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How to Get Good Movers in August and September. The Busiest Moving Time of the Year


Most people agree that summer is the best time to move. The weather is fairly reliable, more homes and apartments are available to choose from, and more daylight hours to work with. For these reasons and more, summer is the busiest time of year to move. More people moving means more demand for NYC moving companies, trucks, and storage space services. What can you do to get good movers in August and September? The following tips can help.

Reconnect with Previous Movers for Enhanced Service

When you’re aiming to get good movers in August and September, revisiting your past relationships can be advantageous. If you’ve moved before, consider reaching out to the movers you previously used. This connection could streamline your transition, especially when moving to New York, where the logistics can be complex. To begin with, contact your old moving company. Inform them of your upcoming move. Existing relationships often lead to better service as companies value repeat customers. Discuss your specific needs for moving to New York. Mention your previous experience with them to reinforce the relationship. This familiarity can make negotiations smoother and more favorable.

trying to get good movers in August and September
The best way to get good movers in August and September is to check with your old movers

Ask about loyalty discounts or preferred customer benefits. Many companies offer special rates or services to returning customers. This can be especially helpful during peak moving seasons when rates are typically higher. Evaluate their availability and willingness to accommodate your schedule. Since they understand your expectations and have a history of serving you, they might be more flexible with their logistics. If they can’t assist directly, request referrals. They might recommend other reputable movers within their network. This referral comes with an implicit level of trust based on your history with them.

Broaden Your Search to Secure Reliable Movers During Peak Season

When you need to get good movers in August and September, the busiest months for relocations, looking beyond your immediate area can open up new possibilities. Instead of restricting your choices to local NYC movers, exploring regional or even national moving companies can be a smart move. These firms often have a wider pool of resources and greater scheduling flexibility, which can be a significant advantage when local options are stretched thin. Expanding your search geographically allows you to compare a broader range of services and pricing, ensuring you find a solution that aligns with your specific moving needs. With their extensive networks, national movers can sometimes provide more competitive rates due to the scale of their operations. They are equipped to handle long-distance logistics seamlessly, which can reduce the stress of coordinating complex interstate moves.

Furthermore, larger moving companies frequently have advanced scheduling systems and more robust customer service frameworks. This means they can offer more precise moving dates and are better prepared to handle any issues that might arise during the move. With more trucks and crews available, these companies are less likely to face the kind of overbookings that can plague smaller local outfits during peak seasons. When considering non-local movers, it’s important to vet their credentials and reviews thoroughly. Ensure they have a solid track record of reliability and customer satisfaction, particularly during high-demand periods. Checking their licensure and insurance is also crucial to ensure that your belongings are protected throughout the move.

unloading a truck after trying to get good movers in August and September
Look for movers in nearby places

Optimize Your Moving Schedule for Better Options

Flexibility with your moving dates can significantly enhance your ability to get good movers in August and September. During these peak times, locking into a single date can limit your choices. By offering a range of potential moving days, you open up a broader selection of reputable movers, including specialized long distance NYC movers, who might otherwise be fully booked. This approach not only increases your chances of securing a better service but also often results in more competitive pricing. Movers may have gaps in their schedules that need filling, particularly during weekdays or mid-month dates when demand dips slightly compared to weekends and month-ends. By aligning your schedule with these gaps, you can tap into potentially lower rates and avoid the rush.

When you contact moving companies, clearly communicate your date flexibility. This lets them provide options that might not be available for fixed-date moves. It also positions you as a cooperative client, which can lead to more favorable service terms. Ensure to discuss the range of dates early in the conversation to steer the planning process effectively. Moreover, this flexibility allows you to negotiate with multiple companies simultaneously, giving you the leverage to choose the best offer based on cost, services, and customer reviews. It’s advisable to confirm the mover’s credentials and past customer feedback, especially regarding their ability to manage schedules and handle belongings with care.

Consider Off-Peak Hours for a Smoother Move

Choosing early morning or late evening times for your relocation can be a strategic approach to get good movers in August and September. During these months, moving companies are overwhelmed with requests. However, off-peak hours are often less congested, providing more flexibility and availability. Scheduling your move during these times not only increases the likelihood of securing a mover but also often results in a more efficient process. Traffic is lighter, which can significantly reduce transit times from your old place to your new home. This efficiency is particularly beneficial when working with local Brooklyn movers, as navigating through less crowded streets can speed up the entire move.

