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How to pest-proof your storage


After every move, you certainly end up with too many things that you have no space for in your new home. In these instances, you must either rent a storage unit or create storage from other spaces in your new home. You can use a basement or attic, or even a garage to store your things. In the apartments, you can use shared tenants’ space, if there is one, or under the bed or in-wall closet space. Wherever you leave things in, chances are than any sort of pest will try and invade them, so you must pest-proof your storage. If you have used moving services of U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn, ask them for storage options as well. Depending on the number of things you have that need to be stored, it might be best to engage professionals and rent a storage unit.

Prevention rather than a cure if you want to pest-proof your storage

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to having any sort of bugs or vermins in your storage. You would have to consider them all before you make a decision on how you want to store things. Understanding the cause can help in avoiding consequences. Another important thing is the choice of a storage facility. You might do everything right, but if the storage Brooklyn companies are not taking good care of the units, your efforts might be in vain. We will try and provide some guidance on how you can best pest-proof your storage and therefore, avoid damage to any of your belongings.

Canned food on the shelves
Do not store food nor anything with food residue on it

Check the internal policy and insurance options at your storage facility

Before you do any prevention from pests in your storage, you need to check in with storage facility owners. Find out their policy of keeping vermins and bugs away from all the units. Check if they have a contract with any pest control company, and how often they inspect the units. Learn what are the things that can and can’t be stored in a storage unit. Inspect the condition of the units themselves and their surrounding. The storage unit door has to be able to shut properly, not letting anything slip inside. Around the unit check for trash and if it is taken care of on a regular basis. Landscape nearby also needs regular trimming, as a lot of bugs can come crawling in if that is not the case. Find out if your contract includes insurance, in case of pest causing damage to some of your things.

Do not store food or things with food residue if you want your storage pest-free

Some might think this goes without saying, but you would be surprised how often that is not the case. Even when there is no food left, some residue might be found on the pantry or some kitchen appliances. That can attract vermin in no time. So the obvious advice would be to either not leave these things around or clean them properly before storing if you want your storage to be pest-proof. This goes no matter if your pantry is stored in a storage unit or the basement.

Plastic containers are a better way to pest-proof your storage than cardboard boxes

If you must use the cardboard boxes, try not using the ones you took from restaurants or grocery stores. They will most certainly have some food residue on them. If the cardboard is your choice, it might be best to buy new boxes. They should be more resilient than the old ones, with no previous damage. On the other hand, plastic containers are far more durable. They are hardly penetrable due to the material they are made of and due to the fact that they have a sealed lid. These containers take up less space, so there is another benefit to come out of them.

A mattress with floral print
Protect your mattresses by wrapping them with plastic covers

Pest-proof your storage by carefully covering mattresses and furniture

Moths and bed bugs are most likely to ruin everything made from any sort of fabric. This is why you need to take good care of all your clothes and especially furniture pieces and mattresses. Mattresses should be covered in special plastic covers, made for them for the purpose of pest protection. For couches or other pieces of furniture, you need to use the breathable materials for covering. If you wrap up a plastic tightly around your sofa, not allowing it to breathe, you will end up with moist damage instead.

Keep your things off the ground to keep the pest away from your storage

Some of the pests can only crawl horizontally, so would be good to try and lift the things up, for several inches. This way, you will not only protect them from some type of vermin but also prevent mold in your storage. It is quite easy to lift things up if you can source pallets to lift them on. You can also use some open shelves for the purpose of keeping the pest away from your storage. This should not take too much of your time but can benefit your stored things for a long period of days to come.

If you must use deterrents, use the natural ones

Combining the majority of the tips we have provided should go a long way. But sometimes, you must use some deterrents, if you don’t want to risk any damage. We suggest using the natural ones, as the traps and poison can damage your things while exterminating the vermin. This surely is not what you had in mind. If your storage facility does not have a pest control service included, this is where you step in. They might seem harmless, but mothballs can damage your clothes and furniture and might even cause some damage to the next door unit. This is why we recommend using cotton balls dipped into mint or lavender essential oil. Cedar blocks are also a great way to pest-proof your storage.

Lavender helps pest-proof your storage
Lavender essential oil is a great natural pest deterrent

Check your storage regularly

None of the above advice will help if you leave your storage unattended for too long. Do what you can to keep it pest-free while you are not there, but visit every once in a while. Visiting once in a month or two months should be often enough. Once there, check for any signs of pest or rodent damage. You should be looking for new holes, rodent feces, or the presence of any sorts of bugs. If you keep your storage inside your home, you should check it more often as it is easily accessible to you.

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