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How to find reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn


Having your own business means that you have already learned that the right space is everything. Your office space should be used as much as possible since otherwise, it’s just – a waste of money. Furthermore, your office space affects the atmosphere and the productivity of employees. Sometimes, some extra space is necessary, to store things that you don’t need regularly. To be as productive and effective as possible, an office that is tidy and not crowded is a must. That’s why getting a  good Brooklyn storage for your business is a great idea. You can find inexpensive and, at the same time reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn and solve all your space problems!

What are the reasons to get business storage?

The first that comes to mind when you think of storage are boxes of papers and documents. You have them in your office and move them around when you don’t know what to do with them. Business storage solutions offer you the chance to get rid of these boxes. You will have them on hand, but they will not take up your valuable office space. Just be sure to protect, pack and label these boxes carefully. This way they will be safe and ready for you to use anytime. On that note, make sure to hire the best movers who make finding moving boxes Brooklyn provides easy and reliable. This will remove a lot of stress from your move!

Moving or redecorating office space means you maybe bought new equipment, like new computers, cameras or furniture. But it would be a shame to throw away your old items. You can reuse them later or even sell them. But of course, you need a space to store them since they can no longer be in your office. This is when a good storage solution comes in handy. It can store your items until you decide what to do with them. Sometimes, old hard drives or surveillance systems include important information that you can’t get rid of. In this case, you will need a good business storage solution.

store your boxes at reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn
Store your boxes at reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn!

How many times have you seen a great offer or deal on some office products or supplies, but you couldn’t buy as many as you wanted? Free space is always a problem in these situations. Having business storage, you don’t have to pass on these opportunities, and you can stock up on supplies and save some money.

How to choose a good business storage

Business storage Brooklyn offers you a variety of choices. They also come in different sizes, so how to choose which one will be the best for you? Depending on your business type and size, you need to choose a business storage space accordingly. And you also need to think about the price. There are some things that every business storage solution needs to have:

  1. Space for your bulky items – there are some items that you need to remove from your office but are too big to take them home. These include bulky furniture like couches, armchairs, fridges, etc. The business storage facility that you choose should include a space for items like this and a way to store them properly.
  2. Inventory list – a reliable business storage solution in Brooklyn should provide you with a detailed list of items that are taken in. This is very important to ask about when making a deal with the storage company. This way you will avoid possible problems if you decide to leave the storage space and take your things. Every item should be on the list with a short description of how it looks and in which conditions it is taken in.
  3. Climate-controlled storage rooms – if you plan on storing some electronics in the storage facility, this is very important to think about. Computers and surveillance cameras can be damaged if stored in too hot, too cold, or wet places.  So just keeping your items somewhere is not enough, but you need to think about the conditions they will be kept in.

How to be sure that you found reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn?


A trustworthy and reliable storage company should offer a good deal. But you need to be careful if you get attracted to a suspiciously low price. A price that is far below a general pricing range in Brooklyn can be a signal to avoid that company. This way you will avoid potential problems and scams. The best way is to contact popular, experienced moving services Brooklyn and check their offer. It would effective to contact a couple of them and compare the pricing and storage units.

a man holding money
Keep in mind that a low price can be suspicious!


When you visit a business storage solution to find quality and cheap storage in New York, check their security level. Reliable business storage should have enough security cameras. It is also good to check if those cameras cover the whole unit space you rent, so you can be calm about the items you store in there. Moreover, the storage unit should be secured with enough lights, safety fences, and locks. All of these things should be checked and tested carefully.


Read your contract with care. Usually, these storage companies offer rents on a monthly basis, so check if that is okay with you. Maybe it is not good to sign a long-term contract because if something is not good, it will be hard to change it. So reading your contract carefully is the first step in finding reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn.

a contract
Make sure to read the contract thoroughly before signing it!


Not all reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn offer 24/7 accessibility to the units, and that is okay. But if you need this option, search for the ones that do offer this. If they seem suspicious on occasions when you should visit the unit, avoid that storage.

Read reviews

The best way to find out information about a storage facility is to read other people’s experiences. You can, of course, ask your friends, relatives, and business partners about their experience with storage units. They can recommend or warn you about some facilities. Another source is on the internet, so you should take the time and read comments about a particular storage facility on customer-experience-based websites.

Finding reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn means finding a reliable moving company!

In order for you to find reliable business storage solutions you first must find a trustworthy moving company! Now how do you do that? Easy, follow the next steps when you are in the process of choosing your movers. This can help you choose a reliable moving company:

  • Hire local movers
  • Get free quotes
  • Check the companies license
  • Be aware of scammers

Hire local movers

It is much easier to find out everything you need to know about a moving company if they are based in your area. Remember to always ask around and read reviews of your potential movers. Another thing you can do is visit their office and check their moving equipment. Try not to meet your movers for the first time on moving day. This will help you gain insight into your moving company. And hopefully, reassure your decision! If you are moving a business make sure to hire the best corporate movers NYC has to offer! You will not regret your decision.

a local mover guaranteeing reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn
Hiring local movers that a family member or a friend recommend is always a safe choice!

Get quotes from multiple companies

All moving companies offer free quotes. However, make sure that you get your quote in a written statement before you sign any moving contracts. Plus, get a few quotes from different companies. This will help you compare your options and choose the one that best suits your budget! Remember to watch out! If a company offers you a low estimate, especially over the phone, it is probably just a scam to pull you in.

Always check the company’s license

All the quality and reliable movers have their number that is issued by the Department of Transportation. To make sure your movers are licensed ask them to provide you with their DOT number.  That is not all, a fully licensed moving company must also have a carrier number. This number comes from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials. Only sign the moving contract when you have checked out both of these numbers!

Watch out for scammers

Even though scams in the moving industry rarely happen, it doesn’t mean that they do not exist! One of the usual signs of moving scams is the requirement for deposits before the move. Even though moving companies usually require you to give them a deposit, it never exceeded 20% of the total moving quote. Therefore, if the moving companies ask you for large sums of money to deposit before the move. It is probably a scam and you should find a new moving company right away.

Even though scams are rare – never let your guard down!

The bottom line of finding reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn

After you do some thorough research with all the things mentioned above in mind. You will be ready to filter all the moving and storage companies and choose the most reliable business storage solutions in Brooklyn. One thing is sure hiring U.Santini Moving & Storage will guarantee a safe and smooth move. Good luck with your upcoming relocation! 

These guys are TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We've now moved with them twice (once in 2017 and then again this week) and we really can't say enough good things about them. Simi is incredibly easy to work with for scheduling and quotes, and the crews - John, Super Mario, and everyone - are just awesome. They're quick, incredibly careful and conscientious, and super friendly. If we ever move again (and god I hope we don't have to) we're absolutely calling them.

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