Trying to get good movers in August and September in the evening
Being able to move in the morning and evenings will give you more chances to secure good movers

When contacting moving companies, specifically inquire about the availability of moves during early mornings or late evenings. Many companies are willing to accommodate these requests as it allows them to optimize their schedule and utilize their workforce effectively across more jobs. This time flexibility can also lead to potential cost savings. Some movers offer discounted rates for off-peak hours to encourage bookings that might otherwise go unfilled. Always verify whether there are different rates for various times of the day and choose what best fits your budget and schedule. Additionally, moving during non-standard hours can reduce the stress often associated with daytime moves. You’ll face fewer disruptions and have more immediate access to your new property, allowing for a smoother unpacking and settling process.

Secure Your Move by Booking in Advance

To get good movers in August and September, initiating your search well before your planned move date is a wise strategy. As the demand for movers reaches its peak during these months, early booking becomes a practical necessity. This is especially true if you’re considering international moving companies in NYC, who require more intricate scheduling and logistical planning than local moves. Begin by determining your moving date as early as possible. As soon as this date is set, begin reaching out to moving companies. Booking several months in advance not only secures a spot on their busy calendars but also gives you a wider selection of companies to choose from. This early engagement provides you with the leverage to negotiate better rates and select a mover that best fits your specific needs.

An advance booking also allows you more time to research and vet potential movers. You can thoroughly review their customer feedback, check their credentials, and ensure they offer the services you need without rushing your decision. This period also provides ample time for in-home estimates, which are crucial for obtaining a realistic quote and avoiding any last-minute surprises regarding costs. Moreover, securing a mover early reduces the stress often associated with last-minute arrangements. It ensures that all details are ironed out well ahead of time, allowing for a smoother and more controlled moving experience. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the logistics are handled, and you can focus on other aspects of your move.

using calendar to get good movers in August and September
Be flexible with dates

Leverage Moving Brokers for Efficient Relocation

Using a moving broker can be a strategic choice to get good movers in August and September, particularly when direct options seem scarce. A moving broker acts as a middleman, connecting you with reliable Brooklyn residential movers who can meet your specific moving needs and schedule. First, select a reputable broker. Look for one with a track record of transparency and positive customer feedback. A good broker will have a broad network of movers and be knowledgeable about their availability and specialties. This connection can be invaluable during the busy moving season when direct contact with suitable movers can be challenging. Discuss your moving requirements and timeline with the broker. They can swiftly navigate their network to match you with a moving company that fits your logistical needs and adheres to your budget constraints.

Moreover, brokers often have access to better rates due to their ongoing relationships with moving companies. They negotiate deals regularly and can sometimes secure services at a lower cost than you might obtain on your own. However, it’s important to understand the broker’s fee structure upfront to ensure there are no hidden costs. Always verify the credentials of both the broker and the movers they recommend. Ensure that the movers are licensed and insured, providing an additional layer of security for your belongings. This due diligence is crucial to ensure that your move is not only cost-effective but also safe and reliable.

Tap Into Last-Minute Cancellations for Affordable Moving Options

When trying to get good movers in August and September, considering last-minute cancellations can be a savvy move. This approach often leads to securing services from cheap movers in NYC who are looking to fill sudden gaps in their schedules. Stay proactive. Contact moving companies and express your flexibility regarding move dates. Let them know you can take up slots that become available due to cancellations. This readiness to act quickly often positions you favorably with movers eager to maintain a full schedule. Keep regular communication. Check in with your preferred movers as your moving period approaches. A simple call or email can keep you top of mind, increasing your chances of being notified about any last-minute openings.

Using laptop to find good movers
Check every day to find last-minute cancelations

Take advantage of these opportunities. Movers may offer reduced rates to fill their schedules last minute. This can be a golden opportunity to secure moving services at a lower cost than typically offered during these peak months. Ensure you’re prepared. Have your belongings packed and ready to go. This preparation allows you to move swiftly when a moving company confirms a slot. Being ready at short notice benefits the movers and streamlines your relocation process.

Harness Social Media to Find Reliable Movers

Utilizing social media is a dynamic way to get good movers in August and September. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not just for connecting with friends; they can also be a resource for finding reputable moving services, including cheap movers in Brooklyn. Start by posting on your social media accounts. Ask your network for recommendations. People often share their positive experiences and can direct you to reliable movers they’ve used. This personal endorsement adds a level of trust that you won’t find through simple online searches. Join local community groups. Many neighborhoods have Facebook groups or forums where locals exchange services and recommendations. Post your requirements and see what others suggest. These local insights can be incredibly valuable, especially for finding companies that might not be as prominent in search engine results.

