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How to pack and move a flat screen TV?


Having to deal with delicate, fragile items is one of the most annoying things one must go through while moving. Unfortunately, our belongings aren’t comprised only of heavy furniture and thick, solid items. There are also many of them that are easily breakable and those things usually mean a lot to us. And precisely because they break so easily, packing them is both a challenge and a headache. A flat screen TV is most certainly one of those items. Since we all use TVs on a daily basis, you won’t find many of them gathering dust in storage units Brooklyn. On the contrary, you will make sure to always move a flat screen TV with you. Indeed, watching TV has become one of modern man’s essential needs. This article should provide a few useful tricks as it pertains to packing and moving a flat screen TV.

Find the appropriate movers to move a flat screen TV

One may foolishly think that bulky and heavy items are the hardest ones to move. The hardest ones are actually the tricky items, for the lack of a better word. And a flat screen TV is the very definition of a tricky item. Therefore, when looking for the appropriate moving company, don’t necessarily look for the most affordable movers Brooklyn has to offer. Look for the most experienced and skilled ones. The physical strength of their staff is not an advantage in this case. Moving a flat screen TV relies much more on brains than on muscles. So, make sure to hire a moving company that has considerable experience in moving delicate electronic devices.

A flat screen TV on the living room's wall
Watching TV has become one of modern man’s essential needs

A few necessary steps that will make moving your flat screen TV easier

Packing a flat screen TV is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As we all know, flat screen TVs are often costly toys, and they should be treated accordingly. Flat screen TVs, as well as other similar electronic devices, should be packed with professional packing materials. Make sure to use bubble wrap and packing paper, sturdy carton boxes, packing tape, and mandatory attention: fragile label in the end. Also, in case you haven’t thrown them away, use the original boxes. No device will ever fit better anywhere than in its original box.

In case you haven’t saved the original box, don’t worry. There are special boxes for flat screen TVs that can be custom made according to your TV measurements. Of course, one such box will cost you a bit more than a regular box, but much less than what you’d be likely to pay if your TV was to break during transportation.

In order to make the whole packing a flat screen TV process easier, you should take the following couple of steps:

  • First, remove all power cords and cables. Move a flat screen TV without anything hanging around.
  • Remove all screws and bases.
  • Bubble wrap your flat screen TV as many times as possible, before putting it into a box.
  • Make sure to use foam corner protectors.
A female mover getting ready to move a flat screen TV
Find the appropriate movers to move a flat screen TV

How to move a flat screen TV and other electronic devices from your business offices

In case you’re planning to move your business offices, chances are that you have a plethora of electronic devices to take care of. Flat screen TVs are just some of them, together with computer monitors, and other similar items that are just as fragile and tricky. For such a massive moving operation, hiring the best commercial movers Brooklyn Heights has to offer is simply a must. Don’t hesitate to pay a few dollars more, and save yourself from the headache and anxiety that hiring the cheapest option inevitably implies.

How to position a flat screen TV during transportation

Packing a flat screen TV is very important. But that is just 50% of the problem. The other 50% have to do with the question of how to move a flat screen TV without damaging or breaking it. You absolutely need to have answers to all those questions in order to successfully move your flat screen TV. With flat screen TVs, there’s an ever-lingering problem of damaging LCD crystals inside the screen. Because of that, some people don’t recommend laying your TV down flat. Also, laying it down flat raises the probability of external damage. Therefore, make sure to keep your TV popped up during transportation, at all times. Either have someone holding it that way, or have it cozily placed between mattresses or other soft furniture items. That’s pretty much everything you need to know. Good luck!

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