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How to prevent moisture in your storage unit?


Putting your belongings into storage is the best way to keep them safe and secure until you’re ready to use them. If you want your items to be in the same condition they were in when you stored them, you will need to take steps to prevent moisture in your storage unit. Moisture is one of the main enemies of storage units, and regular and proper maintenance of your things will help you fight against this enemy. If moisture begins to accumulate in your storage unit, all of your belongings can be damaged. Excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, corrosion, rust, etc. Brooklyn movers and storage company has a solution for you and lots of helpful tips. So, keep reading and fight the humidity!

How to deal with moisture in your storage unit?

Whether you need additional space in your home, or you need a solution for your belongings during a move, furniture movers Brooklyn says that storage is always the best solution. But, when you decide on this solution, know that it’s not all about packing and storage. What is necessary is that you regularly maintain your storage unit in order to prevent the occurrence of moisture. Moisture can always be prevented, but its occurrence can also depend on the selection of the storage unit. What is necessary is that the storage units have ventilation openings and be air-conditioned.

Rain drops on a glass window.
The smell of moisture isn’t something you want to feel in your storage unit.

So, as we said, do your best to prevent moisture from appearing in your belongings. But, if you are late, then you must immediately take some steps to prevent damage to your belongings. What can suffer the most from moisture are electrical devices, photos, books, clothes, wooden furniture, etc. Simply put, moisture is the enemy of everything in your storage. In an effort to store your belongings and also keep them protected, you’ll need to pay attention to a few details that will prevent moisture damage. Follow our simple and effective tips on how to prevent moisture in your storage unit and you will successfully deal with this problem. 


Regularly check the humidity levels

If you’ve decided to use an indoor storage unit, make sure to find a safe and safe and secure storage NYC. And it’s also necessary that your chosen storage unit meets some of the prescribed conditions. After that, you’ll need to keep an eye on the humidity level in it from day one if you want to prevent mold growth. A normal in9door humidity level varies from 30% to 50%. It should never exceed 50%. If this limit is crossed, many problems can arise. Therefore, you must regularly check the humidity in your storage, and avoid storing liquid substances.

Try to find a storage unit with ventilation, and it’s also desirable to rent an air-conditioned room.

You can hire professionals to check your levels of humidity but you can also do it by yourself. You will just need to get yourself an instrument – something along the lines of a hygrometer. In case your humidity levels are over 50%, you will need to do a detailed visual check for mold. Making sure your humidity levels are below 50% is one of the most important things to do if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit. Also, regular maintenance and ventilation of your storage unit is mandatory and will help you prevent the formation of moisture and mold, as well as unpleasant odors. One of the prescribed conditions that each storage unit must meet is that it has ventilation openings, that it’s air-conditioned, safe, and under video surveillance.

Be careful when renting outdoor storage units

If you rent outdoor storage units, make sure they don’t leak. There is a chance that storage units can be damaged during use, but also due to weather conditions. Therefore, you will need to check for holes, cracks, and leaks before buying or renting. Search the unit thoroughly and you won’t have to deal with water entering your storage unit later. Trust us, this can be a big problem. And, even though you’ve done the inspection, don’t forget to do it again in a month or two. Some storage units can become damaged over a period of time. If you don’t want to deal with this kind of hassle, we can tell you where to find quality and cheap storage in NYC that can handle anything—with the U of course. Santini Moving and Storage. Choose verified, affordable and safe!

Adequate preparation of your items for storage will prevent moisture in your storage unit

One of the most important things, when you start storing your things, is their preparation for storage. It’s not all about packing things, but about the way and preparation of your items. When it comes to choosing to package, you should always choose safely, and moving boxes Brooklyn offers can be the best choice. So, here are a few important things when it comes to adequately preparing your items for stringing:

  • Avoid storing liquid substances that can evaporate.
  • Make sure that the things you store are dry and clean.
  • Avoid plastic boxes because excess moisture can build up in them.
  • You can always put moisture absorbers in the boxes with your belongings.
  • Seek professional help and expert advice.
Five pairs of jeans.
Even slightly wet clothes can increase the risk of moisture damage.

