prepare furniture for long term storage

How to prepare furniture for long term storage

When you are storing items, you must have all the necessary info. This means that you ought to know how to storage artwork, how to store your motorcycle, etc. Of course, depending on the situation, you don’ need to know how to store a motorcycle during the winter if you do not drive one. However, you should know how to prepare furniture for long term storage. There are some simple steps to follow, in order to get this done. It is important for a lot of reasons. So, let’s see how to do this.

Step one

What is logical to be the first step when you want to prepare furniture for long term storage, is to disassemble all the furniture you want to store in the storage unit. This will make all of the process so much easier. If you are not quite sure how to do this, there are professionals that may help you disassemble it, and then in the storage assemble it back. If the storage room in not too small for that, of course. There are different types of storage units to choose from, so based on your needs you should choose the right one. On the other hand, you can do it yourself, by simply taking pictures. Every step you take should be photographed and this will make the process of assembling the furniture back so much easier.

Disassemble furniture first

Step two

Everything must be clean. This means that once you rent a  self storage Brooklyn you should go inside and clean it. This has to be done in order to prevent mold, dust, etc. Although there are ways to stop the mold from showing up in your storage unit, dust is something that will always be present, no matter how good you clean the storage unit. This is important because in this way you won’t get dirt on your furniture when you load it inside of the storage.

Step three

Packing material. This is an important part of any moving and storing items. You have to have the necessary packing material for all of the disassembled part of your furniture.

  • Packing paper
  • Boxes
  • Plastic covers
  • Scissors
  • Labels
packing paper
Get all necessary packing materials

You won’t be needing all of this packing material, it all depends on your needs. What is a must from this list, are plastic covers. If you are storing a couch that cannot be disassembled, or a chair, you will need a lot of plastic covers, in order to cover every inch of. This plastic cover will prevent your furniture to be damaged by humidity, mold, dust and similar.

Step four

Step four would be having enough space. You mustn’t overcrowd the storage unit area. One thing will lead to another, and a chair leg can easily rip your couch during the load. This is only one of the scenarios of what can happen if you overcrowd the storage unit. So, make sure you have enough space for everything. When it comes to space, maybe you should check public storage New York.

The final step to prepare furniture for long term storage

Step five would be to think about the storage unit, not only about the furniture. When you need to prepare furniture for long term storage, it can be very simple. However, you have to think about other circumstances. Protecting your storage unit from pests is very important. This is the biggest threat to your furniture. Rodents, bugs, etc., can really damage your furniture. So, how can you protect it? It is easy, with some homemade solutions like vinegar. Spray in on the entrance and in the corners of the storage unit and that should keep the moths and bugs away.

Make sure your storage is pest-free

When it comes to rodents, think ahead. Simply do not store anything that can attract them. Like any kind of food. This is a huge mistake. If you dare to store food in the storage unit, you may expect it to be filled with mice and rats. So, simply do not do that.

Be careful with breakable items when you are about to prepare furniture for long term storage

When we talk about furniture, under that goes not only couches and chairs but tables and closets. This type of furniture can have a glass part. You must find a way to have those parts protected. The best way to do this, is as we already mentioned, to disassemble it and then use the packing material to protect it. These breakable parts of your furniture have to be labeled as fragile in order to be extra careful within transportation.

Is it worth to prepare furniture for long term storage?

When you need to prepare furniture for long term storage, you can get pretty stressed out and tired. After all, it is long term storage, so you have to ask yourself if you are already planning to store it for a long time, do you really need it? Think clearly, at least for some of your furniture you are planning to store. If you decide not to store it, then you can sell it or donate it, or at the end of the day if the condition of the mentioned furniture is bad, simply throw it away. Definitely, something to think about.

Renting a storage unit is a great solution for any item that you are not using currently, and you don’t have the room for it. By following these simple steps, you will prepare your furniture for long term storage in no time. So, prepare yourself and your furniture and good luck.


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