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How to say goodbye to Brooklyn

It is never an easy thing – saying goodbye. As human beings, we are almost hired-wired to get attached to people, places, and items alike. More adventures of us will keep those connections to the minimum, but an average person will get attacked to his neighboorhood, friends, lifestyle, etc… but what happens when we have to say goodbye? It is hard. We do not like it, but it is necessary all the same, and things that must be done – ought to be done right. So how do you go about it? How do you say goodbye to Brooklyn?!

Feel the energy one last time

New York City is truly a strange place. It is American as the next city, yes, and one would say that every urban, densely packed and highly populated place naturally has its own subculture… but NYC is on a whole another level. It is simply more. More fast, more diverse, more demanding, more expensive, more alive! More, more, more! New York City is a “City that never sleeps”, but also the city that is always hungry. Anybody who just moved in with Brooklyn moving service can feel it in just days of inhabiting this marvelous city.

Brooklyn energy is something you can carry with you!

NYC thrives on a never-ending creative storm, financial success, unparalleled nightlife, extravagant lifestyle and unique cultural identity of its residents. More than anything, this city is alive.

And who would know this better than a resident of one of the Brooklyn many lively neighborhoods? There is something quintessentially New York about Brooklyn that almost seems paler in Staten Island or Queens, and seemingly less present beneath the glass skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Do yourself a favor. Feel it! Carry it with you! Yes, New York lifestyle often neglects the need for rest and self-care while turning its focus on ever-growing productivity. But. That is not all that New York vibe is. It is diversity, community, the spirit of perseverance, self-confidence… these are the values that every new yorker keeps close to the hearth.

So go for one last big walk. Go everywhere you can. And don’t just say goodbye to Brooklyn, but to NYC as a whole. Visit as many places you can, and get as much of the NYC experience as you can before you leave!

Throw a party!

NYC is a huge city, but without a group of people to call your own, you can feel surprisingly lonely. No doubt you have figured this one already, and leaving your friends behind might be what is really being the hard part of trying to say goodbye to Brooklyn for you… So, before you hire some movers and packers Brooklyn and prepare to pack the place – why don’t have a party?

say goodbye to Brooklyn
Say goodbye to Brooklyn friends with some fine beer and cheers!

And we mean like a big party. Like – give your neighbors notice before the party warning them of the volume – kind of party. It doesn’t matter how big your circle of friends is. Get everybody on the roof and have beers and some nice toons with lights of the skyscrapers in the distance. There are no many things that scream Brooklyn as much as enjoying the flat rooftops of buildings in the nice company of friends.

So enjoy it. Have a last hurrah before the winds of fate separate you. And who knows, it is probably not for forever. New York microcosmos has a way of pulling people in, even those who thought of it as just a phase in their lives.

Get friends to help you pack

And while on the topic of friends… get them to help! Look, there are a plethora of absolutely valid reasons to avoid DIY relocation, especially long-distance one… However, you will find that friends can still help a lot. While moving specialized things might require special services like piano movers Brooklyn and alike, you will find that a lot of, if not all of the packings you can do by yourself. Friends can be a lot of help here.

Not to mention help if you have a family. Having kids around is a pretty hard thing to manage, and where good friends can help you. There is also packing, organizing, a place to crash in (if your apartment is unlivable after packing), pets you cant take for the ride, etc, etc.

Volunteer help is never best ignored.

Do proper research

To avoid having the feeling of jumping on a dry, hot day into the unexpectedly cold pool without any preparation, you might want to do some research. In other words, before you say goodbye to Brooklyn, you should probably introduce yourself to your home to be.

Do proper research!

So what to expect? Well, depends. Are you moving to an urban environment? Then, you will find that NYC, while unarguably different, has some similarities with most metropolitan centers in the US. Diversity of culture and fast pace of life is definitely among those.

If you, however, are moving to a more rural area, or simply a smaller town, you will find that traffic is lighter, cars more necessary and life generally slower then what you learned to expect in NYC.

There are no real pros and cons here. Everything is either suitable or not in perspective to your preference. All that we say is to that you should be aware of any impending changes in lifestyle.

Hire movers and prepare for a move

When you hire movers, there is more than hiring simply cheap movers NYC companies (not to say that affordable movers don’t exist, but simply that that should not be the only or the most important trait). They also have to be

  • professional – say goodbye to Brooklyn stress-free with a licensed company;
  • reliable – be sure you can count on your movers;
  • communicative – communication is key for a smooth operation. Both in price and necessary details.

Say goodbye to Brooklyn your own way

At the end of the day, living in Brooklyn is a private experience. Everyone has that special connection and sees the city in a different light. So our last advice to you is to do what you feel right. Say goodbye to Brooklyn in your own way!


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