Monitor moving companies’ social media profiles. Companies often post special deals or announce last-minute availability directly through their social media channels. Following a range of companies enhances your chances of catching these opportunities. Engage directly. Don’t hesitate to message companies on these platforms. Many businesses are responsive on social media, providing another channel through which you can obtain quotes or check availability.

social media
Use social media to find unexpected opportunities

Explore Pod-Type Moving Solutions for Flexibility

Considering pod-type movers is an effective strategy to get good movers in August and September, especially when traditional moving services are fully booked. These portable moving containers offer a flexible and convenient alternative. With pod-type moving solutions, you receive a container delivered directly to your doorstep. You load your belongings at your own pace, without the rush. Once loaded, the company transports the container to your new location. This method gives you control over the packing process and timing. These containers vary in size, so you can choose one that fits your needs. This flexibility is ideal for those who may need more time to sort and pack their items thoroughly. It also reduces the stress of having everything ready on a single day.

Furthermore, using a portable container can be a cost-effective option. You avoid the higher costs associated with peak moving season rates charged by full-service movers. Also, you save by not having to rent a Brooklyn moving truck and drive it yourself. Be sure to compare different providers and their pricing structures. Look at their delivery, pickup, and transport processes. Check customer reviews to gauge reliability and service quality. Finally, consider the location logistics. Make sure there is sufficient space at your current and new locations for the container. Some urban areas may have restrictions on where and how long you can keep a container parked.

Prioritize Essential Moving Services for Efficiency

When planning to move in the busy months of August and September, full-service movers are hard to come by, so focusing on key services can be a practical solution. Consider hiring movers for specific tasks such as loading and transportation, while managing the packing and unpacking yourself. This approach allows you to still benefit from the expertise of professional movers without the need for a comprehensive service package. It makes good use of the limited availability of movers during peak season. You handle the packing at your own pace, preparing everything ahead of time. This preparation reduces the workload for the moving day, making the process quicker and potentially cheaper. Hiring movers for only the physically demanding parts of the move—loading and driving—can also minimize the risk of injury or damage that comes from handling heavy items yourself. It ensures that your belongings are safely transported by professionals.

moving truck
Do the part of the move by yourself and hire movers just for transport

Additionally, focusing on these essential services can be more cost-effective. Many full packing service NYC movers provide offer customizable options that allow you to choose only the services you really need. By not opting for the full packing service, you might significantly cut down on costs. To implement this strategy, identify movers offering flexible service options. Discuss your needs and see how they can accommodate the loading and transportation while you take care of the packing. Ensure you understand the pricing and any potential additional fees for services like disassembly or appliance handling.

Smart Negotiation: Tailoring Mover Services to Your Needs

In the peak moving months of August and September, it’s wise to negotiate for specific services if you encounter limited availability. Focus on securing help for the most demanding tasks, such as furniture disassembly and heavy lifting. Identify your most challenging moving tasks first. These often include handling large furniture or delicate items. Once you pinpoint these tasks, approach movers with a clear request. Ask them to focus on these areas if they cannot commit to a full-service move. This negotiation tactic not only ensures that you get professional help where you need it most but also optimizes the use of available mover resources. Movers often have slots where they can fit in specific tasks without committing to a full move. This can be a win-win situation.

Discuss this flexibility with movers who offer packing services in Brooklyn. They might be able to allocate a crew for a few hours rather than a full day. Be upfront about your needs and limitations. Transparency helps both parties manage their expectations and resources effectively. Also, be prepared to adjust your budget. While you may save money by reducing the scope of services, specialized tasks like disassembly and heavy lifting can be more costly per hour. However, this approach can still be more cost-effective than a full-service move.

taping a moving box
Check whether movers can send a packing crew earlier

Explore Newly Established Movers for Availability and Value

In the quest to get good movers in August and September, considering newly established companies can be a beneficial strategy. These businesses often have more openings in their schedule and might propose competitive rates to attract customers and build their reputation. Start by researching movers that have recently entered the market. These companies are eager to establish a strong client base and may go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Their motivation can translate into personalized service and attention to detail. Ask about their credentials and experience. Even new companies should have properly trained staff and the necessary licenses. Review any available customer feedback or testimonials. Initial reviews can provide insights into their reliability and quality of service.

Negotiate on price and services. Newer companies might be more flexible in their pricing to secure early business. This can lead to significant savings on your Brooklyn moving cost. Discuss various service options and see if there are any special promotions or discounts available. Ensure they offer the specific services you need. New companies might also be more adaptable to your specific requirements, providing customized solutions that established movers might not offer. This can include different moving times, additional packing services, or handling special items.

