleaning but with harsher substances and it is much more thorough. We should emphasize, again, the following… Disinfecting is done with harmful chemicals, it is useful and should be done once in a while but not often. Once disinfected, your living space should just regularly be cleaned as it normally would be. There are only certain situations that require disinfection immediately, situations like a move, as we have previously mentioned. Also, remember that calling the right moving company can maybe even avoid the disinfection. All of this, and other safety reasons we have mentioned, explain why it is the proper way.

Make sure you use proper disinfection products for each surface.

You know what to do!

We hope that you have read all of the instructions carefully, ours, and the ones on the bottles! If you follow them, you will have no problem with having a perfectly clean environment. Now you know why it is so important to disinfect your living space, and you know how to properly do it without any problems or consequences. We wish you good luck!

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