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How to organize your NYC storage wisely?


When living in New York, it is hard not to have storage space due to the sizes of the apartments. Some people consult the best movers Brooklyn can offer and ask for service of renting a storage unit. Others try and make storage spaces in their own homes or buildings. Whichever group you belong to, the rules for arranging storage space will be the same. The purpose of the storage is to keep things you love and use but have no place for at the moment. Because of this, you need to organize your NYC storage wisely. The concept of storage will lose its meaning if you just stash things up, piling items one on top of another with no sense of order.

Where to start when organizing your NYC storage?

The very first thing you need to do is make an inventory list of all the things you plan on storing. No matter which storing option you choose. If opting for a storage unit, it is important to know what you have in there, as there is no chance you will remember it all. If you are storing things in your attic, basement, garage, or somewhere in the house, this list becomes even more important. Other than listing what items you are storing, you need to write down where are you storing them. Otherwise, you will end up looking for your winter jacket or other seasonal items all day, stressing out unnecessarily. Storage NYC movers offer within their service is always a better option, but we will leave the final decision to you. As long as you wisely organize your NYC storage, it will not matter where it is located.

A person writing in the notebook in order to organize NYC storage wisely
Making a list of things you plan storing is the first step

Use the right packing supplies to organize your NYC storage wisely

Regardless of the location of your storage, you have to keep in mind the safety of the items you are storing. First of all, check your storage spaces for mold, humidity, and signs of rodent or pest presence. You need to learn how to prevent mold in your storage space, as it tends to happen very often and can ruin things. Once you clean everything up, make sure to pack all items accordingly, using the right materials and supplies. Fragile and breakables need to be packed in packing paper. Large items like furniture you should cover with so-called moving blankets. You can also throw some real blankets, that you do not intend to use any longer. For everything else, it is best to use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. They are more durable, water-resistant, and can take much more weight.

Declutter before you pack

We are positive that you believe that you need all the things you plan on storing. Rest assured it is just an illusion. Things like jewelry and family heirlooms should not be held at storage units away from your home. Art, antiques and such, are a no-brainer. But they require special climate-controlled storage space. Everything else can be questioned if you really need it. If you own furniture you just keep moving from one storage to another, it is time to leave it behind. Give it away to someone you know, or sell it. Garage sales are always convenient for these kinds of things, but you can sell furniture on eBay as well. Don’t be too sentimental about little things you never used or wore. Under no circumstance should you pack anything food and drink related to the storage.

Woman going through her jewelry box
Jewelry and family heirlooms should not be stored in storage space

Specific rules for organizing your NYC storage wisely

Since the storage unit is a one-room space, some rules and guidance can only apply for that. Basics such as adding as many shelves as possible, going vertically and labeling, refer to all sorts of storage spaces. A storage unit might take some money out of your pocket monthly, but if done right, it is worth every cent.

Organizing your NYC storage wisely means heavy items in the back and often used ones in the front

All the heavy things you own, such as certain pieces of furniture, lawnmowers, and any other sorts of machinery, should go at the back of the unit. This will allow you to more easily go through your storage space when looking for something, without having to move heavy objects. These heavy objects will have another purpose. They will serve as a stable surface to put other lighter things on. This way, you will save up space horizontally by piling them up vertically. The things you need to use often or each season should be in the front so that you can access them with no issues or waste of time.

Know your neighbors’ unit content

We already said that no food or drink should be allowed in the storage space. Also, nothing flammable can go here. If you own machines that you plan to store, drain oil from them. Any food residue left on your furniture can attract mice or any other sort of pest. Another thing is knowing what the people around you have stored in their units. If they have something that can attract rodents, your unit will be at risk as well. Ask around if possible. After all, those are your things in the storage paid with your money. You deserve to have all the facts. Last, but not least important thing is having insurance. If something unpredictable should happen that is out of your control, you need to be compensated for.

Mouse and the plastic cup
Your neighbors’ storage spaces can attract vermin which can affect your unit as well

Disassemble your furniture

Many pieces of furniture are bulky and heavy. No need to strain your back trying to move them or place them into the storage. Each furniture item has several removable pieces that you should take off. Put those removed items into one bag and try to keep it close together or taped onto the furniture you removed it from. Not only will this save you from unnecessary back pain, but it will save up space in your storage unit. Cover furniture with materials that can breathe, but at the same time serve as protection against vermin.

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