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a kid surrounded with many toys

How to pack toys for moving

When it comes to moving and starting our whole life all over, we rarely think about packing toys. However, this is crucial for our kid’s adaptation to the new environment. You may think that toys are replaceable items and, therefore, not very high on the priority packing list. But, studies have shown that kids can adapt to life changes much easier with their favorite toys. That is because if they have, at least, some familiar objects with them, they feel more reassured in the new surroundings. Like with all personal belongings, there are various strategies for packing toys. Residential movers Brooklyn have brought the skill of packing toys to perfection. But if you feel more like packing them yourself, here is our quick guide on how to pack toys for moving.

First things, first- the toys selection before moving

As important as the toys are for your most beloved little family members, most likely, you won’t be able to take them all with you. Let’s face it, the relocations are not so cheap. And the more items you bring, the more the price of your moving arrangement will increase. Besides, there is no point in packing the toys your kid never liked to play with all that way. Or the toys you know they will get bored of soon. You want to use your limited packing space wisely. So here is how you can do the toys preselection.

1.Favorite toys

The golden rule of packing toys for moving says- if you don’t want to forget something, pack it first! That is the only way to be certain moving companies NYC will relocate it for you. That is because packing toys for moving can be a very tiring task. Also, after a couple of hours of doing the same thing, you will tend to take shortcuts. And while rushing the process to finish faster, you might forget something. Therefore, it is a good idea to pack your kid’s favorite toys first.

a boy carrying teddy bear
First, pack your children most favorite toys for moving

The toys to remember are:

  • Safety blankets
  • Sleeping teddy bear
  • Favorite bathing toys
  • Any toy that your kid is carrying around for most of the day
  • Brand new toys

2. Electronics

If your children prefer expensive toys like tablets, i-pads, phones, and similar, these are to be packed among the first too. So put all the electronics in the same place and prepare a lot of padding for the boxes. Even better, if you have saved the original boxes, prepare these to use them. If you have only one of such devices, then consider not even packing it. Just take it with you for the road.

3. Fragile and complex toys

Fragile and complex toys are an altogether different category. You will have to dedicate a little more time to disassemble and prepare these for the relocation. That is why is good to separate them early on. You might even have to make a separate workstation for easier handling of these items. It goes without saying that fragile toys require safe packaging too.

4. Stuffed toys

Our dearest stuffed toys are among the easiest for handling. For that reason, you can leave them for the last moment packing. Especially the larger ones. They are not so easy to forget either since they are easily noticeable. These toys do not require complicated wrapping and pre-packing. Simply put them in the adequate box and tape it safely. Do not forget to label the boxes, in case you want to keep them in storage units Brooklyn for some time. It is good to note that if you actually need to choose among the toys to put in storage, these stuffed toys are the best choice. This is because they are not so easy to damage. Of course, the favorite teddy does not go to the storage.

a teddy bear with red ribbon
Stuffed toys do not require too many layers of protective packing

5. Toys that your kids never liked

Sometimes, during the arranging of the toys, you run into a completely new one for you. That is probably before your kid doesn’t play with it very often. The best thing you can do with these toys is to donate them. If necessary, explain to your kid that some kids are not fortunate enough to have their own toys. And, that this particular toy would make them very happy. Your kid might feel happy and proud by the end of the day.

6. Damaged toys

It doesn’t make sense to relocate the damaged toys either. Throw or recycle them and make the space for the more useful stuff. You might feel like you are throwing away some memories, but remember, new memories are to be created soon. If you still feel nostalgic, you can choose one, the favorite among them, and pack that toy for moving.

Next, protect toys before packing them for moving

Quality wrapping is almost as important as the sturdiness of the protective boxes. So, depending on the material of which the toys are made, choose the appropriate protective covers. Bubblewrap, packing peanuts, and shredded paper are only some of your options. As already mentioned, you should be particularly careful with electronics and favorite toys.

Play with quality boxes while packing toys for moving

With the right supplies, packing itself can turn into a game. Ask your children to choose the correct box size for each of the toys, and then reward them for good judging. Your kid should remember the relocation as a happy episode. So choose the right moving boxes Brooklyn, get some nice colorful pens for labeling, and start the adventure, 

Additional tips for a happy move

There are a few more tricks for turning toys packing into a pleasant activity. Most of them include your kid’s presence. Therefore, try not to exclude them from packing. It is their toys, after all, and they should have the right of saying. So try to:

  • Include your kids as much as you can in the process.
  • If they are a little more mature already, ask them to choose the toys themselves.
  • Give your children at least the responsibility of labeling while you pack toys for moving.
  • Don’t forget to keep a few toys unpacked for the road.
  • Promise to get your kids some new toys if they help.
a disassembled toy and colorful pens- how to pack toys for moving
Allow your children to participate in packing their toys and labeling the boxes

In the end, it is not so important how you choose to pack toys for moving, as much as it matters for this to be a stress-free experience for your kids. Remember that their happiness is the actual reason for moving those toys in the first place.


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