So, before storing all of your items, make sure all of them are completely dry. There is a saying “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”, and it has been around for centuries. For example, if there is just one item of clothing that is slightly wet, all of your stuff will be at risk of moisture damage. There is a big chance that mold and mildew will start to grow on your belongings. And you definitely don’t want that in your home or in your storage unit. Try not to wash your clothes right before storing them if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Don’t forget to protect your items when packing them

Ok, you’ve made sure your items are completely dry. Now that you have finished sorting and finally choose the right size moving boxes, you need to move on to the next step. Proper packing of your belongings can prevent moisture from forming in your storage units. What you need to know is that if you are packing some special things, you can always use different types of foil, zip bags, vacuum bags, etc. Also, you can use plastic boxes for some things. They are the best choice if you are packing things that are in their original packaging and have not been opened. For example, medicines, perfumes, make-up, etc.

Now let’s see what the best way to pack them in your storage unit is. If you want to put your furniture inside a storage unit, you will want to make sure it’s in its normal upright position. Don’t try to store it in a way that will create more space in your storage. This won’t do you a favor if you want to prevent humidity in your storage unit. Storing all of your furniture upright means your furniture won’t be touching the floor directly because of the furniture legs and the air circulation will be better. If you have old, wood furniture, remember there is a big risk it will start to rot if you don’t know how to store wood furniture properly.

Items that will help you to prevent moisture in your storage unit

A desiccant is a substance that absorbs water. In case your humidity levels are higher than the recommended 50 %, you will definitely need to use them while preventing moisture in your storage unit. There are a ton of different desiccants, and some of them are already in your home. You’ll just need to make small bags, fill them with desiccants and your belongings will be safe. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Silica Gel. You know those small packets you always get when you buy new sneakers but don’t know what they are? Now you will find out its purpose. Silica gel absorbs water and you can even reuse it after you dry it out in the oven using low heat.
  2. Salt. Salt doesn’t absorb just liquid water, but water vapor in the air, too. You can put open containers of salt in order to prevent moisture in your storage unit.
  3. Rice. Try to make a mix of salt and rice and put it in an open container in your storage.
Close up of white rice you can use to prevent moisture in your storage unit.
Rice is a very strong desiccant and can help you to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Also, in stores, drugstores, and online shops, you can find some other means to prevent the formation of moisture. You can also find scented bags that will give your things a pleasant smell and freshness that you will feel when you use them again. In addition, there are electric moisture absorbers, they are most often used in rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, but also kitchens. They are connected to electricity and absorb moisture from the air. If your storage units have a power connection, this is one of the solutions.

One of the novelties for moisture prevention is charcoal briquettes

If you are searching for alternatives to the items listed above, then consider using charcoal. It may surprise you to find out that charcoal is very effective in absorbing water and unpleasant odors, as well! You will just need to be careful not to stain some of your stored items. You can put charcoal in small bags, buckets, or on a metal tray. They need to be replaced every month or two, and will completely prevent moisture from entering your storage unit. All of your belongings will be protected and undamaged.

Charcoal briquettes - One of the most useful thing to prevent moisture in storage unit
Charcoal can effectively prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Charcoal is used for many things including preventing moisture. In addition, this item is known for Feng Shui. What is advised is that you don’t move into your new home without this element. It’s considered effective and can serve multiple purposes, and can cleanse the space of negative energy. Charcoal can also be used for medicinal purposes, and in America one hundred and fifty years ago it was used against stomach problems. As you can see, preventing moisture in your storage unit can be done. All you have to do is follow our guide, and all of your items will stay safe and sound.

And finally, don’t forget that regular maintenance is very important!

In the beginning, we mentioned that regular maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent moisture in your storage unit. That is absolutely true! But there is another reason why this matter is so important. If you plan to keep your things in the storage unit for a long time, then don’t forget maintenance. It will be necessary to ventilate your storage unit once a month (ideally every two to three weeks). Also, once every two months it’s necessary to take all things out of the shelter, repack them and return them back. In this way, you will prevent the accumulation of dust, but you may also realize that you no longer need something and will arbitrarily reduce the number of your things. So, take care of your storage unit!

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