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How to pack and move picture frames in record time


When it comes to moving, the best choice you can make is to hire a professional moving company. These movers New York consist of trained professionals and experts that are here to make your move a seamless, stress-free transition. Still, this does not mean that you cannot do a relocation all on your own. You could, but it would be very time consuming and potentially risky, depending on many elements. But, if it, for instance, comes to a long distance relocation – you shouldn’t be doing it on your own. You should hire a professional moving company. However, when you do so, there are still some things you can do on your own to save money. Packing is one such thing. There are some elements to packing though that is not that simple. For instance, if you have to pack and move picture frames, you might be in for a surprise.

IF you want to pack and move picture frames, you need to do it slowly and carefuly.
Be careful when packing huge, antique frames. They are very fragile.

This is still not impossible, it will just require a significant amount of time when compared to packing some clothes for example. Clothes you can grab and shove into a trash bag, and then throw it into a truck. Easy peasy. However, if you have to pack and move picture frames you will have to put in some extra work. Still, don’t worry. It is not that difficult, it just has some extra steps to it.

Pack and move picture frames – the how to

There are several ways you could go about packing your picture frames before moving or taking them to storage facilities Brooklyn. The biggest challenge here is their size and fragility. We are not talking about small frames, we are talking about bigger ones. Smaller ones are challenging as well, but simply not as much as the huge ones. So, the main mission here will be to protect your frames as much as you can. At the end of the day, you want to be able to use them again after the move and given their size, they will be very easy to damage or break. Once this happens, by any chance, they will most likely not be usable afterward.

So, how do you pack them and protect them? There are several different ways you can go about doing this.

Try to put them apart

If you are handy with woodwork the best possible way you could do this would be to put them apart. This is the most effective way to pack and move picture frames. This would turn one very fragile frame into four planks that could be packed and protected with ease. Furthermore, they would take up much less space if this was done in this manner. So, you would need to first figure out whether or not they are glued together or some nails were involved. If there are nails you need to figure out whether or not you have the right tools to take those nails out. Once you do so, everything else is easy street. You would take them apart, take the four wooden pieces and put them together with a lot of duct tape. This will both hold them together and protect them at the same time.

The best thing to do when preparing your frames for a relocation is to put them apart.
Putting them apart is your best bet.

Glued frames

The trickier thing would be if there is glue involved. You can apply this to all sorts of frames, and not only wooden ones. If there is glue you will need a blow drier to try to soften the glue as much as you can. It may take some time and persistence but the success in this way is guaranteed. You don’t want to pull the parts of the frame if the glue didn’t let go. But no matter what glue was used, if you give it enough blowdryer heat it will eventually let go. Every minute or so, while heating it up, try to move them apart and see if the glue has let go enough. If not, keep heating it up until it does.

Once you are able to put them apart repeat the same tactic – grab a lot of duct tape and seal them together, making sure they are together as well as protected.

Packing them in one piece

This is tricker. Some frames you simply cannot put apart, and in this case, you have very few options. The best thing you could do to secure it is to grab a lot of cardboard boxes, the bigger they are the better. You would then proceed to take the boxes apart and try to slice them in a way where they resemble one part of the frame. The thing you are trying to do is to envelop the frame, from all sides, with cardboard box material and then use duct tape to secure it all around. You would be creating some sort of armor for the frame. This is the safest possible way you or your professional movers pack it for transport. Once you do, you need to arrange all the frames you have from the biggest one to the tiniest.

Try stacking them together to take up as little space as possible.
Sort them by size and put them together.

You would try to sort them so that the biggest one comes first and you start placing the smaller ones within it. This way it will take as much space as a single huge frame would. This is the best way to pack and move picture frames when you are not able to put them apart. Then, make sure you have one wall of the truck or the shipping container to put it against. You never want to place it on the floor. Take the frame, put it against the wall standing up and use duct tape to tie it to the wall.

Good luck!

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