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How to pack your artwork for storage


A time has come to move your artwork. This can be due to the relocation or you are renovating your household. Either way, you must protect and move your precious pieces. But what are the best ways to pack your artwork for storage and transportation? Today, we will show you how. Some of the methods you already knew, but we are here to remind and raise awareness of such delicate matter. Let us begin.

Before you pack your artwork for storage, give it a spring cleaning

Whatever your artwork might be, you need to clean it before storing. Your books, furniture, paintings, all need a thorough cleaning to maximize safety.

  • Wear leather gloves at all times to avoid damaging the artwork. The skin has natural oils that can damage the artwork. Also, gloves will provide protection from nails and possible scratches.
  • Microfiber cloth is your friend for this occasion. Use it to remove dust from the surfaces. Do not apply unnecessary pressure. Stroke lightly and patiently.
  • Be extra cautious when cleaning books and picture frames. Do not use chemicals because they can damage and eat away your art.
  • While cleaning, you can refresh some items as well. Restore the glare of the wooden objects by using furniture polish. Also, metal objects are better protected from rust and it will last longer if you apply oil.
  • If you are unsure how to do it, consult the local artwork dealer or read about it online. Ask a professional on best methods in cleaning and preserving the artwork.
A man cleaning under a dandelion
Be gentle while cleaning your precious artwork

Pack your artwork for storage using the proper packing supplies and methods

Packing is essential and the first stage of this project. Therefore, you’ll need a few packing supplies to complete the task. You should purchase packing tape, bubble wrap and some sort of a storage container. Of course, this depends on if your collection is big in number and small in size. Some items must be stored in a container and others simply wrapped in a protective sheath. This is, for example, a way to pack and move picture frames. Usually, people wrap their frames in bubble wrap and then cover with a white sheet. White is reflecting the sunlight which provides an extra layer of protection.

A greater question is what storing container you should use. There is a big difference between cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Cardboard is the lowest form of protection since it can break easily. Furthermore, cardboard does not protect against water and humidity. While on the other hand, plastic bins are more expensive but much more stable. They are manufactured to last longer and to be used for this occasion. But you can always take a more serious approach and consider more sophisticated forms of protection. There are expensive solutions made of stronger materials that will protect your artwork from the environment and time.

Find the ideal place

To pack your artwork for storage is one thing, but to find a safe place to store it, can prove difficult. As long as you are aware of the possible threat, you’ll be fine. You should, by all means, avoid storing your artwork, in the garage, the attic, or the basement. Those areas of your household are more susceptible to environmental change which can influence the state of your belongings. Pipe bursts, roof leakage, rodent attacks, humidity, and mold, are some of them. Therefore, it would be ideal to find a proper public storage New York that will solve your problems. They are affordable and easily accessible to anyone. Your artwork will be safe in the locked storage with 24/7 surveillance. Let us explore this option a bit further.

Climate controlled storage unit is the ultimate solution

There are several types of storage units you can consider, but one that you’ll need the most is the climate controlled storage facility. It will show you that it is an absolute winner when it comes to protecting paintings and old furniture. Such items can suffer a great deal of damage if exposed to humidity and heat. Room temperature must be adjusted adequately. It is around 50% humidity and between 60 and 70 degrees, depending on the items you are storing. Higher numbers for furniture and lower for paint and canvas. You should check with the facility clerks what are the climate control settings for your unit and work your way from there. Make the best environment for your artwork and there will be no headaches. Pack your artwork for storage and start working on the transportation methods.

Find a suitable storage unit and pack your artwork for storage
Choose a proper storage unit for your artwork


Moving your artwork around is already hard, but to transport it to a different location is much more complicated. Considering that everything is packed and ready to go, now you’ll need a proper vehicle and a helping hand. Of course, you can use your car, if you know what you are doing. But if you are unsure, consider hiring professionals to do it for you. You might have extremely expensive and unique art pieces, therefore this investment is in place. Moving companies will transport your artwork with the utmost care. They offer special services for transporting highly valuable items. Check out a few companies online and shuffle through your options.

A man comparing ratings
It makes a difference who will transport your valuable artwork. Compare ratings and choose wisely.

Although, consider moving costs NYC because such a request can be priced. Avoid fraudulent moving companies that might overcharge you for this task. Explore a bit and compare moving companies by reading reviews and once you decide, give them a call. Communicate with your movers to be sure that your artwork is safe.

Moving the artwork, yourself?

Keep in mind that moving companies provide moving insurance. Although, in some cases, they offer partial coverage due to the extreme value of the items. This way the shield themselves by simply refusing to move high-risk items. In any case, you need some form of moving insurance while moving artwork. And remember that you have up to two weeks to make claims for damages, in case of an unfortunate event.

If all this sounds too complicated and risky, you can always do it yourself. In that case, you must be extremely careful. You should load your vehicle in such a way that your artwork is placed vertically rather than lying around. Secure it from all sides using blankets or other similar items to make the improvised cushion. This way you will prevent your items colliding against each other. Furthermore, you must drive safely and steady, even if you need twice as much time to reach your destination. And if the ride is longer than 30 minutes, turn on the AC and adjust the climate. Paintings do not like extreme heat and humidity.

We are glad that we refreshed your memory on how to pack your artwork for storage and how to transport it safely. No doubt that you will utilize the advice we gave, to secure your precious objects properly. We wish a safe journey and the best of luck!

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