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How to involve your kids in unpacking process


Moving home can often be a stressing and tiresome event. You should think of various tasks that are ahead of you and keep it all together. And if you are moving with kids and elders, everything is twice harder and more complicated. Therefore, you should organize like a pro to accommodate everyone and relocate successfully. That is why we offer this article on how to involve your kids in unpacking process. Your little ones can make a mess and be a huge distraction while running rampant through the house. Let us use their excess energy to your benefit.

Organize like a pro and involve your kids in unpacking process

Start by mentally preparing for moving and be ready for anything. Organize and prepare as much as you can, to have a smoother relocation process. This means you should work on your logistics and assemble a moving checklist. The checklist will serve as your guide, and you’ll be sure you did not miss a thing. Start by choosing a moving date if possible. If it is forced upon you, work your way around it and prepare as much as you can. Check how many days off work you can spend and move your calendar back and forth. Also, calculate the moving costs and set aside a moving budget. You need to know how much you have to spend and to avoid unnecessary costs and fees.

Organize like a pro and follow the steps on your moving checklist

Then, you should organize the packing process. It involves downsizing and decluttering, as well as to determine the size of your cargo. And finally, packing. But let us not forget the importance of moving assistance. Consider adding to your checklist a search for a proper moving company. We can help by recommending for you to check Brooklyn moving service. You will for sure find all you seek. A plethora of moving service for you to utilize and make your relocation much safer and easier. Give it a try.

Packing with kids is fun, but involve your kids in unpacking process as well

Start by assigning a task. For example, give your kid a chance to pack their designated box. It may contain their personal items like drawings, books, toys, and plushies. This will give a sense of importance, accomplishment, and it will build a character and sense of responsibility. Also, participate in the unpacking of this personal box, help your child to find a proper place for everything. You should do this upon arrival. This way your kid will sense the loving care, and the importance of his/her belongings.

Additionally, you can play games while packing and unpacking. The leading role goes to the cardboard moving boxes. There is a huge potential in such a simple item. You can make art and décor out of it, or to make a dollhouse and a fort. Your cowboy and a princess will have so much fun playing with these items. And at the same time, you’ll have time to pack while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Stay safe while packing

We mentioned the packing process already. It can be quite difficult if you have small children moving around while you need to focus on moving boxes and packing materials. There is no escape, therefore, let us engage the little ones and make everyone happy. We need to make it fun and entertaining to keep your children distracted from the whole situation. But to keep them safe as well. Kids moving through the house in the middle of a relocation period, can stumble over disassembled furniture or moving boxes and hurt themselves. Depending on the age of your children, follow these steps to make it all safer and easier:

Secure everything – Be sure that you created a safe passage through the house. This will help adults and kids alike. Moving unobstructed while surrounded by the packing chaos will greatly reduce the chance of unfortunate events. Keep your furniture and boxes in corners of rooms, or a designated area. Preferably behind the closed doors, out of reach of your children.

Dangerous items – Involve your kids in packing and unpacking process after you secure and prepare appliances for relocation. You need to remove all the cords, empty the liquids, remove batteries, etc. Move small and big appliances out of your children’s reach. Seat your mind at ease.

Hazardous materials – Do not let your children touch any hazardous packing materials. Those are Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Same with sharp objects such as scissors, box cutters, and knives.

Reach out and get some help

You wish to have your kids at your side while packing and unpacking? This means you won’t have much time for other things. Things like moving heavy furniture, boxes, and other belongings. Therefore, think about hiring a reliable moving team. Movers will provide all kinds of moving services, all you need to do is ask. The moving crew will pack, move, and unpack all your belongings with the utmost care. Above all, the services they provide are affordable and highly useful. But be sure to research and find an honest moving team. Communicate the prices and protect yourself from hidden costs and fees. Here we shall recommend checking out local cheap movers NYC. Here you shall find the perfect balance of quality and price. Most importantly, the movers you can trust.

Moving services that movers provide are highly lucrative. You can enlist the company to move certain items of high value. Or items that are extremely heavy and complicated to move. Also, they provide packing materials, and storing solutions. Be sure to ask your movers what types of storage units they rent. Ask all those questions you deem relevant, and you’ll find a service that will suit you best. You’ll have more time to involve your kids in unpacking process while someone else is taking care of the relocation.

Keep a positive attitude

It would be good if you can be near your kids at the time of the move. They for sure have many questions and they might be confused. Therefore, you’ll need to explain that this is just another stage in people’s lives. Try spinning the whole situation into a positive thing, sort of a game. Have an adventure and talk only about the positive sides of the relocation. Try to distract your kid as much as you can. Of course, if your kid is of an appropriate age, then you can have an honest conversation.

A Women holding a green paper
Try to keep it positive and boost morale with a smile

For example, go out to catch a movie, or to a restaurant. Preferably in your new neighborhood so you can get to know things and places. Check out the local parks, malls, and shops. Also, you can pack a few personal boxes together. A box with toys, some clothes, and take it together to your new home to unpack together. You can make a homemade first-aid kit. You’ll need it nearby for the overall safety anyway, why not do it together. Do all those little things that will make your kid feel special. They will have the impression that they are contributing, that they are involved. Besides, these situations are building character and your kid will learn a lot from this. With a positive attitude and an appropriate approach, all can be good.

Packing and unpacking can be emotional

As we mentioned before, to involve your kids in unpacking process is highly beneficial. All those belongings you packed are the things they are familiar with. They have the scent of the old place and carry memories. Some of the items that they are attached to might be the only solace they can find in an unfamiliar place. Next to you as a parent, this will be another moment where they can feel at home. Therefore, unpack belongings together, fix their room as they like. Participate in this process as much as possible, to accommodate the environment to your child.

Hold on to a smile and involve your kids in unpacking process
Encourage your children to pack and unpack a box of their own

Post-traumatic stress and moving anxiety can be present but hard to spot at first. Therefore, be there, participate in every stage of unpacking and monitor your child closely. Relocation is a big thing for grown-ups, and think of the effects it can have on a fragile children’s mind.

We hope that we provided some ideas on why and how you should involve your kids in unpacking. Surely, you’ll find it useful when the time comes. But remember, you are important as well. A few weeks before the move, you should have a good night sleep, eat healthily drink enough fluids. With a positive attitude, high morale, and a head held high, you will handle this big event. Good luck, and we wish you a safe relocation.

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