Utilize Business Directories for Comprehensive Mover Options

To get good movers in August and September, broaden your search beyond digital platforms. Exploring local business directories can reveal valuable options not immediately visible online. This approach is particularly useful when planning on moving to Brooklyn, a place where local knowledge counts. Begin with printed and online business directories. These resources often list smaller or newer moving companies that might not appear in top search engine results. Local movers listed here may have established reputations within the community. Investigate these companies further. Look for reviews or testimonials in these directories. Local feedback is especially relevant, as it reflects the experiences of residents in your target area. This can provide assurance about the quality of service and reliability.

woman using phone
Use business directories to find movers

Reach out directly. Contact these movers to discuss their services and availability. Direct communication can give you a clearer sense of their customer service approach and flexibility. Ask about specific needs related to your move to Brooklyn. Compare these findings with those from other sources. Assess their service offerings, pricing, and customer satisfaction levels. This comprehensive view helps in making an informed decision. Finally, use this information to choose a mover that aligns with your requirements and budget. Selecting a company with a solid local reputation can lead to a smoother moving experience.

Enhance Your Moving Options by Offering a Higher Fee

In the August and September competitive season, offering to pay more can be a strategic move to secure quality movers. This tactic can make your job more appealing to moving companies during this high-demand period. Start by researching the moving quotes Brooklyn movers offer during these months. This gives you a baseline to understand the premium you might offer. When you reach out to movers, mention that you are willing to pay above the standard rate for their services. Be clear and upfront about your budget flexibility. This can prioritize your move in their schedule.

Discuss what extra payment would cover. It could ensure the availability of more skilled workers, faster service, or additional moving resources. Specify your expectations in return for the higher fee. Negotiate directly with decision-makers. Talk to managers or owners who have the authority to customize service options based on your offer. This direct communication can lead to better outcomes. Be prepared for a quick decision. Movers might require immediate confirmation if they are adjusting their schedules or allocating extra resources for you.

shaking hands
Maybe a higher offer will increase your chances

Smart Strategies to Compare Moving Companies

Finding multiple moving options for August and September is a great start, but choosing the right one is key, especially when moving to New York. Comparing these companies effectively requires a focused approach. Gather detailed quotes from each mover. Ensure these estimates include all potential fees and services. This makes direct cost comparisons clearer and more meaningful. Next, assess the scope of services offered. Some movers might provide additional value through inclusive services such as packing or temporary storage. Identify which services align best with your needs. Check each company’s credentials. Verify their licensing and insurance status. This ensures they are legally qualified to operate and offer protection against damages.

Read customer reviews and testimonials. Focus on feedback related to reliability, professionalism, and handling of issues. Prioritize recent reviews from peak moving periods. Consider the companies’ experience with New York relocations. Familiarity with local regulations and logistics can be crucial for a smooth transition. Compare their communication styles. A mover’s responsiveness and clarity in communication are good indicators of their service quality. Ask about their cancellation and rescheduling policies. Flexibility can be particularly important if your moving plans are subject to change. Lastly, consider the ease of access to their services. Some companies might offer digital tools for tracking and managing your move, adding convenience.

What to Ask Your Movers Before You Hire Them

The worst thing you can do for an August or September move is to wait until the week before your move to call around for trucks and help. By that time, all of the trucks will be reserved, and you won’t be able to find help. Make your plans early. Find a good moving company a month ahead of time. This may require the organization of many different factors on your part, such as move-in and move-out dates, employment or school start dates, and other details. You may find it helpful to work on a printed-out calendar to coordinate everything. The earlier you begin looking for a good moving company, the more options you’ll have. Once you find the movers you like, ask the following questions:

Naturally, these questions become important if you find more than one moving company available for your move. If you only find one, these questions do not matter too much.

talking on phone
If you find more than one moving company, compare them and pick the best one

Communicate Well With Your Movers

Let’s say you followed the above advice to start early, compare costs, and settle on services with a good moving and storage company. You’re good to go. But if your moving plans change a little–maybe your new apartment won’t be ready for a few days–it’s important that you stay in communication with your moving company. Schedules are tight for moving companies during the busiest time of year, and if your plans change, don’t wait until the last minute to tell the movers. If you do, you might find yourself without a truck available. When you stay in touch, however, your moving company can often switch things around a little to keep everyone’s move on track.

Securing Reliable Movers in Peak Season

To get good movers in August and September, a comprehensive comparison of available companies is crucial. Assess not only the costs but also the range of services, reliability, customer feedback, and flexibility in policies. Ensuring movers are properly licensed and experienced in navigating New York’s unique challenges will also contribute to a smoother move. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision, optimizing your relocation’s efficiency and effectiveness during these busy months. This strategic approach helps ensure your moving experience is as stress-free as possible. If you’re looking for a moving service that can manage everything from start to finish and is well-equipped to handle special items such as wine collections and fine art, a luxury moving service may be the best solution for you. To learn more about the luxury moving services offered by U.Santini, contact us at 718-768-6778.

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