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How to pack fragile items for storage


When it comes to moving, it is better to learn to be careful and patient. In doing this, you will also end up preventing certain moving tragedies. After all, it is simply just a matter of proper preparation and having the right tools. Since you probably want to preserve all your favorite fragile items, keep reading! Below, you will find some of the best tips on how to properly pack fragile items for storage.

Stock on more boxes for ultimate Success 

One of the best tips you will receive is to never overpack each box. Even if you apply extra packing tape, it will not keep it in place. If you overpack your boxes it will make it that much harder for your movers NYC to load your moving van. Therefore, it’s significantly better to get more boxes than you think you’ll need! Also, keep in mind that cardboard boxes have a shelf life. If you don’t care for them properly, they can become flimsy over the years. Because of this, it’s best not to count on old ones that have been in your basement for a long time. Simply put, they won’t do a good job of keeping your stuff safe. 

Mix Up the sizes of your boxes 

Initially, you might think it’s best to get boxes that are all the same in size. However, fitting all your boxes in the moving van will prove to be a challenge. Namely, you will want a variety of sizes to make everything fit snuggly.  In this way, either your movers or you, if you’re doing it on your own, will have a much easier job.

Because of this, you will want to purchase boxes ranging from very small to pretty large. For example, you need one size of boxes for plates and another one to pack your artwork. However, keep in mind you probably won’t be able to securely carry anything larger than 2-feet square. In this case, pack heavier items in the smaller boxes, and leave the lighter items for the big ones. Another great tip is to put heavier items at the bottom of deeper boxes. Then, you can add lighter items on top. Make sure you never do it the other way around! 

Use the Pillow-Top Packing technique 

This technique is perfect for items with odd shapes. This is especially the case with your fragile, irreplaceable belongings. Namely, they deserve a box all for themselves. What the technique recommends you to do is to:  

  • place a blanket on the bottom,  
  • Put the item which you wrapped carefully 
  • place a pillow on top.  
Label everything as FRAGILE

After you do this, make sure to seal up the box and label it FRAGILE. You should do this on the top, sides, bottom, and basically, everywhere you can. It may seem over the top, but it will save your fragile items. Also, make sure you clearly label each box with its contents. 

Here are more easy tips for how to pack fragile items for storage and keep them safe:

Firstly, make sure you prepare in advance. This is important because packing up the valuable crystal, porcelain, and other fragile items takes some time. Basically, you will not want to rush with this part. If you are not hiring professional movers, it is best to start thinking well in advance of moving day. If you take the time to properly pack these items, you will be able to keep them safe during the relocation. 

Secondly, you will want to have the right tools. Specifically, the first thing you will absolutely need is quality boxes in various sizes. Along with this, make sure you stock up on packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, scissors, and packing tape. Also, you should find a large table to lay out and pack your items. This is another essential part which will make the process a lot easier.  

Learn how to pack fragile items for storage – the most common pieces 

Be careful when packing plates

Namely, you should pack plates vertically in small to medium boxes. Also, make sure you line these boxes with crumpled packing paper on the bottom and top. Another thing which will keep your plates safe is to wrap each plate in bubble wrap and secure with tape. Along with this, it is good to place the paper in between the standing plates. However, make sure you do not overpack your box. You can check out storage Brooklyn if you aren’t sure where to stop. Their team of moving experts will love to give you some advice on packing for storage! 

plates - pack fragile items for storage
Plates can be tricky to pack

Packing glasses properly is very important

When packing glasses, you will want to wrap each glass individually with packing paper. Similarly to the plates, you should place crumpled paper inside the large pieces. In doing this, you will make certain there is no empty space. Then, line small or medium boxes with your packing paper, both on the top and the bottom. Also, you should layer spaces around glasses with paper for ultimate protection. Finally, place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, and the lighter pieces on top. 

Be careful when packing glasses

Specialty items

Specialty items include all large fragile items which do not have regular shapes. It’s very important to consider the shape and size of the piece before you approach packing it. Along with this, look out for handles or protruding pieces that could break easily. Also, bear in mind that some things can’t be stored in a storage unit. Therefore, it would be best to check with your storage company before you pack fragile items for storage.

In any case, wrap the piece completely in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. After this, you should place it in a tight cardboard box and seal it with loads of tape. Make sure you keep the fragile item snug and stable. Before you place this in another larger box, make sure you wrap it with packing paper. Lastly, tape up the larger box securely and write FRAGILE on all sides with a bold marker! 

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