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How to store away winter clothes


When you have a full home of clothes the best thing you can do is to put some away. Especially if it’s seasonal clothes. They just take up precious space and really take out a place in your closet. For that reason, the best thing that our movers and storage specialist can help you with is to teach you how to store away winter clothes successfully. It seems like an easy task, but it has its challenges and problems. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do to store your winter clothes.

Before you store away winter clothes clean them up

It’s extremely important to wash your winter clothes before putting them away. Even if they don’t really look dirty! That’s not only in order to keep them fresh but to help them stay conditioned. Certain items won’t even be able to be cleaned with a machine.  Before putting anything into public storage New York, always check if it can be washed in a machine and if not how to hand-wash those clothes. For that reason, watch out for items like sweaters from a certain material like cashmere or clothes that would get damaged inside a washing machine. You want everything clean, however, not at the price of destroying your favorite piece of winter clothing.

washing machines
Before you store away winter clothes clean them up

Use the right containers

People always think that they can use the cheapest ways to store clothes. However, that’s not always the case. Even though certain clothes can survive in such conditions that’s not something you want to do. Especially with winter clothes. Maybe a good idea is to get in touch with the affordable movers Brooklyn as they might have certain alternatives for you. However, always think about the conditions in which your winter clothes will spend months in. That’s why cardboard boxes just aren’t really a good option as they can easily attract insects, dirt, and other problems. Our pick would be sealed hard plastic boxes so if you can put some of your clothes in those types of boxes.

Make a list of your winter clothes

Before storing away anything it’s best to create a list. It’s always easier when you start with a plan before doing anything and writing down your winter clothes is a great start. It won’t only help you out by finally knowing what you have, but also when it’s time to get everything out of the temporary storage you’ll know perfectly if anything is missing. Any mover will tell you that good organization and planning are more than half of the job done. For that reason, why not put pen to paper? It’s a win-win situation having in mind that you’ll know everything you have before and after the season, but also it can help you if something, unfortunately, goes missing.

Man writing down something
Write down your clothes or even take a picture of your winter clothes

Store away your winter clothes in an adequate space

Your winter clothes can’t just be put in any type of storage space. It requires a certain temperature and humidity. That will keep it without damages and fresh when you take it out of the storage. The best possible place for your clothes is a dark, dry, clean, and cool unit where everything can stay safe and sound. You can even consider the usage of climate-controlled storage units for even more insurance. However, if you’re only using it for your winter clothes it might not be with the investment. So if you already store something in such storage make sure it goes with something else.

Help your items stay fresh

Before you actually say goodbye to your winter clothes for the season you can make small improvements. That’s doable if you have deodorizers to keep your items as fresh as possible.  They might get a bad smell from storage, and by putting some herbs or other products to keep it clean, fresh and keep off bad smells and potentially insects and bugs. This doesn’t take a lot of time and effort and yet it can really make a change when it comes to helping you maintain your winter clothes fresh and clean.

To store away winter clothes efficiently get rid of some clothes

Do you really need all those clothes you have around your house? Make a list of things you have and think about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. If you have certain items that have value you can even sell some of your clothes. However, if you’re more of a philanthropist and want to help people there are charities that accept undamaged clothes from you. This way it’s easier for you to store away clothes and you’ll feel better knowing that you helped out someone in need.

A girl enjoying the cold weather
It might be better to get rid of some winter clothes

When in lack of space use alternative methods

After you’ve exhausted all the possibilities, use alternatives to create more space to store winter clothes. The biggest thing you can do is to use hangers as an option to use your wall to keep your clothes at. However, that’s not the only way to get out of a bad situation. Why not take the old suitcases to put your items away. That maybe isn’t the best option to keep them safe. But if you combine them with the other methods we talked about it can be still very useful.

The best way to keep your home decluttered is to keep all the unnecessary items away. That’s why people even invest in storage units to store away winter clothes in the spring. It opens up so much space and makes your seasonal clothes stick out. Above all, your home will have more room to breathe and will look better. Let’s hope that our tips and tricks have helped you at least a little bit. Storing away anything isn’t easy, however, if you’re strategic with your clothes and organized everything will be much easier.

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