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In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we make sure to adhere to the guidelines set forth by authorities and health officials. During this coronavirus crisis, our clients will be informed of any possible changes in our work by the members of U. Santini Moving and Storage. Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will soon be over, but in the meantime, you are welcome to contact our moving experts for consultations and all additional information. Thank you, U. Santini Moving and Storage


If you want to pack your kitchen like a professional, we've got a short guide ready...

How to pack your kitchen like a professional

When moving house, there is one room which every homeowner dreads: the kitchen. And, it’s understandable why. With tons of fragile items and things you need on a daily basis, it’s a hard space to pack into boxes. And, this is without even mentioning the appliances. So, we wanted to tell you how to pack your kitchen like a professional when moving house in New York. As an experienced local moving company in Brooklyn, we have compiled all of our tips and hacks into this article

The first thing on our agenda is: Is it worth the money to hire a professional packing service?

Most homeowners decide to move house and then arrive at this dilemma. Is it more cost efficient to DIY pack? Or is it safer to hire your movers to do it for you? Well, here are our thoughts on the matter. A lot of homeowners decide that they want to pack on their own in order to lower the costs of their move. And, while this may be true after some practice, it mostly isn’t. More than often it is actually quite expensive and time-consuming to DIY pack. So, we always suggest looking for affordable Brooklyn moving services which also offer packing and unpacking. This means that you won’t experience the hassle of moving like most homeowners do. Instead, you will be able to save both time and energy here. Professional movers bring their own moving boxes Brooklyn as well as packing supplies and finish the job efficiently. More importantly, professionally packed items are more secure than those done DIY.

When packing appliances, look for original packaging first.
If you have the original packaging, it is the best for all appliances.

And, if a service isn’t for you, here’s how to pack your kitchen like a professional when moving

So, like we’ve mentioned, the kitchen is usually the hardest room to pack when moving house. We usually suggest to our clients who choose DIY packing to start with their kitchen. Why? The best thing to do is to tackle the hardest space first. Hence, roll up your sleeves, get your boxes ready and prepare to climb this mountain first.

When packing appliances for a move, here are a few tips

Appliances are usually the most difficult to pack. So, here’s how we want to help you pack your kitchen like a professional. First, take a look if you have any of the original packaging. They are usually the most reliable boxes if you want to pack your kitchen appliances like a professional. We suggest that you carefully clean and dry the parts before packing them. Of course, if there are any fragile or breakable ones, be sure to wrap them securely before placing them in a box. We also suggest keeping appliance parts each with the correct item if you want to pack your kitchen like a professional.

If you want to pack your kitchen like a professional, here are some hacks regarding dinnerware

If you're going to pack your kitchen like a professional you should know what to do with fragile items.
Remember to use plenty of padding with anything fragile.

Dinnerware is usually the doom of homeowners who pack DIY. The items are fragile and they easily break. Even the most careful long-distance movers Brooklyn have trouble with them. This is why we have a few tips you should know before you get started with the dishes. First, remember not to stack your plates one on top of the other when packing them. Instead, to pack your kitchen like a professional, you ought to put them on their sides. As for cups, mugs, and glasses, we always advise using original packaging. If unavailable, don’t try and save money on wrapping here.

And when utensils are concerned, you should pack them like this for a move

Silverware is easy to pack. However, if you want to pack your kitchen like a professional, you should know that it’s also the most frequent item to damage others. Utensils get loose, slip out of their containers and knock into other kitchen items. Here, we only have a few tips. First, remember to sort them by type. Next, use rubber bands to secure the utensils together. Finally, to pack your kitchen like a pro, remember to put them in a sturdy container. If you’re not using Rubbermaid, consider a strong shoebox and plenty of tape.

Pots and pans aren’t too difficult to prepare for a relocation

If you're gong to pack your kitchen like a professional, remember to secure the pot lids.
Pots and pans are simple when packing is concerned – just remember to secure their lids.

Here, the most trouble homeowners usually have is how to actually fit the items into their boxes. Most of the time you won’t have original packaging. Instead, you will be using a regular moving box. Here’s how to make sure that they fit: try the pot or pan both vertically and horizontally for size. This way, it will surely be able to get into the moving container snugly. When you have a box picked out, remember to secure the lid to the pot with wrapping. If it’s a glass lid, this will be especially essential if you want to pack your kitchen like a professional.

Miscellaneous items always exist in a kitchen, here’s what to do with them

Most kitchens are filled with various items. They can be used every day or simply there for decoration. But, when packing your kitchen for a move, you will want to keep them with the rest of your belongings. Hence, we advise choosing through the various sizes of boxes your movers offer to find the right ones. Remember to place heavy items into smaller boxes and lighter items into large ones.

Finally, if you’re planning to pack your kitchen like a pro don’t forget the survival kit

Before you start sifting through your pots and pans we suggest opening one large box on the side. Here, you should include everything you need from your kitchen on a daily basis. So, a set of dishes, cups, and utensils to suffice for the whole family. Also, a pot or a pan which is the most versatile. If you can’t live without your morning coffee, include the appliance here. This will be the box to load last into the moving van and also to unpack on the day you move into your new place. Now, you’re ready to pack your kitchen like a professional for your move!


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