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How to move your aquarium to Brooklyn


Moving is difficult and complicated enough by itself. Surely, nobody is happy when they have to relocate. However, for different reasons, people are required to move, and sometimes their move gets more or less complex. It depends on various factors such as the type of relocation, whether it’s long or short distance, local or international move. And sometimes, with the usual cargo, come some quite unusual stuff, such as a pool table, piano, or aquarium. If the last is your case, and you need to move your aquarium to Brooklyn, then our text will give you some useful hints and tips on how to conduct this type of moving. And since it’s not exactly the easiest type of relocation, you’ll also need to hire the best movers in NYC. Let’s get tip fishing.

Fish tank
Make sure to get yourself familiarized with the process of relocating an aquarium.

What to know when you need to move your aquarium to Brooklyn

We’ll break one of the biggest myths ever regarding the relocation of the aquarium. You CANNOT move the fish together with the full aquarium unless you’re really moving it to some room in the house. It simply won’t do. To relocate the aquarium, and everything inside it, you’ll definitely need to learn certain things about the process or hire moving services Brooklyn to avoid any troubles. Here’s what’s important to know and do before the moving day:

  1. Having the proper material to move your aquarium to Brooklyn
  2. Keep the decoration of the tank in the right way
  3. Make the fish ready for the trip
  4. Clean the aquarium in detail
  5. What’s the best way to transport the fish tank

Don’t move the aquarium unless you have all you need

bubble wrap and scissors
Gather all the necessary packing supplies for this type of moving.

When it comes to moving a delicate thing such as an aquarium, one of the first things to do before the relocation day is to purchase or borrow the proper moving supplies. Now, depending on how big your aquarium is, plan to get enough of the packing materials. It’s a conventional wisdom that a smaller object is less complicated to pack and relocate. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. No matter the size, almost every aquarium consists of the same parts and elements. However, for a bigger tank, you’ll only need a little bit more time and more supplies. The recommended materials are:

  • Big-sized buckets, more preferably 5-gallon buckets. You’ll need these so that you can pour water from the aquarium during the transportation time and later pour it back when you assemble it. However, please remember not to fully fill the buckets. Otherwise, you’ll risk the spillage of water.
  • A hose made of the siphon to drain the water.
  • Lots of bubble wrap to secure the fragile parts of the aquarium, especially the glass.
  • Cardboard boxes to secure it additionally while transporting in the transportation vehicle. Also, you can put all the other small parts so you don’t lose them during the transportation.
  • Foam sheets to protect the glass parts. This works similarly like bubble wraps. Just place them in the tank once you empty it.
  • A fishnet to catch the fish from the tank and put them safely in the bucket.
  • Aquarium air pumps which work on batteries which move the air under the pressure and this will allow your fish to breathe. This is essential for a long-distance relocation to Brooklyn.

Take out all decoration and plants when you move your aquarium to Brooklyn

A fish bowl
Before packing your aquarium, remove all the decorations

Just like with water, you’ll also need to take everything out of the tank. Make sure it’s completely empty. Let us remind you again that an aquarium is a delicate object, and anything that’s left inside can cause damages to it. The glass structures can break under the pressure made by the weight of the sand, gravel, or whatever you had inside. However, this doesn’t mean that you should get rid of these things. Use some of the packing supplies to store them safely. You can put it all back when you set up the fish tank on the new location.

Label all the boxes

Make sure to label each box before loading it into the transportation vehicle. In case you have many other things to transport, which have nothing to do with the aquarium, the can get all mixed. The thing is that once you arrive in your new home, the fish tank is the first thing to set up. The labeled boxes will definitely make the process of unpacking shorter and easier. If so far this all seems too complicated, we suggest you hire Brooklyn movers to do the job for you. The team of skilled men will surely finish all the job faster and with minimal risk of damaging anything. Plus, they’ll bring all the necessary packing supplies, so you won’t have to worry anything.


Take the fish out before you move your aquarium to Brooklyn

If you’ve been reading this text carefully, then you must have read that the fish have to be taken out of the tank. Use the fish net to gently catch them and place them in their temporary container. One of the most important rules to apply is to stop feeding the fish at least two days before the moving day. If your new address is more than 5 hours away from the current one, then those big buckets will be necessary. Ask in your pet shop for more advice on how to move the fish, especially if there’s a larger number of them of different sizes and types. The point is to give them as much space as possible to make the whole transportation less stressful. The good thing is that your movers can also do this for you. But in case you’re wondering how much this will cost you, then we suggest you get free moving quotes Brooklyn and see if you can afford everything.

The aquarium needs to be completely clean

Once all the decoration, plants, and fish have been taken out of the aquarium, it’s time to clean it. But first, plug out the heater, lights, and pumps. Give it time to cool down before you remove them from the tank and then pack them carefully. Don’t clean the filter to preserve the friendly bacteria. When the whole relocation is done, and the aquarium is being set up, get the gravel back first, and start filling the aquarium with water.

Transporting of the aquarium

Once all the steps have been taken, the transportation is one of the last ones. When transferring easily damaged objects, it is absolutely necessary to have a vehicle according to all standards. It is also necessary to lay the aquarium on a flat surface to prevent the cracking.

And there you go. It will not be easy, that’s true, but to move your aquarium to Brooklyn will be much easier with these provided tips.

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