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How to Properly Store Collectable Items

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Holding on to your collectable items is a smart idea, as they usually have a big emotional, as well as economic value. However, what happens when you are moving, and have to store your items for the time being? Well, besides renting a storage unit in NYC, you also need to learn how to store collectable items. You want to do everything in your power to prevent these items from getting damaged in storage. That is what we are here for, to show you the best way of handling this, seemingly insurmountable task in front of you.

A woman holding a box, in which she could store collectable items.
Securing your collectable items for storage should be your number one preoccupation in the days to come.

Which items classify as collectables?

There is not a definite list of all the items that could be considered as collectables. By definition, all the items which are valuable, and which are worthy to a collector could be viewed as collectables. Still, there are some items which are always on every collectibles list, and for a good reason. If you have any of the following items in your possession, you could be holding on to something priceless.

  • Antique furniture, which could be worth a lot of money.
  • Coins and different currencies are some of the most frequent items that are being collected.
  • Records, which usually have emotional value, and remind you of the good old times.
  • Stamps. Everyone knows someone who collects stamps.
  • Expensive jewelry and fine art, and it is always tricky to store collectable items with that much value.

Being a collector can be very lucrative. However, U. Santini Moving & Storage knows these items are usually dear to heart, so selling them is rarely an option. Still, the days will come when you will have to part ways for some time, so it is good to know how to properly store collectable items. Take a look!

Stamps, with a magnifying glass next to them.
Stamps are easy and fun to collect!

Before you store collectable items, you must clean them properly

Beware! Cleaning your collectables is anything but simple, even though it might seem differently! Before putting these items in a storage unit, you must clean them from all the dust and grime that may have accumulated. However, when cleaning, you should not use any chemicals that could potentially harm your antiques, and make them lose value in the process. Sure, you should do some light dusting, but that is about it. Moreover, cotton swabs, water, and soft brushes are all the equipment you need.

However, it is equally important to know when not to clean your collectables. When spring-cleaning your Brooklyn home, make sure to avoid any antique furniture, which could be gaining value with every layer of age that might appear. And, unless you are a compulsive cleaner, we are sure this is good news for you!

Avoid light areas when storing collectable items

It is an unwritten rule that you should never put your collectibles in a place where there is a lot of natural light. This rule especially applies when storing wooden furniture, as wood has a tendency to fade if put under direct sunlight. In this case, not only wooden furniture is in danger. In fact, the majority of your precious items will do better in dark areas. Even if you consider an item to be indestructible, you should never put it under direct sunlight.

Furthermore, even the lights inside a storage unit should be used cautiously. Turning on the display lights when it is not necessary to do so could be damaging for your precious items.

The sun and some clouds in the orange sky.
If you want to store collectable items, you need to keep them in the dark areas of your home or storage unit.

Pay attention to the temperature when storing collectables

We understand you might be a person who handles hot temperatures better than cold, and vice versa. However, keep in mind that you are not the one that will be in storage – your collectibles will. Collectable items do have a preference of their own, though. These items prefer to be stored in mild temperatures, with the optimal temperature being 64 degrees Celsius. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem! Renting a climate controlled storage unit is your best chance of keeping your collectables safe and sound (and damage-free).

Keep the right humidity levels

Humidity affects more than just the frizziness of your hair. The humidity levels in your storage unit need to be just right if you want to avoid your items getting damaged. The golden rule is to keep the humidity levels at around 50 percent at all times. If this level drops below 50 percent, some of your collectables could shrink and crack. On the other hand, if the humidity level rises too much, your items could develop a number of problems, including mold and rust. Even some insects could start crawling around your storage unit. We are sure you do not wish for that to happen, do you?

If you are not sure how to check the humidity levels, you can always use a hygrometer. You can find a hygrometer in most hardware stores, and buying one is a good investment.

Do not over handle your collectables

It is understandable that you want to admire your precious items on a daily basis. However, have in mind that by over handling your items, you are doing them a lot of damage, and decreasing their value. The perspiration and oily residues from your skin can leave permanent damage to your collectibles. It is better to appreciate them from afar, and not touch them when doing so is not necessary.

A woman putting a lotion on her hand.
Human hands contain oily residues, which could be damaging to your collectibles.

The conclusion

It is never easy to store collectable items, as they are so fragile, and yet so valuable. Sometimes, a person will collect items which are not so usual, that transporting them to a storage unit might be a challenge in itself. In those situations, you know what to do! Don`t hesitate to call piano movers Brooklyn, pool table movers, or any other movers which specialize in different areas. It is always good to ask for help when help is necessary!

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