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How to move medical equipment?

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Packing and moving your commercial assets is not an easy task. Especially when you are trying to move medical equipment. Luckily, there are professionals that can help you and save the day. These people provide some of the best moving and storage Brooklyn can offer and they will be your biggest support. Their help is particularly important when you are moving medical equipment. Not only because it’s pretty valuable, but it is also very delicate. So needless to say, it needs to be handled with utmost care. Therefore, we are going to give you the basic guidelines on how to handle and move medical equipment.

Important advice on how to move medical equipment

Medical equipment is just too delicate and expensive. You must not leave anything to chance. When you need to move it, hiring professional moving assistance is of utmost importance. Also, if you need to store it, you should find the best, specialized storage NYC solutions. Here are the steps you can take to make sure that things will go smoothly when you are moving medical tools and supplies.

  • Planning the move
  • Listing all items that need to be relocated
  • Understanding the specifics of your items
  • Finding the right professionals to assist you
making a plan on how to move medical equipment
Be sure to plan everything before you move medical equipment

Moving delicate items like medical equipment is practically impossible without a proper plan

When you are relocating a medical facility, there are a lot of things to think about. Besides relocating your medical equipment, you also need to take care of regular furniture, documentation, IT equipment, and more. So things can become a little bit hectic. And that is when mistakes happen. Luckily, there is an easy way to lower the risks of mistakes – making a moving plan. Even though this might seem like an unnecessary suggestion, this is in fact, the most crucial part of the job.

Simply, if you plan everything to the very last detail, you will have a chance to relocate your medical equipment without suffering any kind of damage. If you venture into this without any previous planning, you will most likely end up with at least a few damaged items even if you find the best movers in town. Therefore, sit down and make a plan before anything else.

Understanding the specifics of your medical equipment

When you are moving medical equipment you have to understand the specifics. This is not an ordinary move and you will have to hire some really good business movers NYC has for moving medical equipment.  They will most likely know how to handle your items properly and will have the proper tools to ensure everything is relocated properly. Unfortunately, because there are many different itmes that can fall under a “medical equipment” category, there is a chance that your commercial movers won’t know how to handle your items properly. That is why, before you even call a moving company, you should study your medical equipment, read the manuals, consult with experts, and learn all you can about moving your valuable assets.

medical equipment
You need to know your tools in order to move them properly

For instance, some medical equipment must not be exposed to certain gases in the air or to sunlight. If this does happen it can lead to contamination of the equipment. Moreover, the equipment can have delicate parts made of sensitive material. These parts can get damaged when they are exposed to the slightest vibration. You understand now that a shaky truck is out of the question. Another example is the case of lab freezers. They contain the most valuable content. If they stay unfrozen for a long period of time everything inside can go to waste. The content is just too valuable for something like this to happen. And even though this will be the responsibility of your moving company New York, you also need to know everything and warn them about the potential hazards.

Be extra careful with Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI

MRI is a delicate piece of medical equipment and moving it is quite complex. We will explain how it works in steps.

Movers will first come to check where the MRI is. They will conduct a walk-through and check what they are dealing with. Next, they will check if they need to rig the magnet or tunnel of the machine. Moreover, they need to check if it is necessary to remove the walls that it has around it. Only then can they say that the machine is ready to be moved. Still, be aware that MRI usually has to be rigged, which means that t has to be removed with a crane.

After that, they will jack the MRI up and put it in a beam sling. Afterward, it needs to be rolled to the extraction point. When this is done they will put it onto an erect platform. They will then secure the sling to the crane rigging and hoist the MRI to the ground. After all of these procedures, the MRI machine will be ready for loading onto the moving truck.

MRI machine
MRI machine will be the most difficult piece of medical equipment to move

It is quite expensive to move medical equipment

You have realized by now that you will have to hire professionals when you are relocating medical equipment. You should know that their services will not come cheap. Since we are talking about delicate equipment and complicated moving procedures, this should come as no surprise. The reasons that it is pricey are

  • professional and experienced manpower
  • many different moving tools are used
  • the movers need to ensure special moving conditions

Factors in the moving estimate

Your movers will present the factors that will influence your moving costs NYC when they need to move medical equipment.

  • The first factor is the volume of the items. The movers will count how many truckloads they need to move.
  • The second important factor is timing. They will charge by the hour. Moving delicate medical equipment demands more time than usual. The average time they will need for one truckload of medical equipment is one and a half hours. We didn’t include traveling and unloading here.
  • The third factor is manpower. They need to tell you what is the cost per man and per hour. Don’t forget that the terrain is important. If there are many narrow doorways and stairs the move will be more expensive.
money and medical masks
Moving medical equipment will be costly

You need to get insurance

Medical equipment is extremely expensive and valuable. In case something unfortunate happens you need to have insurance. A small medical practice can get bankrupt if an X-ray or Magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) gets damaged without insurance coverage. Your movers will ask you to tag everything that is more expensive than $5,000. Your truckload will be insured and covered for free if it doesn’t go over $300,000. The movers will load the truck until they reach this value. This means that there might be some space left in the truck. However, one truckload should not be higher than this in value, at least when it comes to extremely valuable medical equipment. For items that cost more than $300,000, you have to buy additional insurance. But it is definitely well worth it.

Make sure you choose reliable movers

When you need to move medical equipment be sure to choose a reliable moving company. You should definitely find experienced medical equipment movers. But how do you know that they are professionals?

  • You can ask the USDA and NIH to give you some good references
  • Be sure to check the reviews of the moving company. Moreover, you definitely have to check if they are licensed.
  • Ask the moving company to give you some references from previous customers.
  • Check out a couple of movers and ask for quotes. Once you compare the quotes, reviews, and references you should be able to decide who you want to move the medical equipment you possess.
using lap top to learn how to move medical equipment
Do your research and find the best movers for the job

You can actually do the part of the work on your own which will help you lower the moving costs

Even though moving medical equipment is quite expensive, there are ways to lower the cost of your upcoming move. Of course, you need to hire expensive professionals to move your largest pieces of equipment. However, if you help them by packing and moving the smaller items you have, your moving costs Brooklyn will definitely be lower. So, gather your employees and give everyone a task. Let them gather the paperwork, prepare furniture, and unplug the IT equipment before the movers arrive. Also, see if you have original packaging that you can use to pack your microscopes, stethoscopes, scalpels, thermometers, cast saws, and similar. You can also easily pack and prepare scrubs, masks, caps, shoe covers, aprons, and everything of that sort. Moreover, you can use your hospital stretchers to move them to the moving truck.

If you do everything by the book, you’ll move medical equipment in no time

As you can see, it is not easy to move medical equipment. For this to be successful, you will need a good plan and a professional moving company specializing in handling medical equipment. Also, don’t forget to get a proper insurance plan. Medical equipment is too expensive to relocate without proper coverage. Finally, if you decide to do a part of the work on your own, make sure that you follow all the protocols and protect your items properly either by using the original packaging or applying quality packing materials. If you are not sure how to do it, then better find some good moving services Brooklyn to help you.

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