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How to pack your motorcycle for storage


Is it time to leave your motorcycle to sit in one place for a longer period? Ok, then a good preparation is required and you might not be aware of all the things you must cover. We can only say that there are several crucial steps you must take, to avoid repairing your bike after storage. You might think you can only cover it with tarp and lock inside your garage or a storage unit. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Therefore, we bring a simple guide on how to pack your motorcycle for storage.

Start with the basic surface protection

We will start with simple cleaning. Wash your bike thoroughly, remove the stains, water spots, and bugs. Any dirt that is hiding in the lower part of your bike should be removed as well. Keep an eye for the places around mufflers. Then, after drying, apply a wax coat that will provide protection against rust and moisture. Also, other parts that are made of plastic, rubber, or carbon fiber, can be protected in the same fashion. But be sure to check at your local store and find a product that will provide protection against all mentioned above.

Clean it before you pack your motorcycle for storage
Make it all nice and shiny before you pack your motorcycle for storage

The reason for storing does not have to be an off-season period. Maybe you are moving and your new home currently does not have a proper place for your vehicle. In this case, you might want to check the best movers in Brooklyn. This would be the best solution to combine a relocation and a storing solution for your motorcycle. Give them a call today and solve all your moving and storing problems.

Check the electronics

Now, one thing that people usually forget about is the battery. Pack your motorcycle for storage with a battery that is serviced and inspected before storing. It is a costly piece and a crucial one. Start with the fluid level. It should be near the top. Also, be sure to check the energy levels and re-charge it every time you visit your storage unit. But if you have a spare battery, then simply bring it over and replace before using your bike.

Motorcycle electronics
Be sure that your electronics are in check before you store your bike

Next thing you should do is to inspect your control table and all the wires and electronic pieces there are. Be sure that there are no signs of possible failure or any kind of imperfections. Your bike should go to sleep in perfect condition. This way you’ll be ready to drive exactly when you need to.

Pack your motorcycle for storage with the fuel system in check

Leaving any fluids inside your vehicle is a common mistake many of us make. Fuel especially. Fuel contains ethanol and small water particles. It can eventually corrode and damage your fuel system when stored for a longer period. But on the other hand, if you empty and leave it be, it can corrode and rust over time. So, what you need here is a middle ground. Go to the shop and buy yourself an additive that is designed for this situation. You should add it to your ethanol fuel and take a short ride to mix it all together and coat your fuel system with this solution. Then your bike is protected and ready for storing. But if you are using gasoline, then you can rest assured that a month without turning on, will be ok.

For carbureted motorcycles, you’ll need to drain it before storing since it will evaporate. But then should bring a starter fuel in a can with you. Do not store flammable liquids in your storage, it is far better to bring it with you. Some things that can’t be stored in a storage unit can breach the safety levels and measures. Be aware of that and keep your storage unit safe.

Don’t forget to replace the oil before you pack your motorcycle for storage

The engine oil that is used and dirty should be replaced before storing. It holds imperfections and carbon particles that will suspend and damage your filters if left unchecked. Therefore, replace the oil with the brand new one. You want to keep your engine and filtration systems lubricated and clean when storing. This way you’ll avoid cleaning, replacing parts, or removing rust before using your motorcycle again.

Oil change
Change your oil and keep your engine and filtration systems lubricated.

Tires are extremely important, take care of it.

Ok, we all know that a tire will flatten over time and lose its air levels. But the part we can overlook is that once the tire flattens, the pressure on it is higher. This can leave a permanent mark and ruin the tire. You can avoid this if you lift your bike on a stand. Or maybe if your bike is supported and tires do not touch the ground. Finally, you can remove the tires completely, but that will require more work before you can use it again. Also, you can overinflate your tires and inflate a bit more each time you visit. Or simply move your bike so it does not stand in one place on the same tire spot. Choose whatever is best for you, depending on the time your motorcycle will spend in the storage.

A proper cover is in order

A proper motorcycle cover should be used for this occasion. It is one thing that will protect your bike wherever you store it. It is good for indoor and outdoor protection. Therefore, invest in a good quality cover that will keep the moisture out. It will protect your paint from scratches, dust, and bumps as well. Additionally, if you are storing a bike in a storage unit, the unit itself should be of proper size. You need a bit of space to move around your motorcycle. Check out the public storage New York as the best source where you can find a good quality storage facility. Browse your options and in no time, you’ll find a unit that suits your needs.

Also, for any other bike-related parts, you should use a few Moving Boxes Brooklyn, and keep it all in one place. You do not want to chase your tools, screws, and other parts around the storage when you need them. Keep a box with essentials near your bike.

Are you ready?

Now you know more on how to pack your motorcycle for storage. What is left for you is to keep it clean and to keep your storage pest free. Do not forget that rodents can make nests in exhaust pipes and mufflers. Not to mention that they can chew your wires. Hence, keep it all nice and tidy, and maybe use a few rodent repellants of your choice. Other than that, we think you are ready to store away your motorcycle and put your mind at ease. Good luck!

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