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How to move arcade machines

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Arcade machines are a source of great fun for both kids and adults. They are very valuable and they can be quite delicate to move and transport. If you want to preserve them and keep them safe from any damage you should hire professionals. The most reliable moving services Brooklyn has to offer will help you move arcade machines in a safe and professional manner. We will explain how to move arcade machines. Arcade machines can have delicate parts and mechanisms that could get permanently damaged or broken if you drop the machine. That is why you should handle them with care.

Should you move them alone?

You should by no means move them by yourself. Unless you are experienced and have prior knowledge about the structure. Also, they can be heavy so moving them can be hard. Easy to break and can reach astronomical prices. So they are by no means cheap. If you have a game room with some arcade games in your basement you will be worried during the move. You might worry that your precious arcade machines could get damaged during the move. Your arcade machines might have to be taken apart, properly moved and transported, and then put back together. You will need professional help.

People playing before they move arcade machines
Sometimes arcade machines are too big. So big in fact that in order to move arcade machines more people are needed. Not only that but some have complicated plugs and need to be carefully unplugged before moving.

You should definitely find someone experienced like local movers Brooklyn to help with moving them. This way they will make sure this is done properly. When your movers arrive they will need to disassemble the arcade machine. They need to do this before they can move the machine in order for everything to be done properly. Arcade games can be quite pricy, so don’t waste any money and hire the right people for the job. Also moving companies have insurance. That means that if in the worst-case scenario something does break you will be compensated.  

How to prepare an arcade machine for moving

Arcade machines are big. They take up a lot of space and can pack a lot of weight as well. Most need two people to move them safely. Take a towel and clean the outside and the back of the machine. After that leave it to the furniture movers Brooklyn.

  • First of all, they need to remove all of the pieces that are loose, like pinballs for example
  • They are then going to fold the back of the arcade machine on the playing field. They will secure everything. What they are going to use is plastic wrap. They will securely wrap everything.
  • First, the movers need to remove the back legs. After that, they will put the machine on the ground and on its side. Only then can they remove the front legs of the machine
  • In the end, you will only have to pack the cabinet. They will wrap it in blankets. This will prevent any damage during the move and transport. The dye can easily come off and these blankets are salvation.

    A girl playing with a toy gun
    There are different types of machines. And all of them are fun. So sometimes you can go to arcades and try new ones as well.

How to move a pinball machine

This is one of the most loved arcade machines ever. And the machine is exactly like the name implies. The ball rolls and is propelled inside a specially designed wooden cabinet. The ball hits many obstacles and propellers while it bounces around. And you need to hit her with the flippers before it gets lost. The game ends when the ball is lost. This is one of the most popular games ever made. A true classic. So it’s no wonder someone out there might have one at home. So how do you move arcade machines like these? With the help of residential movers Brooklyn.

  • Remove all of the pinballs. Store them in a safe place. Be sure to remember where they are. You don’t want that to slip your mind in the chaos of the move.
  • Fold the head of the game on the playfield
  • Wrap the playfield so that there is no bouncing around
  • Take off the back legs and lay the pinball machine on the floor
  • Lift it up. The coin door should face up and remove the front legs.
  • Wrap the cabinet into blankets and load everything onto the moving truck.
Person playing on a pinball machine
Pinball machines became so popular, that the first computer games actually had pinball on them.

The correct way to move arcade machines

There are many different types of arcade games. From Mr.Pacman and video games to pinball games, they are all delicate and should be handled with care. If it is any comfort, they are more easily moved than pool tables. Before you start anything be sure to properly measure your arcade game. Only after you measure the game you will know if it can pass through your door. Most of the games should be able to fit through a standard-size door. You might have to remove the door hinges. Moreover, you might have to remove the door jamb as well. On each side of the game ad the door, there should be a clearance of one inch.

You should unplug the machine

After you measure the machine and find a way to fit it through a door or window, you should unplug it. When you unplug the machine be careful with the cord. You should protect it with a cloth. Maybe you can put some tape over the cloth to keep the plug secured. In case you can also detach the plug from the machine itself, wrap it, and keep it in a safe place. This is your precious machine’s life cord. You don’t want to lose it in the chaos of the move. Another thing you should do is dust your arcade machine. It is a good idea to clean and dust them before you move arcade machines. You will just save time after the move. When your pet comes to your new home it will be ready for installation and gaming. You will be saving a bunch of time

A kid playing on a arcade machine
Arcades and arcade machines are popular with people of all ages. From kids to teens, young adults, and so on.

Take the machine outside

It is not such a good idea to wrap your arcade machine in the room where it is currently located. You might have problems fitting it through the doors. The machine might get stuck because the wrapping material will add volume to it. A smart idea would be to get in outside in front of the house. Get it close to the loading truck first.

Time to wrap your machine

Now that the machine is close to the moving truck, you can begin the process of wrapping and securing it. Follow the rules of packing we provided here. Use some moving blankets. You should also use paper padding. Put everything over the machine and secure it safely. You will get the best effect if you wrap everything with tape. You should never put tape directly on the machine. This can seriously damage the delicate paint of your arcade machine. Always put the tape over the blankets.

Load the arcade machine into the truck

You should lower the truck ramp before you start loading the arcade machine. Your professional movers will use a utility dolly. Load the machine onto the dolly. There should be two men loading the machine. One of them should navigate the dolly and the other should hold the arcade machine, so it doesn’t flip over. After the game is in the truck you should keep it in an upright position. You should also secure the machine with straps so it doesn’t move inside the truck.

Arcade games on a truck
When you finish wrapping them the movers will safely load the games on the truck. And secure them in order to stop them from moving.

Storage for arcade machines

There is also the possibility to move arcade machines into storage. There are many possibilities and different types of storage units Brooklyn has to offer. And there is no doubt that among them you will definitely find something you will like. From the big outdoor storage to the climate-controlled ones inside. The most important part of storage is the security it provides. You will be granted access at any time you wish, but at the same time, the games are highly and tightly protected.

This is a good option for people that don’t have where to put them. Or simply need more time before placing them in their home. Or you maybe got a new game so there is no place for the old one. But in the storage, they will be safe and will be accessible to you at any time.

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