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How to Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Unit?

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Putting your belongings into a storage is the best way to keep them safe and secure until you are ready to use them. If you want your items to be in the same condition as they were when you stored them, you will need to carefully plan the steps that will prevent moisture in your storage unit. If moisture starts to accumulate in your storage unit, all of your belongings can be damaged. Excessive dampness can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, corrosion, rust etc.

In an effort to store your belongings and also keep them protected, you’ll need to pay attention to a few details that will prevent moisture damage. Follow our simple and effective tips on how to prevent moisture in your storage unit and you won’t need to deal with this unnecessary problem.

Rain drops on a glass window.
Moisture is not something you want to feel in your storage unit.

Regularly check the humidity levels

If you have decided to use an indoor storage unit, firstly make an effort in finding a safe and secure storage NYC. After that, you will need to keep an eye on the humidity level in it from day one if you want to prevent the growth of mold. Normal indoor humidity level varies from 30% to 50% It should never exceed 50%. If this limit is crossed, many problems can occur. That’s why you need to check the humidity in your storage regularly.

You can hire professionals to check your levels of humidity but you can also do it by yourself. You will just need to get yourself an instrument – hygrometer. In case your humidity levels are over 50%, you will need to do a detailed visual check for mold. Making sure your humidity levels are below 50% is one of the most important things to do if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Regularly check the storage unit for leaks

This is a must if you are searching for outdoor units. There is a chance that they can be damaged. This is why you will need to check for holes, cracks, and leaks before purchasing or renting one. Search the unit thoroughly and you won’t have to deal with water entering your storage unit later on. And, even though you did your inspection, don’t forget about doing it again in a month or two. Some storage units can suffer damage over a period of time. If you don’t want to deal with this kind of problems, we can tell you where to find quality and cheap storage in NYC that can withstand anything – with U. Santini Moving and Storage, of course.

Put dry items only in your storage unit

Before storing all of your items, make sure all of them are completely dry. There is a saying “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”, and it has been around for centuries. For example, if there is just one item of clothing that is slightly wet, all of your stuff will be in risk of moisture damage. There is a big chance that mold and mildew will start to grow on your belongings. And you definitely don’t want that in your home or in your storage unit. Try not to wash your clothes right before storing them if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Five pairs of jeans.
Even slightly wet clothes can increase the risk of moisture damage.

…And protect them

Ok, you’ve made sure your items are completely dry. Now let’s see what the best way to pack them in your storage unit is. If you want to put your furniture inside a storage unit, you will want to make sure it is in its normal upright position. Don’t try to store it in a way that will create more space in your storage. This won’t do you a favor if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit. Storing all of your furniture upright means your furniture won’t be touching the floor directly because of the furniture legs and the air circulation that will be better. If you have old, wood furniture, remember there is a big risk it will start to rot if you don’t know how to store wood furniture properly.

As for the clothing and fur, clean them few days before setting them aside. Some of them you can hang inside the wardrobe boxes and pack the rest in regular boxes. They come in various sizes so you will need to choose the right size moving boxes.

Use desiccants to prevent moisture in your storage unit

A desiccant is a substance that absorbs water. In case your humidity levels are higher than the recommended 50 %, you will definitely need to use them to prevent moisture in your storage unit. There are a ton of different desiccants, and some of them are already in your home. You’ll just need to make small bags, fill them with desiccants and your belongings will be safe. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Silica Gel. You know those small packets you always get when you buy new sneakers but don’t know what they are? Now you will find out its purpose. Silica gel absorbs water and you can even reuse it after you dry it out in the oven using low heat.
  2. Salt. Salt doesn’t absorb just liquid water, but water vapor in the air, too. You can put open containers of salt in order to prevent moisture in your storage unit.
  3. Rice. Try to make a mix of salt and rice and put it in an open container in your storage.
  4. Kitty litter. This is not a most common desiccant but works like a charm. The clay in cat litter can effectively absorb water, but you will need to change it every now and then.
Close up of white rice you can use to prevent moisture in your storage unit.
Rice is a very strong desiccant.


If you are searching for alternatives to items listed above, then consider using charcoal. It may surprise you to find out that charcoal is very effective in absorbing water and unpleasant odors, as well! You will just need to be careful not to stain some of your stored items. You can put charcoal in small bags, buckets, or on a metal tray. They need to be replaced every month or two, and will completely prevent moisture in your storage unit. All of your belongings will be protected and undamaged.

Close up of black charcoal briquettes .
Charcoal can effectively prevent moisture in your storage unit.

As you can see, to prevent moisture in your storage unit can be done. All you have to do is follow our guide, and all of your items will stay safe and sound.

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