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How to file a complaint against movers

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One of the most exciting and positive events in one’s life is relocating home. As all things have two sides, moving is also one of them. In many cases moving is a wonderful experience. On the other hand, there are some things in the whole process of moving that might cause stress. Putting all the efforts in organizing a move is very important. Having a good moving plan, finding moving boxes and packing items are just some of the tasks. Nevertheless, some things one cannot predict and this usually refers to the work of the moving companies. And your satisfaction with their services. As this is a common thing, in this article we will try to give you advice on how to file a complaint against movers.

First and foremost

The process of moving is a big bite, and should not be taken for granted. That is the reason why you should gather all the possible information about the relocation process. And not only about all the possible moving costs, but about the inconveniences that might occur. These setbacks usually happen on the side of the moving company, but if also often is the case that the fault lies on our end for not reading carefully the policies and contracts. Similarly, some of us just do not devote too much time and importance in finding a reliable mover. Good preparation is a crucial part of every good moving. However, as the is always a chance that some things might go wrong for whatever reason, we should be ready to find a way to resolve them.

Researching and gathering information can help you a lot in process of moving
Gathering information is from the crucial importance

Choosing the right moving company

When talking about our own mistakes, the biggest one we can make in moving is on the process of choosing a moving company. Safety of your possessions is more important than the price when it comes to relocation. You can save money but some possessions to whom you are attached emotionally, you will not be able to have back. Damages are highly likely to occur in cases when moving long-distance. In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, we strongly recommend you to hire reliable long distance movers Brooklyn. It would be almost impossible to have any bad experiences with professionals showing great dedication to customers. Their knowledge and extensive experience in the business are a guarantee that you will get the high-quality of services.

Reasons why you should want to file a complaint against movers

Complaining about the lack of quality services from a moving company to your friends will not change anything. A formal complaint is what might help you if you end up having to deal with such an unpleasant scenario. Below are several legit reasons when you should file a complaint against movers:

Late delivery

Movers are late on the time set for taking your possessions or your delivery is late to the destination point. This can happen because of the weather conditions or traffic jams. So first check with your moving company what is happening. Explain to them that, reasonably, you have inconvenience by late delivery. You should intend to get compensation for the lost time and extra expenses.

Damages of your possessions

Check all your boxes and belongings as soon as they deliver them to your home for any damages. Do not fill the Bill of Lading if you see that something is missing or that something has damages. File a complaint to your moving company immediately. If you have insurance of your goods, the process for complaining will be easier.

Overcharging and bypassing the contract is the biggest reason to file a complaint against movers

Before you select a moving company try to get the information about all the details. Some of the companies have different scamming techniques to charge you extra money. Most common situations when they are demanding more money is unexpected difficulties during the transport. The worst scenario is that will not deliver your items unless you pay more money.

Overcharging and bypassing the contract are the reasons to file a complaint against movers
Some moving companies are using different techniques to overcharge you

Non-professional behavior

Do not be satisfied with the bad services and non-professional behavior. If you see that movers handle your items carelessly, report that. The other situation when you should react is when they are causing minor or not so minor damages to your items. Also, you can make a complaint if the movers are not providing proper protection to your home. And if you believe that moving items can cause damages. Showing disrespect or rudeness to you is one more thing to file a complaint. Also, prolonging, on purpose, the time of moving is an attempt to charge you more.

What are the steps to follow to file a complaint against movers?

In order to resolve the issue with your moving company, these are the steps that you should follow.

  • File a complaint with your moving company – Contact the company and try to resolve the issue directly. Provide as much evidence as possible, including photos, documentation etc. If you receive a negative response, follow other steps.
  • Write and post your review for the moving company– Moving reviews are very important in choosing the company. Use this opportunity to explain your situation and rate the movers accordingly.
  • Put your complaint on movingscam.com – You can also register your complaint on this website so that everyone can be aware of the companies that one should avoid.
  • File a complaint against movers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – In case your moving company is not reacting to your inquiries, file a complaint against them with the FMSCA. This procedure will require the company to acknowledge your claim and up to 120 days to resolve the issue. You can also log a complaint with the Department of Transportation (DOT).
By writing review you can help others to avoid the same issues with the moving company
Write your review and rate the moving company

Few more steps that will help you to file a complaint against movers

  • File a moving claim with American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) – One more way to claim your rights as a customer is by contacting the AMSA. Visit their website and submit a complaint about your moving company. They will ask you to fill in the Request for Arbitration Form, in case you have evidence that your belongings have damages after the moving.
  • Better Business Bureau – Inform BBB about the issue, and they will contact the moving company within the next 48 hours with an inquiry. The company will have 14 days to respond to your claim. It is good to know that BBB resolves claims against moving companies in about a month.
  • Put your case to the small claims court – Before putting your claim in the small court, have in mind that fees might be big. Even bigger than the compensation that you might get from your movers. But, if the results of other formal complaints do not satisfy you, this one is also an option.
To file a complaint against movers you can put it on the small claims court
    Putting a complaint on a small claims court

Everything can be resolved

As you can see, even if it happens you encounter a bad experience with the moving companies there is always a way to resolve it. We hope that this article helped you in getting familiar with the existing procedures on how to file a complaint against movers. But let not this be something that will despair you, take it just as a precaution. Let your’s moving to Brooklyn be the start of something great. You will be thrilled how many things this place can provide. We wish you all the best.

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