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How to prepare furniture for moving

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So, let’s get immediately straight with this. No matter how fun it is to go from a furniture shop to the other one, choosing different types, shapes, colors, models, etc. of furniture, the more is (daunting) to transfer them back to your home. If you’re about to relocate from Brooklyn and it so happens that you’re moving to a semi or completely empty apartment/house, you’ll need to know how to prepare furniture for moving. This article will present you some tips. Hopefully, they will serve you for the best.

What to know when you need to prepare furniture for moving?

One of the biggest challenges when moving is to know how to transfer the furniture the safest way. Since you’re transporting something like this, you might consider doing it properly. Otherwise, some might get damaged. And that’s not good. It means that you’ll lose money. That is, spend more money than you might have originally planned to spend for moving services. For this simple reason, please note that the furniture has to be dealt with care. Also, take a look at our list of what you have to pay attention to:

  • Prepare furniture for moving by deciding what you want to move
  • Contact the moving company
  • Get enough supplies for packing
  • Take furniture to pieces

Assemble the list of your furniture

Furniture list
Put on a piece of paper all the pieces of furniture you are planning to move.

One of the first steps during this process is to decide what all the pieces of furniture you would like to move are. Based on this, the quotes for your NYC move will be made and you will know if your budget can support this. You’ll know this, of course, once you set the budget, which is actually the initial step. Certainly, you’ll have some furniture to pack immediately, before the arrival of the movers. See what you don’t need in the following days, and take care of these first. The ones you will be using until the last day, such as the bed, or a wardrobe, you’ll have to leave for the latter.

Sell or give away what you don’t need

Sometimes it’s necessary to leave things behind and welcome the new ones. Since you will move to a new home, it’s not a bad idea to tribute it with a new piece of furniture. Of course, again if your budget permits. But don’t give up just yet. In case you’re short with money, you can always try to sell some of your old furniture. Get rid of the ones that don’t actually fit your new place. There are different ways how to earn a sweet dollar.

For instance, you can do it by selling the furniture online. This requires taking a lot of pictures. Make sure they’re of good quality so that the people who are looking for them have a realistic perception. The other way is to organize a yard sale. You can decide for how many days you’ll be holding this event during which you’ll display everything you don’t need anymore.

Note: Don’t disrespect the buyers by exhibiting furniture which is in a very bad condition. However, you can ask around if anyone could use a certain part of the furniture. In that case, display only those. The price should also be in accordance with the state of the furniture.

Call the Packers for help

If you’ve decided to get professional help, you can contact furniture moving Brooklyn. But before you decide on any company, you will need to make sure it will fulfill all of your requests. Plus, you will have to be certain if this company is reliable and professional so that you can absolutely be without worries. A good company will be able to provide you with all the necessary assistance during moving. Moreover, the help is more needed if you will be moving a big number of furniture. That’s not quite the easiest thing to do on your own. But, you have these skilled and experienced men. They’ll know how to prepare furniture for moving and conduct this task an efficient way. While they are busy with this, you can carry on with something else from your list of obligations.

Find enough packing supplies

Packing supplies
Not only cardboard boxes will be enough for packing the furniture.

One of the best ways to prepare furniture for moving is to protect it as best as you can. It’s not too complicated if you obtain enough quality packing materials. Break the illusion that only cardboard boxes will be enough. Each piece of furniture requires a special approach. Therefore, you’ll need to get more such as a bubble and plastic stretch wrap, or plastic bags with a zipper, a sofa table protector, and many more. The point is to secure safe transportation, and avoid any damage. On the other hand, if you truly decide on hiring a reliable moving company from New York, then these issues will be handled in no time. They’ll have all you need and more.

Taking apart the furniture

One more piece of advice on how to prepare furniture for moving is to disassemble it. Regardless of how big a moving truck is, it’s always easier to transfer it when taken apart. For tables, couches, sofas, etc. always remove the legs. Take apart the bed frames; otherwise, it might not fit the trunk. What’s also important is to bear in mind that, after you dismantle a certain piece of furniture, you’ll need to safely pack the small parts not to lose them. If this happens, we’re afraid you’ll lose too much time finding the spare parts. It might not be a bad idea if you would take a picture of the assembled furniture so that you would know how to put it back. This is if you decide to do this without the help of professional movers.

Put some furniture in storage

If you’re transferring lots of things, it might take days to unpack completely. During this time, you can use the services of public storage New York to store away the furniture and avoid a complete clutter in the house.

We know relocating is a lot of work, but with these tips, it will be easier for you to prepare furniture for moving. Just follow them and have no worries.

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