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How to protect your storage unit from thieves?


Nothing is more important than the safety of your possessions when it comes to storing them in a storage facility. You’ve probably been thinking what type of measures you should take to protect your storage unit from thieves. In this article, we will try to help you find out what you should look for when choosing the right storage unit. As well as what are the additional efforts you could make on your own to protect your items.

Moving your home

The most common reason for looking to rent a storage unit is when you are moving. On the other hand, some people are renting or buying storage units due to various other reasons. Since moving is a big process which includes a lot of tasks, before starting doing anything, make sure to have a good plan. A good moving checklist can be your guide throughout this adventure. Hiring a moving company is probably one of the biggest tasks. Gathering all the relevant information is crucial. So, compare moving quotes from at least three moving companies. Check for their reviews and other people’s experiences before you make your final decision. It is very important to engage professionals who will be in charge of your moving process.

How to find the right storage unit?

The prices of storage units are different and vary based on the location, size, and other conditions. In order to find quality and cheap storage NYC, you should be very careful. It is possible to find affordable unit but does not forget to always verify what the unit is providing. Check the distance of the unit from your home and the most important how well protected your possessions will be. Again, we are coming to the point where you should do the research. Check what are precautionary measures that storage owner can provide. It might take some of your time, but it is very important to protect your storage in order not to have doubts about whether your belongings are safe.

Gathering information in order to find proper storage unit
Do the research before choose the storage unit

How to protect your storage unit from thieves, what to look for when choosing a storage unit

In order to keep your possessions safe, your storage unit should have the necessary security features. We will give you the insight into ones you should pay special attention to.

Protected access

One of the great ways to ensure that your storage is protected is to have password protected access. That allows you to have a unique code for opening your gates and doors. Having the code provides limitations as to who can access your storage facility. Also, keep track of individuals that entered and exited the property, just in case something wrong happened, or in case of doubts.

Digital supervision system

Never choose a storage facility without a monitoring system. Digital surveillance system should record any activity on your property 24 hours per day. Digital system can provide a better quality of video and the possibilities of coverage lapse are lower.

Monitoring system is important because it can protect your storage unit from thieves
Choose a storage unit with a monitoring system


As one more percussion to protect your storage unit from thieves is a proper lightening of the site. Any storage facility should have indoor and outdoor lights in every area, thus making it more difficult for thieves to operate. Explore sites equipped with exterior lightening that can deter trespassing. As well as interior lightening which can be activated by motion or can be manually switched on.

Maintained property

A very important thing in choosing the right storage unit is the maintenance of it. You should be sure that if something happens, it will be promptly resolved by the staff. For example, if a fence is damaged or there is a keypad that should be replaced. A lack of resources of understaffed facilities can be very prone to thieves. If a staff is not reacting immediately to make sure that everything is secure, your possessions might be unsafe.

Individual door alarms

Door alarms can be another layer of security in order to protect your storage unit from thieves. Activation of a door alarm will notify security or the storage unit owner of unauthorized access to the unit.

Take things in your hands to protect your storage unit from thieves

Besides the security that storage facility can provide, there are some things you can do on your own to protect your belongings.

  • Do not share your access code – Never give your access code to anyone except the people you really trust. Try not to even talk about the location and the contents of your storage unit.
Another way to protect your storage unit from thieves is having a unique code for opening the door
           Do not share your access code
  • Choose indoor unit if possible – If possible, always try to rent an indoor storage unit. It will serve as an additional layer of protection from thieves.
  • Inventory of the items – Always keep an up-to-date inventory of the storage items. That way you will be able to know if something is missing. Make sure to take photos of the belongings in your unit, and to keep the photos in your files.
  • Choose wisely what will you store – Not everything is for storing. Be sure not to put the most valuable possessions in storage. In case you have no other options, then at least try to put the valuables on the back of the storage unit. Thieves will most likely take the first things that they can reach.
  • Buy the best lock – Even if the storage unit provides a lock, purchase the best look you can find in the market. Thieves will more likely attend to those locks that are known to open easily. So, have a cylinder or disc lock, it is better than the one with the long shackle.
  • Checking your unit regularly – Visit your storage from time to time, just to check if everything is in place.
  • Protect your items – Before storing the items, make sure to properly pack them. Cover them with duty plastic to prevent them from dust and insects.

Storage unit insurance

Whether you decide to choose self-storage or corporate storage Brooklyn, do not forget about the insurance of your goods. Even if your storage unit has all the necessary safety measures in place, you can never know what might happen. You should hence always ensure to be in possession of an insurance policy. Even the company that is renting you a storage does not require it. It is a relatively small additional cost for something that can, in the worst case scenario, cover the possible losses. Before you purchase it, find out what this insurance is covering and be sure that it covers the full value of your items.

Making a contract with insurance company
Always have an insurance of the storage unit

As you can see, there are many effective ways to protect your storage unit from thieves so that you can focus more on other things, such as moving itself. Brooklyn is a place that can provide a lot and first of all good life. With some Brooklyn moving tips, your relocation will be much easier. And you will be able to enjoy it and have a great new start.

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