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How to prepare a piano for storage

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Thinking about preparing for moving is certainly not something anyone is looking for. However, it happens to all of us that, at least, once in our lifetime we face this obligation. No matter how daunting task it is, by taking necessary steps, it is manageable to deal with this task. Things become more complicated when other, side tasks kick in. For example, if you need to take certain items in storage. In the last period, many people have come to us at U.Santini Moving & Storage, asking how to prepare a piano for storage. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a short tutorial on what’s the best you can do when you need to cope up with this.

Storage units
Make good preparations before putting a piano in storage

Prepare a piano for storage in an easy way

Before the thoughts of denial and surprise overwhelm you, let us just tell you that it truly is possible to finish with this in a relatively easy way. It’s just, you’ll need to know how to do it, and we are willing to share the knowledge with you. Here’s what you should do:

  • Clean a piano thoroughly
  • Have a safe storage
  • Contact a professional company to prepare a piano for storage
  • Gather the packing supplies
  • Transport a piano safely

Have your piano cleaned

cleaning products
Use only the appropriate cleaning products in order to prepare a piano for storage

Once you decide to move a piano in storage, consider having your piano thoroughly cleaned. If you have never done it, then you might want to get some information how to clean a piano. The key to successfully doing it lays in a fact that you should do it in stages. Since a piano has many parts and is usually very large, it will take you some time to do it. But it is necessary to go through this process. This way, you will prolong the life of your precious music box. Regular maintenance certainly helps, but now it’s time to go deeper and clean every little corner and parts of it, such as a soundboard, for example. Therefore, you’ll need several cleaning products and several clean cloths so that you can make sure that everything’s been cleaned properly.

Avoid using cleaning products that can damage your piano

We, however, suggest you not to use some strong chemicals for cleaning. Otherwise, you are risking making damage. What we want to say is that you should be very gentle. A piano is definitely one of the most delicate items, and since the most models are expensive, it’s really worth paying more attention. A few drops of a liquid detergent and warm, clean water will be enough to remove the dirt and stains from a keyboard. After you’ve done with cleaning, don’t forget to put a final touch by polishing the surfaces. You’ll make your piano shine again!

Note: Regular furniture polish is out of option since it can damage the surface of a piano. So, it’s necessary to use a type of polish that’s specially made for pianos.

Having a safe storage is a must

Because we are talking about a very valuable item, it’s super important that your mind is at ease once you store it in a storage unit. If you’re not really sure from where to start looking for to find a safe self-storage Brooklyn, then we strongly suggest you ask your local movers. When you’re deciding on what storage is the most appropriate for your piano, the professionals will give you many useful pieces of advice such as:

  • Taking the exact measurements of your piano. Write down these pieces of information on a sheet of a paper and have them with you when you prepare a piano for storage.
  • Look for an appropriate storage capacity. This is why you need to know the size of a piano so that you will be able to find a storage unit in which you can store it. However, you could also think about whether you’ll need a bigger one in case you decide to place some other items together with a piano. Think about all of that before you sign a contract.
  • Rent only a storage unit which is climate-controlled. We already talked about how delicate this item is. Therefore, only storages which are climate-controlled can ensure that the sudden changes in temperature won’t make any damage to strings or piano keys. Also, make sure that this storage unit is not affected by humid.
  • Check if storage you’re renting has a surveillance system.

Professionals know best

moving piano
Professional piano movers are always ready to help you out.

Whenever you’re in doubt whether you’ll be able to pull something off, such as how to prepare a piano for storage, there’s no need to wait to make some big mistakes and in that way create more unnecessary problems. Luckily, you’re practically one call away from dealing with this issue easily. All you have to do is contact piano movers Brooklyn, and let them do this for you. These people are already trained and know how to deal with this type of preparations.

Have all the supplies you need

Cleaning a piano was just an overture in its preparation to packing it. For that, of course, you’ll need to obtain the materials that will enable its safety. For instance, try to find large pieces of fabrics with which you’ll completely cover a piano. Make sure a piano is in its upright position. Then, it is wise to tie that fabric so that the particles of dust won’t break in, thus damaging piano’s mechanics.

Label the box

In case you’re also storing some items that go together with a piano, such as the books with music notes, sustain pedals, piano bench cover, piano lamps, etc., we suggest you put them in Brooklyn moving boxes and label them. However, do not put the boxes on top of a piano.

Transporting piano safely

This is the last step in a tutorial on how to prepare a piano for storage. Everything that we mentioned above won’t be of any use if you fail in the end. Consequently, this is one of our strongest suggestions – invest in a reliable moving vehicle with good, working suspensions that will allow the vehicle to be cushioned from road conditions. Ask in the moving company if they could provide you with one.

To make your piano ready for storage requires preparations and time. Therefore, we suggest you take this matter seriously in order for your piano to be functioning for many years to come.

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